Friday Spoilers — 30th December 2016



Tanuja is sad, as she can’t see Rishi marrying Malaika. Tanuja sheds cries and is in pain. Rano has cheated Tanuja. She taunts Tanuja and insults her. This time, Tanuja gives an answer back to Rano. Rano says I m doing good for my son, and Lord will say who is doing justice. Rishi and Tanuja will not get separated. Raj is making Rishi fool Malaika. Raj, Tanuja and Rishi are doing this marriage drama to expose Malaika.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Raja shows love and anger to Rani. Raja has come back from death. Raja met Rani in disguise before. Raja is angered seeing Rani with Iqbal. He wants to take revenge from Rani and is going mad as he loves Rani. Raja acts like a psycho as he has lost everything. Raja thinks he has lost Rani now and Rani does not know what’s going on in his mind. Raja is madly hurting Rani by his love.

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  7. seems raja is always angry, thanks to his father’s ways … he should seek counsel tho before his anger erupt

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  9. thanks .for kasam spoilers. i know that rishi willnot marriage with malika he just want reveal truth of malika in faint of every one. thank you somuch.

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