My friend or Lover (episode 3)


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here is the next part..

classroom ..

swaragini and laksh is same class and sanskar is their senior. . (swaragini are twins)

all students were busy in preparing notes. . laksh was thinking about his plan.. he looked at ragini.. she was wearing a yellow salwar.. she is very simple girl.. she is not that fair.. she looks average while comparing with swara ( guys for my story sake I make ragini an average looking girl.. but tejaswi/ragini is really beautiful. . so please don’t be offended)
laksh couldn’t understood how will he make ragini fall for him.. she is very stubborn also.. she knows laksh very much and his flirty nature.. she will not believe laksh if he said he love her.. laksh wanted to bang sanskar’s head.
professor notice laksh staring ragini. .
professor: laksh maheswari come here..
laksh shocked by this.. he goes towards professor. .
laksh: sir ..
professor: for what you are coming to class? observing girls?
laksh: no sir.. all indians are my brothers and sisters. . all girls are my sisters. .
students begans to laugh.. ragini glare him in a disgusted look..
professor: is it? ok tomorrow all girls bring rakhi and tie ro him. so that all girls will be your sisters..
laksh feels that someone hit him in his head. . he is trying to make ragini as his lover and professor is doing this with him..
laksh: sir.. that.. I..
professor: if you don’t do so I will give complain against you to principal.. and you will not attend my any clasd further..

class over.. professor goes out.. laksh rushed to sanskar’s class room.. sanskar was busy with flirting girls..
one girl: sanskar you are looking like a hero.. you are damn hot man..
sanskar: I know it sheena.. you are looking like priyanka chopra darling.. how you are maintaining such a perfect figure. . ?
another girl: what about me sanskar?
sanskar: oh meera dear you are like deepika padukone.. you are such a pretty girl..
laksh fumes by seeing this.. laksh came to him and hold his hands then dragged sanskar with him..
sanskar: what is this laksh? leave me..
laksh: sanskar tell me what was that?
sanskar: can’t you see? i was talking with my friends. .
laksh: ya.. you have many girlfriends around you. . then why you want to be with swara?
sanskar: come on laksh.. swara is more beautiful than them.. they are nothing in front of swara..
laksh: what is in your mind sanskar? I’m not getting you. . you don’t love swara. . then what you want?
sanskar: I want her friendship. that’s all..
laksh; then why should I love ragini?
sanskar: not real love na.. just acting..
laksh: you are crazy sanskar.. I can’t love ragini..
laksh tells professor’s order to him..
sanskar: oh god than man is real mad.. is staring such a big crime? ok. don’t worry. . we will find a solution soon..

They saw swaragini going to the library.
sanskar: laksh here they are come fast..
sanlak run towards swaragini ..
sanskar: hey ragini.. laksh want to talk to you..
ragini: ha .. laksh bhaiyya .. tell me..
sanlak shocked
laksh: what??? bhaiyya??? when???
swara: laksh you told na all girls in our class are your sisters..
laksh gulped.. sanskar tries to control laughing. .
ragini: bhaiyya..
laksh: stop it ragini. . don’t call me that .
sanskar: swara please come with me.. I want to tell you something. .
ragini: what you want to tell? I will also come
sanskar: ragini laksh want to say some really interesting matter. . bye..

sanskar takes swara to canteen..
swara: sanskar what you want to tell me?
sanskar: swara laksh loves ragini..
swara :what? is it true?
sanskar : yes swara.. he loves her more than anything. .
swara: but ragini didn’t like him..
sanskar: we should unite them.. will you help me to unite them?
swara smiled..
swara: ha sanskar.. if laksh makes ragini happy and will be with her in every situations I’m very happy for them..
sanskar forward his hands to her..
sanskar: so deal
swara place her palms on his..
swara deals..
sanskar feels that a bunch of petals pressed to his pslms.. a current passed through his body.. swara takes her hands from his.. sanskar was in a dream land.. sanskar admired her all features.. her beautiful moon like face, long deep eyes, pink lips, gorgeous curvy figure.. he felt some desires in his mind.. swara looked him in confusion. .
swara: sanskar..
sanskar came back to his sense
sanskar: ha swara..
swara: what are you dreaming ha?
sanskar: about an angel..
swara: who is she?
sanskar: you..
swara: what?
sanskar: you are an angel swara.. perfectly beautiful. . do you have any lover?
swara: what if I say yes?
sanskar: if yes then he is really lucky. .
swara: why?
sanskar: you are such an angel na.. sanskar (in mind): you are very tempting swara.. your beauty making me crazy. . I don’t know what will be the end of our friendship. I don’t love you. but I’m really attracted to you..

Raglak side..
laksh: ragini for god sake don’t call me bhaiyya..
ragini: hmm ok then I will not call you bhaiyya.. but what you want to tell me?
laksh: that.. you are cute..
ragini: how dare you tp flirt with me? you know very well that o don’t like boys flirting with any girls.. that is why I hate boys like you.
laksh: ragini I just said you are cute so what? why you are calling it flirting? why did you hate me? I didn’t do any harm to you.
ragini: I don’t believe any boys. . they only loves girls outer beauty. they only loves girls body. I hate boys like you. .
laksh: ragini what nonsense you are talking? used to flirt with girls.. but never cross my limits.
ragini: whatever I don’t have any interest in talking with you. . I’m going..
ragini leaves from their. . laksh calls her name and follows her..
ragini reached the canteen and saw sanskar and swara walking towards them.. they were laughing and talking. sanskar playfully hita swara’s shoulders. ragini gets angry by these .
ragini: swara class wilp begin now come let us go..
sanskar: why so hurry ragini?
ragini: for us studies are important. and why you always want to talk with swara?
laksh: come on ragini . they are friends. . why you are over acting?
swara: chill guys. . ragu come let us go..
but sanskar holds swara’s hands. .
sanskar: no I want to know why ragini behaving so much weird that if l will eat swara.. don’t go swara. .
ragini’s anger raised its peak.. she looked sanskar’s hand. . he is holding swara. . ragini raised her hand and slap sanskar hardly..

all shocked.. Other students also.. sanskar looked around. . he couldn’t believe that a girl slapped him.. he felt insulted
ragini: don’t dare to touch my sister.. she is my everything. . I will not let anyone harm her..
ragini dragged swara in to their class..
other students leaves with gossiping about the incident. laksh don’t understand what to do.. laksh place his hand on sanskar’s shouder..
laksh: sanskar leave it.. don’t make it as an issue..
sanakar: what the hell laksh.. a girl slapped your brother and you are not angry on her? waw.. very good.. this kind of brother everyone should get..
laksh: sanskar try to understand. . she loves swara a lot.. and she is scared of this society. .
sanskar: I will destroy her laksh.. and I will destroy everything. . she did this because I hold swara’s hand na.. now I will show her what all I will do to swara.. laksh now I want your help. .
laksh: what help?
sanskar: you have to make ragini fall for you. . and have to deject her in front of whole world. .
laksh: sanskar we can talk everything later.. now please calm down..
sanskar : no laksh. . I can’t .. I can’t forget this insult.. ragini you will suffer not only you your sister also..
sanskar said in an evil smile..


how was it guys? if you want me to update next part soon then please comment. . and guys it is swasan and raglak only..

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