My friend or Lover (episode 2)

sanskar and swara were in canteen and having coffee.. sanskar was staring her.. her gorgeous eyes, s*xy lips, cute nose, red apple like cheeks.. he didn’t understand what is happening to him.. he think that he is attracted to her.. and control his feelings..

swara : sanskar.. what are you thinking? day dreaming ha?

sanskar: swara can I ask you one thing?

swara: of course sanskar..

sanskar: which cream you are using in your face?

swara : nothing. . I don’t like any cream ya foundations. . I didn’t use anything. .

sanskar: I don’t believe it swara.. your face is glowing like a moon and you are saying that not using any nake up things.. it is hard to believe. .

swara: ( blushes) sanskaar.. flirting with me ha? it is not good for your health. . if my ragu finds that you are flirting with me then she will kill you..

sanskar: so ragini is your body guard . isn’t she?

swara: no no.. she is my sister.. and she want to protect me from all evil eyes.. I too want to do the same with her.. we are best sisters..

sanskar: (bit angry) so my eyes are evil eyes.. ha? ok swara.. I understood. . I will not talk with you any more..

he was about to go. but swara caught his wrist..

swara: sanskar I don’t mean it.. forgive me.. Please. .

her eyes were moist.. sanskar felt bad when seeing it..

sanskar: hmm. . ok but you have to do one thing..

swara: what?

sanskar: be my friend .. I mean best friend. .

swara: hmm.. ok.. from today you are my best friend. .

sanskar was about to hug her.. but swara didn’t allow..

swara: friendship is ok.. but don’t do these things..

sanskar: oh god swara.. only your dressing style is modern.. your thinking is still old.. I mean. . what is the problem if I hug you? it is common between friends. .

swara: I know sanskar.. but I don’t like a guy hugging me.. If ragini see it she will kill me .

sanskar: ok. ok.. come let us go..

they go to their classes..

after college..

laksh and sanskar were chatting. .

sanskar: laksh I think I’m attracted to swara..

laksh: I think you love her..

sanskar: love? no yaar.. I’m not ready for any kind of serious relationships..

laksh: then what you need?

sanskar: hmm.. I want to be with swara.. I want to talk her.. I don’t know. . but I’m feeling something. .

laksh: now you both became friends na.. so you can spend more time with her..

sanskar: but there is a problem. . her Hitler sister ragini.. she didn’t allow swara to be with any boy.. she is very much protective of swara.. because swara is very beautiful. .

laksh: so you want to keep ragini away from swara..

sanskar: yes.. and I have a plan.

laksh: tell me.. what is your plan?

sanskar: you have to act as you loves ragini and make her to fall for you.. if she will busy in her life then she will not came between me and swara..

laksh: sorry sanskar. . I can’t play with her feelings.

sanskar: nothing big in this bhai. . we are college students and these all are just fun.. after college we will say good bye to all relations.. in college life people have love affairs and all.. but they will not marry in life.. just see it as a fun..

laksh: but sanskar.. my heart is warning me.. it is dangerous. .

sanskar : you didn’t do it for your bhai? we are doing it just for keeping her away from swara.. and after college her parents will get her married to some other guy.. then she will forget everything. .

laksh: hmm.. ok.. only for you.. you know very well that I can’t say no to you..

sanskar hugged laksh..

sanskar: thank you so much bhai..

swaragini’s house..

Ragini: swara I don’t like your friendship with sanskar..

swara: but he is very good ragu..

ragini: but there are so many girls who drool over him.. and I even saw him flirting with them..

swara: so what ragu? we are just friends. . I’m not his lover na.. so why should it affect me?

ragini: swara you know what.. you are very beautiful. . and this world is very cruel.. I can’t trust anyone. . I’m very much scared for you.. you are very innocent .

swara: my darling sister. . I said na be cool.. why you are always worrying about me? you think too much.. that is why..

ragini: you are my jaan swara..

swara: I know ragu. I love you more than anyone. . if we are together bo one can harm us.. evil society can never touch us.. we are swaragini. .
both hugged each other. .

next day in college..

laksh was standing near a tree. . he saw ragini coming with swara.

laksh; hai swara.. hai ragu..

swara: hai laksh.. where is sanskar?

laksh: he is in library. . swara can you please help him? he have a doubt . can you please go and help him?

swara: ha laksh.. I’m going..

but ragini holds her hands. .

ragini: swara don’t go.. laksh what is his doubt? and swara is his junior. how can she clarify his doubt?

laksh: I don’t know ragu.. he only told me.. and now they are friends na.. let her go .

ragini: laksh I have doubt that yoy both brothers are planning something. . and I don’t let you play with my sister’s feelings..

laksh : ( having fake tears) : ragini if you don’t trust us then ok.. but don’t stab my heart by these words.. I will not disturb you. .

he leaves from there..

both swaragini were confused on his weird behaviour. .

swara: why he said like that?

ragini: he is mad..

swara ( in mind): something is fishy. . I want to find it out..

screen freez with confused face of swaragini. .

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  2. Niz epi…

  3. Sweetie

    Nice one Jwala.. 🙂

  4. Nyc episode jwala dear☺ laksh actng?….n loved rags care towards swara…

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    Awwww laksh dramebaaz kahika…….

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    good one….

  7. oh ur new ff…just read it nw…its awesome…

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    Awesome jwala…. Thanks for posting it yaar…. Love u

  9. nice waiting how lakshya gonna trap ragini next part soon

  10. awesome

  11. awesome!! loved it!!

  12. jwalu dear…i found anothr ff of urs…such a lvly ff…i liked it…tags care twrdz swara..sankyz attrctn twrdz it infactuatn or love????…i thnk lucky will fall in his trap…atlst luvky wil fall in lv with ragz….i lvd it alot…

    nd i cant cmmnt ystrdyz angels vz devilz..i read only nw..soo chorry…

    hw many ff u write??? i read 4 includng dis…swara i love heart beats for u…nd dis one…nd ky angels vs devils…itrayumullo atho iniyumundoo????shckd??????

    recently i gt to knw tht u r a malayali…nd dear..mee too a malayali frm ekm – aluva….tandada…surprised…aadyam njn vicharichu nee northil ninn anenn recwntly i gt to knw u r a malayali…… soo jwalu dear waitng for nxt chappy of all of ur ff….bt u r one ndvsoo kany ffs…so post anyone frm dem…bt i m more waitng for angels nd devils…lv u jwalu…tata bye bye..naale kanm

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        Njanum malayali Anu from kasaragod

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