Friday Spoiler Alert — 2nd December 2016


Naagin 2:

Rocky and Shivangi attend a friend’s party. Shivangi gets surprised by Rocky’s genuine concern. Shivangi gets hurt when someone pushes her and goes. Rocky and Shivangi have a romantic dance in the party. Sesha is also present there. Rocky confesses love to Shivangi in front of everyone. They have an eyelock. Rocky makes Shivangi’s saree proper. Shivangi thinks of Rocky as a nice man. Shivangi wonders how she could hug Rocky today. Rocky’s Garuda locket falls down, and that’s why Shivangi did not get hurt.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil:

Dadi tells Raghav that Naina is like oure gold. She sends a beautiful necklace for Naina. Raghav takes the necklace and gives to Naina. Dadi is sure Naina will keep the family united. Naina likes the necklace and asks Raghav to make her wear it. Raghav asks her to come in mandap, as Veer is waiting. Raghav compliments her beauty. Naina thanks him. The beautiful friendship between Raghav and Naina will soon blossom in love. They will realize the feelings for each other.

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Naagin 2



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