Friendship, Love and Passion


Hi, this is a high school, real life story based in Canada. Enjoy reading it and pls do comment on it!!!!
She was on the way to her new school, it was a huge school. Her dad volunteered to drop her even though she stated that she could walk. So now she was sitting in the car with her dad complaining about how nervous she was until the moment where she could see the building of her new school appear as they got closer and closer. The school had 3 blocks connected to form 1 mega building. She saw a bunch of people giggling and laughing on the corner of the lane. she missed her friends , an image of her friends popped up in her head. She immediately pushed the thought out of her head when the car stopped at the front of a massive door. “There you are”, her dad said, trying to get her excited. As soon as he said that, her tummy started to growl even more. ‘Nervousness’ she thought. It was not her first time moving schools, infact she moves schools almost every 2 years. This was not all that new to her, the feeling, the process of meeting new people, getting the teachers to know her, infact many people said she was very good at all this due to the constant moving.
‘Ugghhhh” she said before she opened the car. The minute she got out, the wind blew her wavy, black hair on her face. She was wearing her favourite white shirt filled with pink flowers followed by black tights. She had left her hair open with a clip to prevent it from falling in her face. Sadly, that did not help, on one hand she had her watch and on the other pearl bracelet matching with the necklace she was wearing. Compared to people around her, she was looking rather elegant. She quickly turned around and said “Bye dad.” Her dad waved and left the place with a smile of assurance. She started walking to the nearest door, which lead her to the mass hallway. People on either sides were all hurrying to their period 1 class. She looked at the giant clock placed on the wall. 8:40, it said. She started climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor, where her locker was situated. She kept walking and walking, but surprisingly could not find her locker.
OMG, wth is this locker? Finally she found her locker, placed her bag in it , grabbed her binder and headed downstairs to find her class. Computer science with Ms.Luce in Room 132. Now, where was that?? ‘I should have located it on locker day’ she thought as she descended down the stairs.Trying to find it, she rapidly hurried into a hallway full of people, all waiting to be placed into classes. ‘Oh, the gr7/gr8, let’s see if I can find Yamini’, friend who is in gr 7. Her eyes started searching for a girl, that she should didn’t notice where she was going and bumped into someone. This someone was a boy, who made her phone from her fall on the ground.
“Amazing start to the day” she said in a harsh whisper only to be heard by her. Before she could turn around, a warm hand was covering her hand, gently placing the phone in her hand. Her body went all cautious as soon as the hand touched her body. She stood in a place and could not move until the hand brushed her once more before leaving. As soon as she turned around, there was a crowd behind her, the stranger had mingled into the crowd, leaving her phone in her hand.
‘What was that?’ she thought, before heading down the hallway to her period 1 class.
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  9. Mandy good start. Nice one. In which class does she study.

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