My friend or Lover (intro and episode 1)

hi friends. . I’m starting a new ff . . if you like it kindly give me your precious comments. .

character sketch:

swara boss: a very beautiful girl. . she is the most beautiful girl of college. . adorable and lovely girl with full of life.. she is rich.. but she is very kind to everyone. . she is a brilliant dancer and good at studies also.. she loves her family and friends the most.. she is modern but loves tradition also.. a girl with golden heart..

sanskar maheswari: a rich and handsome boy..dream of every girl.. a little flirt.. but cares for everyone. . he has a crush on swara.. but didn’t tell her that.. he is a very good singer..

laksh maheswari: cousin brother of sanskar.. very naughty guy.. he used to tease every one and a big flirt.. he had many girlfriends.. but not lost it for a long. . he is little spoilt but not much. . he is kind and lovely guy..

ragini boss: swara’s step sister.. a calm and simple girl.. loves her sister swara the most.. and always worried for her. . she is a traditional girl and wears only salwar.. she hates laksh so much and didn’t like his friendship with swara. she is a good sitar player..

Randhir shekawat: best friend of swara.. he is school topper.. didn’t like sanskar or laksh. . he is a little possessive guy.. and has some ego issues.. he never be friends with anyone than swara..

kavita shregil: she is sanskar’s friend.. hates swara to core and jealous of her.. she wanted to humiliate swara. and wanted to show everyone that swara is characterless. . kavita is living for this purpose only..

yuvraj arora: a bad guy.. who have evil eye on swaragini.. but no one knows that he is bad..

rest of characters introduced on story progress.. so here I’m starting the story..


a beautiful girl was sitting in front of mirror and applying kajal on her eyes.. she was wearing a red shirt and white long skirt. . her hair has curles on the bottom.. she looks like a real angel with most beautiful eyes.. yes she is our swara..


she turned back .. a girl was standing there with a cute smile on her face.. she was wearing a simple pink salwar .. she is our ragini..

ragini: my little princess.. what is the need of spending more time in front of mirror? you are very gorgeous with out any make up.. and when you apply mild make up you are looking like a heroine. . my little doll is very beautiful. .

ragini patted swara’s cheeks with love..

swara: don’t praise me this much ragu.. my head will touch the roof.. enough of your praising section. .

swara beats ragini playfully. .

ragini: swara we have morning class na.. come let us go fast.

swara: ok ragu.. let us leave..

they went to college..

at college. .

swaragini were walking suddenly a bike came and began to ride around them.. swaragini was little scared. but swara take pepper spray from her bag..

swara: if you are that much talented in teasing girls? then take off your helmet.. I will show you what is girl power..

boys suddenly stopped the bike and take off their helmet. . they are non other than our heros sanlak..swaragini became angry by seeing them..

swara: you two idiots really scared us.. she make angey face..

ragini: don’t waste our time to talk with them swara.. let us go..

sanskar come infront of them and stopped them..

sanskar: sorry baba.. we just do it for a fun.. don’t take it seriously. . Please. . ragu please. . swara.. Please yaar..

he make puppy faces.. swara began to laugh by seeing his face..

sanskar give a signal to lakah through his eyes. .

laksh: arre ragini I want to tell you some important matter. . come let us go to library. . bye swara..

he drags ragini from there..

swara and sanskar were alone.. ( actually sanskar said laksh to take ragini to library. . so that he got some time with swara..

sanskar: swara you are looking gorgeous. .

swara blushes..

swara: thanks sanskar.. you are also looking good..

sabskar: I know it dear.. I’m the most handsome guy in this college..

swara : who said that there are more handsome and dashing guys.. eg. randhir.. my bestie.. he is very handsome. . and sahil sir english lecturer. . he is also handsome. . then dev.. sooraj..

sanskar fumes with jealousy. .

sanskar: ok.. so for you they are more handsome than me na.. ok swara.. fine. .

swara: but you have some specialty sanskar..

sanskar: really? what is that?

swara: you are cute..

sanskar:what ? cute? am I looking like a baby to you? hello madom I’m a man.. not a little baby so stop call me cute ok?

swara: ok cutie..

swara runs. . sanskar chases her.. he caught her wrist and pulled her closer.. they both looked each others eyes and brust in to laughing..

sanskar: so miss beautiful.. can we have 2 coffe together?

swara: coffe? hmm ok..

they went to canteen..

in the way to library ragini was scolding laksh..

ragini: why did you do this? I have to go back to my sister.

laksh: oyee.. my brother is with her.. and nobody will ate her if you stay 2 minutes away from her..

ragini: ha your brother is with her.. that is my fear..

laksh: hey what do you mean? is my brother any vampire or monster? he is also human..

ragini: I don’t mind any vampire or monster.. some humans are more worse than them..

laksh couldn’t take it anymore. . he hold her waist and pinned her to the wall.

laksh: how dare you to say like that? you know sanskar well.. he likes swara and he is very good human.. what on the earth made you think negative always?

ragini: laksh leave me.. it is paining

laksh release her..

ragini: sorry I don’t say that sanskar is like it..

laksh: then who is more worse than a monster? tell me..

ragini: yourself laksh..

laksh shocked by it..

screen freez with shocked face of laksh..


    • Jwala



      thanks shan.. hmm sorry dear I’m not uploading broken wings na.. and one more ff also.. if I got a proper story line I will update that too dear.. say me what you want me to update next I will update that ff

  1. Divyanshri


    |Registered Member

    jwala why u always write awsome episodes i am fadup of writing the same thing ?

    ??jokes are part….. really u r fab

    • Jwala



      hehe.. thank you do much divya.. it is because of your comments I’m writing this.. only you people who loves my stories and comment on it deserves the praise.. if you all don’t comment then I will not write.. lol

  2. Pramudi

    Wow jwala another one from you..
    Yayy.. It’s about swasan. ?
    Very beautiful story dear.. ?
    Update the nxt part soon. Eagerly waiting.

  3. Fats

    Ohh Jwala another FF of yours, I already love gang of devils vs gang of angels so I’m sure I will love this FF a lot as well ?. Anyways the characterisation of everyone was great. Loved the SwaSan and RagLak scenes. Especially Swara calling Sanskar cute and Ragini calling Laksh a monster ?. Can’t wait for the next update ?

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