friends 4 ever (Intro)


Hair guys, this is my first ff till then I was just a reader, solo guys I got to say that this ff is completely based my favorite on screen couple on air SwaSan
So raglan fans spare me please, guys first I am sorry to say that its not my own concept cause this same concept is rolling around again and again over centuries
FRIENDS 4 ever?
My characters
Swara/shona ( a chirpy girl who gives away anything for her dear ones )
Sanskar/sanky ( exact copy of swara , still a bit immature than swara but when it comes to his family and friends he is enough and more to make it perfect)
Mishti and Rahul to sweat children who will cherish my ff with lots of love and happiness
(Others will be introduced when needed)

So ….. Go for it?
Guys we are at a big mansion, yeah that’s it swasan ki “Dream home”
So follow me
Sanky…….wake up….wakeup
Can see some one curled inside the blanket
Shona kya yaar please spare me for today …. Jake bachoko tang karo naa….
Yeah its them swasan
Swara no sanky no way its already 10 and children they r already awake and even got ready
Sanky kyaa yaar… Tum aman (sanskar’s PA) se Jake poocho na….. If there is any imp meeting today.. jao jao jaldi jao and let me complete my dream
Swara meeting and today! My busy husband itnaa busy he ki Sunday take had nahi, baby its Sunday sabke liye chutti
Sanky: what??? Sunday!!!
Ha papa Sunday!!!!! !!!!

( 2 little children are shown entering to the room, a 4 year gilr like swara and a 6 year boy like sanskar)
Papa u told us that u will take us out today, we are ready, now be a good boy and fulfill your promise(they shouted together)sanky: mein.. Promise? And outing..mmmmm muje much yad nahi , shayad kal raat ki hangover abtak nahi nikala kyon shona( sanskar gives her a teasing look and swara blushes)
Swara sanskaaar tom bi naa
Sanskar kyon shaayad ek morning kiss se San much yaad ayega
Children together shout: Exactly
Sanskar (teasing) my sweet wife what are u waiting for? My morning kiss please
Swara goes out with full loaded temper?
Children: papa aaj hamari kiss sent adjust karle lagta he ki mama is very angry.
Sanskar:ooooooohh…. Angry babe (sanskar get up from the bed and hug both his children they kiss him and he kiss them back)
Mishti: papa … Kaise manaooo??
Sanskar: issue manana mere lite bahut easy hei
Rahul: over confidence!
Sanky: hmm experience make man perfect, any doubts?
Children: no boss
Sanky:come on children mission starts now

Children: yes boss
(When they come out and sanky call out for swara.. She was standing there with a knife and a pumpkin in an angry look)
Swara: much chahiye
Sanskar: nahi meri jaan .. Chahe tho ek…
Swara: sanskar don’t u dare to talk to me, and you guys will not get food today cause u made the whole plan with out me
Sanskar: shona I can explain
Swara: nahi sanskar I am going to complain u and ur children to mom.
Sanskar: o Teri…!
…..the I non joke continue s and my episode ends

Precap: swara and sanskar recollects their old memories and enjoy the outing.

Frnds tell me how it was , I know I bored u guys, tell me if I should continue and ur suggestions please

Credit to: zella farook

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