Freedom Part 2 (Independence Day Special)


Hey guys I m back with freedom part 2. This article is not historical one, I hope u like it. ☺

Politicians or u can say
our representatives are quite important in democracy isn’t it but,
There is no eligibility criteria for becoming a minister, why??… If there is eligibility criteria for even the clerk, driver etc… in government jobs then why not for our ministers who play important role in administration. To whom IAS, PCs and others are reporting.

Ironically, due to this a person who had never faced school can become education minister. Who accused for different crimes can become minister of law & justice.

Education gives the power to one, to distinguish b/w the right and wrong, better and worse….

Basic qualification is necessary for better administration.

Recently Haryana government set the minimum eligibility criteria for panchayat elections but many opposes this.
Even the Supreme Court also approved the validity of this amendment.

These kind of minimum eligibility should also be for other elections also.

To contest, the election is not only a right of a person more than this, it is a responsibility to discharge their duties effectively & provide better administration & without basic education it’s not possible.

•How can we expect from an illiterate candidate to fulfill their duties effectively and better administration in today’s techno world?

I know that, minimum eligibility for elections will disqualify some people but we can’t ignore the benefits of better administration which effects whole population over few one.
Moreover these minimum educational qualification are not much high that would be impossible to achieve, isn’t it!!!
•There is ‘Sarve shiksha abhiyan’, ‘adult education program’ running all over the country. I think we should make these programs more effective rather than opposing these kinds of changes.

•Whenever there is something changed, it naturally bring some discomfort with it, in its initial phase, it doesn’t meant that we should oppose the change,& neglect the huge positive impact of it, in long run.

Few days ago, survey of NEW (national election watch)& ADR( association for Democratic reforms) released.
Acc. to the survey,there is no single party whose members not involved in criminal cases or accused in corruption charges. Interestingly, AAP also has some minister which are felonious. Remember it is that party whose main propaganda is honesty and transparency.

Political parties give their party tickets to the felonious ones because they often won the election by hook or by crook,(or giving them huge party fund), which is the ultimate goal of each &every Political party.

Few months back there was an incident in Bihar that caught attention of everyone across the country. A 19 yrs boy shot dead by MLA’s son just for overtaking his car. His father had criminal background as u all know. Purpose for recalling this is that to tell u that we voters have very bad memory,(or u can say that struggling from short term memory loss). we all shows our concerns till this remain in headlines of news or in limelight after that we completely forgot about that, without taking any lesson from these incidents &again repeat the same mistake by voting felonious candidates.

Was only the government of Bihar &police department are responsible for this incident who not able to control law & order??….
Of courses not, the public or voters are equally responsible for this incident, who vote for her and made her won the elections even after knowing her Criminal background.
What else we expect from these kind of felonious ones.???…
Why we Indians really don’t care about corrupt and felonious politicians??…..
Remember that in democracy no one can won the elections against the wish of voters…….. so stop giving the power to those who can misuse it.
If we r not able to oppose them then, be ready for being a victim of similar cases because, these things can be happen to anyone at any time.
So please, Don’t give the votes to candidate which have criminal and corrupted background. I think this is the only way to get freedom from these kind of politicians.

Vote wisely and Surly.
Jai hind….

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