friends 4 ever (Episode 1)


Hair friends hope u guys are fine, guys this is my first and last ff and I got to say that it is completely based on my favorite on screen couple on air SwaSan
So raglak fans spare me please. And guys I am sorry to say that its not my own concept cause this same concept is rolling around again and again over centuries Friends 4 Ever
So …mmm…go for it

Yeah its a white mansion beautiful , is nt it? And I know that u know that is our swasan’s’ Dream home’, yeah..they call it saw because. It is filled with happiness and their most happiest memories lies with in
Guys feel at home , this dream house belong to each and every swasan fan, but on a condition, you will have very very boring guide and its ME.. So guys follow me………..wait wait isn’t it swasan’s room and OMG are they sleeping till now its 10 in the morning… Seems like they were not sleeping last night and my swasan don’t leave a single chance to romance
Let’s peep in…thoda ill mannered hei for bi……
Sanky wake up….wake up..
Shona..kya yaar…please spare me for today….Jake bachoko tang karo na…..
Swara:no sanky no way, they are already awake and even got ready. Pats nahi kyo aaj tumari bache tumari nahi rahe
They woke up and got ready with out my insistence
Sanky:kya yaar.. tum aman se( sanskar very efficient PA and yes our sanskar is the owner of the one and only famous and successful maheshwari group of industries in Kolkata) … kar me poocho na… If there is any imp meeting today(and frnds one more thing he is the most lazy boy u must have seen but only when his shona is around for him)
Swara: meeting and today! Its Sunday sanskar…that’why u are sleeping till now
Sanskar wake up with a shoke : what??…Sunday!!!

Ha papa Sunday…!!
And u will ask me who no no u will not ask am a fool am n’t I ? Yeah they are swasan’s children mishti(4 years,a cute girl just like our swara) and a handsome junior rahul( sooo cute not they)
They shout together: papa u promised that u will take us out today
Sanskar: mein ..promise aur outing…mmmmm..much yaad nahi
But I think with my morning kiss may be I…(b4 he could finish both KSS him on both cheek and hug him
Sanskar: and my dear wiffy why r u waiting for? Morning kiss please(he gives a teasing look to swara and points to his cheeks)
Swara blushes and goes out with fake anger and make an excuse
Swara: u guys made plan with out me? So enjoy ur day with out me, I am not the talking to any one of you.
Sanskar: o meri maa please..
Swara: no sanskar no don’t u dare to talk to me
Sanskar: ooohh angry babe
Swara: sanskar tum …(she throws a pillow at him )
Sanskar: as shona its paining if u attack me my children won’t spare you.. Safe din tang large rahoongi… Sochle
Swara: achaaa tum log one team hei ..I will show you( swara throw another pillow at them and run)
Rahul: papa mama scored 2 what are u looking for go and catch her…
Sanskar: okay…soldiers follow me
Mishti okay boss
And sanskar runs behind swara
Shona… I will catch and u will have to pay
Swara: we will see
Mishti: bro come on we will help papa
Rahul: no way , he forgot his promise so today he will have to win his own and …we will enjoy the show
Both give hi fi in agreement

Precap: swara and sanskar recollects some of their memories and share with their children and have good time

Hope u guys like it
If u like it or not please let me no
And ur suggestions
As I told u before am just a guide and u can see what ever u want

Credit to: zella farook

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  1. U have already posted it
    but very gud
    luv swasan

  2. Hey i didnt like it…bcz in this no raglak…..first 4 lines i red but u said write no raglak so i did not read it. But also i was searching if there ill.b our was not der… So bye u lost one reader

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  4. it is same
    u have updated this…

  5. awsum

  6. dnt use hindi….only eng pls

  7. Ualready posted it yar…. Pls update nxt part

  8. Soo sweet yaarr

  9. You have already posted it but I like it and even you have shown their kids

  10. Soory Shanta if I hurt u and all others it was just an attempt and the previous one it was accidentally updated I didn’t know that I updated it

  11. omg !! u r awesome , i luved ur ff ,srsly u r awsome

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