friends 4 ever (Episode 2)


Sorry guys if I bored u
And I am very sad to say that this is my last attempt to make happy, cause today on wards am completely going off line , my exams are already here and I need to focus
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So please forgive me for boring you
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So…there you go
Recap:swara sanskar none joke
Sanskar: so u guys are team now , hmmm….by the way I am going to beach and have ice creams, chocolates..etc and etc…bye
(Hearing this children run 2wards sans )
Children:papa..v r a family and v r a team right?
Swara: so go get ready or…
Mishti: yes boss…rahul bayya follow me
(They leave)
Swasan room
Swara is tieg her salwars back thread but couldn’t
Sanskar: kya shona yeah tho mera kam hei(he ties it and turns her to him holding her waist and she shy as all ways)
Sanskar: I really don’t know how u girls become so mature after marriage!!
Swara: cause v r girls Mr maheshwari
Sanskar:acha…muje laga..(he gives a teasing look 2 her and she punch him on stomach)
Sanskar:auchhhh..Shana its paining
(Their noke joke continue and the scene shift to car)
(Swara is wearing a sky blue salwar and sanskar wearing a same colour t shirt and white suit as they does in serial
mishti and rahul are in full masti in back seat and swasan in front

Sanskar looks at children and then holds swaras hand while driving
Swara:sanskar focus

Sanskar : yes I am (he kisses her had and she blushes he likes that feeling and caresses her hand )
Sanskar: u know shona evry morning when u wake me up I feel like sliding in to our past..tumhe yaad hei?

Swara: ha sanskar u were very lazy and mom would call me to wake u up and it was my duty to get u ready for college
Sanskar : and my love u r going to get rid of it
Swara: and I don’t want to(she says so and gives him a side hug and they slowly slide into their past
Ap:(sanskar mum) sanky beta wake up! U will get late for ur college..
Dp(sanskar papa) why r you getting worried Annapurna swara will come na it is one of his daily routine so my sweat heart don’t worry

Ap: ki u r making him lazy by supporting him
Do: they r childr end let them enjoy
Swara enters
Hai aunty has uncle

Ap and dp : hai beta
Swara : were is sanky
Ap: I know that u know where he is..right?

Swara: hmmm, think s
( by the I got say swasan are best friends since childhood)
Sanskar room , full a complete mess, even he cannot make out were his things are kept, only swara could

Sanky wake up…yaar how much will u sleep ?
But sanskar does not even shake
Swara: hmmm ….if I think that he will wake up by calling my whole
life will go waste….ha…bachoo I k ow wat to do
(She takes the jug and spill the whole water on his head

Sanskar jumps out of his bed and and shakes his head as his bathing is over…he goes to wash room.

Scene shift to college there they have two frnds raglak, I bet u know
R they
Swasan reaches college and meets raglak

They gives HiFi to each other

Swara was given complete right to mingle in sanskars each and

every matter and sanskar had the same right on swara
Still not aware each other s value
Cause never thought of parting
Swasan raglak noke joke continue and they would leave for canteen after the boring lectures

They would set themselves around a table
Then full loaded masti

That makes their one day
Then games movie ice cream etc and etc and a little much ragging
That’s all
In college they create a world of their own

Many girls had crush on sanky, but swara never noticed how handsome sanky is and same with sanskar , he never noticed how cute swara is
One day they were at canteen and having a could time

Laksk: sanky don’t u think that rags is becoming too fat now a days
Rags: ha ha very funny Laky even jenny is becoming fat

( frnds raglak are in love and they are famous prem jodi of the college still many girls have crush on lucky and even many boys gets

to know how cool luky’s punch is, u know what I mean..don’t u?

Their nokjok continue to infinite and swasan finds their escape. They are walking on the corridor
Swara: sanky..I need to say something
Sanky: what ever my bf
Swara: r u shure
Sanky: hundred and one percent
Swara: sanky am going to US next month to meet my parents and they r planning of settling me too there with them
(Swara parents sumi and shekar, she is staying with her dadi shekar is dp s bf and so do take care of swaras needs)
Sanky: what the hell? And u r telling it now, how can u shona ….
Swara: I no sanky I will miss u too
Sanky: no no u r taking me wrong I thought to ask how can u live with out irritating me?
Swara: what ???
Sanky: I am relieved that I can take my breath slowly now
Swara punch him on stomach
And they hug
Sanky : will badly miss u shona
Swara: me too sanky..bye
Sanky what bye u still have one month…omg 30 days more I have to tolerate u!! Its really a tough task
Swara: achaa..same here
They chase each other crack joke and have fun
Even sanskar behaved so silly when swara told him that she is leaving he was really very hurt and gloomy whole day
Days after when they were about to leave a boys comes near to them breathing hard due to long run..
Swasan ask him to relax and say the matter
The boy: nothing serious guys there is a party hosted by one of the fresher’s , I just wanna ask if u guys r interested
Sanky: no man
Swara: what sanskar it will be my last party may be come na v can go

Swara insist and he agrees
At party venue
Sanskar is not at all interested in the party
So he moves out to a clear space as if to enjoy the weather

Guys gets focus on the host her name is kavitha and she had a crush on sanskar the first day they met and was feeling very jealous towards swara

She notice that he is alone and goes to him
They have talk
Sanskar replay was very cold

Swara came to notice sanskar talking to another girl for the first time than herself and ragini…she is having an omg feeling and a insecure feeling even though she didn’t realize

Swara moves to sanskar’s side like a reflex action
She asks sanskar to join her

Sanskar denies with out giving a look at her and continue talking to the girl

Swara feels irked and awkward and leave the party
After the party sanky searches for swara and gets toknowthat she had already left

Then he takes a lift from kavitha
At home swara is very angry so is sanky

Swara sees kavitha droping sanskar and feels more angry and leaves 4 bed but couldn’t sleep

Sanskar too goes to bed with out talking to swara even though both wish to see each other.
In the morning swara gets up early and and make up her mind and is happy thinking that sanky will say sorry to her
She goes to ap and inquires about sanskar and is really surprised to
hear that sanskar left early
She leaves for college tensed
There raglak and all the others are puzzled to see swasan coming separately

Laksh: what?? Swasan separate
Rags: I cannot believe my own eyes..please pinch me
Laksh pinches her
Rags: auchh.. Laksh its painting.. Why did u pinch me..?
Laksh: hello sleeping beauty wake up..u asked me to

Rags: no.. way even the sun can rise in west white crow might fly upside down above pecefic but not this

Laksh: exactly come let’s see what happened in just one day
Rag laksh talks to swasan and r really surprised at their cold response and more shocked to notice that they r not talking to each other
Laksh: actually guys can u tell me what happened I’m really lost

Then swara was to say something just ten kavitha comes and holds sanskar’s hand and passes a cold look at swara and raglak)
They ignore her and rags ask swara to continue
But swara is much more irked to see kavitha there and much more irked see her holding sanskar’s hand, swara was staring at kavitha like she is gonna burn her

Laksh notices this and now he is clear about the whole thing
Rags:swara say n away happened?
Swara: ( angry)ask him and she leaves
Laksh smirks seeing her reaction and and drags rags from there ebefore she could ask something to sanskar
Laksh explains her the whole thing and and not at all surprised
Rags: I knew it, I had a it clear like water
Laksh: so wat to do?
Rags: wat do u mean by that? As frnds its our duty to make them clear that thy r inLOVe
Laksh: okay my love guru..get into the mission
They leave
But seems like their work had gone in vein
Swasan didn’t talk to each other even though they badly missed each other
Their ego didn’t allow them to
*so frnds s I have to say that sometimes give ur heart a chance to take division when it comes to feelings and relations not ur brain*
And finally swara is packing her things to leave for Us , her flight is at 6pm
Do already asked sanky to accompany him to airport but he refused even dp insisted
Sanskar leave 4 college with out even looking at swara and all the way to college he was crying hard
Nothing better with swara
She too goes to wash room and and cries hard and breack down
Suddenly she remember that she didn’t call raglak
She file rag’s number
Rags: hey swara!what’s up?
Swara: rags I told u na I will soon go to Us?
Rags: yeah but next month right?
Swara: no I changed my plan, I am leaving today and at 6pm
Rags:what the hell? Don’t tell me that
Swara: sorry rags pass this to laksh too and say bye to sanky and ask him to be happy
And before rags could say something she ends the calls
She cries hard then come back to sense when she here ap s sound and rushes out with her luggage
In college
Kavitha comes to sanskar
Kavitha: hei sanky
She notices tears in his eyes and start wipe his tears
Sanskar: kavitha.. Stop it yaar.. Stop this fake concern u cannot take my shona’ s place..and let me make it clear that there is nothing BTW us so please..
Lucky comes there hearing it
Lucky: kavitha r u leaving or do you want more?
Kavitha signs and goes from there totally puzzled by sanskar’s behaviour
Lucky: finally thank god.. That u r at ur sense
Sanskar: what do u mean?
Lucky: yes I mean wat I said..I think now I will get my swasan back
and he sigh in relief
Sanskar: no lucky no swasan is no more..its all over its just swara and sanskar now
Lucky: ( shocked)why do u mean by its all over?
Sanskar: wat u heard , she left us behind and left for Us
Laksh: what the f**k and u …u realized the importance of tllimg me right now?
Sanskar: don’t over react lucky and please leave me alone I need to sort it out, I don’t know what’s happening to me
Lucky: u don’t know ! Really?
Sanskar: yes I don’t
Lucky: u idiot!
Rags: exactly ek sum idiot! Lolll u r in LOVE!!!!
Sanskar: LOVE! Me but with whom?
Rags: ho god don’t do this I am gonna kill u sanskar..swara who else u know man?
Sanskar: swara!…swara!!
Lucky: yes boss
All the things happened in months flashes through his thoughts and for the first time he realize that he is madly in love with shona
Sanskar: I love her guys ( a smile comes on sanskar’s face but it fades)
Laksh: at r u waiting 4?
Sanskar: but I am too late man I lost her for ever my happiness my peace every my soul every thing..she is taking it with her leaving me incomplete
Rags: no man u still have 30 min its only 5:30 , god have given u a second chance
Sanskar: yeah!! Thank u guys
Laksh: now wat r u waiting for?
Dying this raglak push him and he runs madly
Scene shift to airport
Swara hears announcement that the flight is going to take off and is asked to get ready
She leaves with her luggage
Sanskar reaches airport and is searching for swara madly
He asks each and every stranger guards if they had seen his swara
He fights with the guards to let him in
But in vein
Then he sees his parents leaving in car
And now he is sure that he lost him
Sanskar goes from there heart Brocken
He turns the car to beach cause he don’t want to face his frnds nor his parents right now and cry aloud where no one see him
He walks here and there like a mad one with out any aim
Finally he reaches their fav place in the beach
For his surprise he sees a girl sitting there with her bags shoes back to him
And he is dam sure that its none other than his shona
He runs to her like his he finally found his soul calling her name
Swara is surprised and shocked to see him there ..whom her eyes were searching for and more over happy
She runs to him
They both hug with such a passion that even air has not space in between
Finally after a long hug try r back their sense and and again sanskar gets lost in her eyes and for the first time he realised how beautiful and cute his shona is and same with swara
For the first time he complements her and see blushes
Finally.. They engage in a very passionate kisssssss!!!!!!!?
Hello…hello frnds don’t get lost
Now close ur eyes
Because now u can see that passion and love for each other lies with them still and will
What !!!! they too are lost in their memories
Close ur eyes
Cause they are out their senses and the history….mmm..nop..climax is repeating
They are kissing with so much passion and hugging each other
Suddenly they come to their present hearing their children
Mishti and rahul are seen playing in the waves and they are calling their parents to join them
Swasan look in to each other’s eyes and goes to their children
Holding hands?
U know what those eyes says to each other?
********** ******** ******* ******
“World is still a mystery to my eyes
Don’t know why
Excuse my curiosity
Each sets of eyes and stares around me
Are very deep
Sometimes they look into me as
They can see in to my soul
When will I face a stare
Whish is wandering for
That will be my FIRST LOVE”
By frnds
Sorry for boring u
Bye swasan????

Credit to: zella farook

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