Fragrance of Love (chapter 9)

sorry for late update. .I was little is the chapter 9

Anwar opened his eyes and saw Mehrin in his h
arms.he threw her away from him.Mehrin was in deep sleep.she get shocked. her hand hits coach’s hand. she felt pain but she was still in shock. she looked at Anwar with wide eyes (she was looking damn bbeautiful )

Anwar:u r asking me what??? u knw what u did?
Mehrin:tell in clear
Anwar:u were hugging me while sleeping..what do u think that u can take Aisha’s place with doing all this
Mehrin:what??? r u mad??? I already told u I dnt want to take Aisha’s place…just stop blaming me for no reason
Anwar:then why did u hugged me?
Mehrin:I did unknowingly. .am an ordinary girl.I dnt have any magic for seeing everything in sleep too
Anwar:whatever bt I can’t trust u
Mehrin:who want ur trust mr.Anwar Ahmed

Anwar gets angry. .he shouted “suyaaash….”

suyash came and open the door.
suyash:what happened? ??
Anwar:who locked the door?
suyash:I dnt knw why r u so angry. .u were with ur wife not with any witch
Anwar:she is not less than a witch
Anwar looked at Mehrin angrily and goes from there.Mehrin looked back with angered eyes..

it was Adi’s birthday. .

Mehrin:roma we have to celebrate Adi’s birthday
Roma looked at suyash. .they both seems sad
Mehrin:what happened? ?? y u both looking like this?
suyash:mehru. .Anwar didnt like
Mehrin:why..adi his own son
Roma:yeah but…he remembered Aisha’s death. .
Mehrin:so he won’t give adi that happiness which he deserves. ..ok am decided. .I will celebrate my son’s birthday
suyash:bt mehru. …
Mehrin:no suyash. .its abt my son’s happiness…I don’t care abt Anwar and his Aisha

Anwar heard this..

Anwar:no 1 will celebrate Adi’s birthday
Mehrin:but I will Anwar
Anwar:he is my son..I will decide what will happen in his life
Mehrin:and am his mom..I have equal right which have u I will celebrate my son’s birthday
Anwar:Mehrin. .dnt be stubborn
Mehrin:u too Anwar
she went to her room..adi hold her hand and went with her.

Anwar came behind her
Anwar:Mehrin. .I dnt give permission. …
Mehrin cuts his words
Mehrin:I dnt need ur permission. .Anwar. .if u love ur son u will be happy for his birthday
Anwar:I love him
Mehrin:but not more than aisha na????? who is ur past
Anwar:dnt take Aisha’ s name with ur b****y mouth
Mehrin:Anwar. ..mind ur tongue. .adi is hearing everything. .dnt teach my son bad words.
Anwar:nw am teaching bad word to him huh??? what u r teaching him??? bad things
Mehrin:I am saying u once again dnt yell in front of least u should have common sense
Anwar:I have. .but I lost it when I talked to u
Mehrin:then dnt talk to me prblm solved..but I don’t change my decision
Anwar:u have to change it..u r nt gng to celebrate it
Mehrin:Anwar. ..just forget ur past and move on for ur son’s sake…he is ur future and u r spoiling ur future for ur past

Anwar holds Mehrin’s hand tight
Anwar:who the hell r u to say to forget my past??? just stay in ur limits..otherwise I dnt look if there is adi or not
Mehrin:Anwar leave ny hand its paining
Anwar:oh really. .but I like to see u in pain
Mehrin saw his hatred on his eyes..she didn’t utter a word.Anwar hold her more tight. Mehrin didn’t respond.Anwar gets angry more..he hold her hands more and more tight. .

Adi:papa leave mamma…she in pain..leave mamma
Adi started to beat Anwar. .Anwar:just stay away adi otherwise u will get hurt too…

Mehrin gets angry hearing this.she put her feet on anwar’s feet.
Anwar:aaahhhh…leave …aah
Mehrin:don’t dare to shout at my son like this…

Mehrin’s eyes were filled with water but her voice is sharp.Anwar gets surprised
Anwar:how mad and stubborn u r
he left her hands.she took adi in her arms..
Mehrin:stay away from my son..u better go and die
she turned to door
Mehrin:and 1 more thing…if u hurt my son for that Aisha. ..I won’t leave u…u stay in ur past and leave us live peaceably
Anwar looks on

Mehrin decorated whole house. she changed in to pink sari.adi also looking cute..

Adi:I love u
he kissed on her both cheek.she kissed him back
Mehrin:I lv u too kidduu

suyash:Adi now cut the cake
Roma:yeah adi. my mouth is watering…
mehru hits on Roma’s head

suyash:where is Anwar?
Mehrin:he won’t come
adi cuts the cake and give to Mehrin
Mehrin:happy birthday adi
she give him cake piece back.

Anwar comes there
Anwar:happy birthday adi
adi didn’t looked at him
Roma:what happened adi??? give a piece to ur papa
Adi:I not (adi is only 2 years si I will use vry bad English for him..)
Adi:first say sorry mamma..then I give
Anwar:why should I say sorry
Adi:u hurt mamma..look red Marks
adi shows Mehrin’s hand to everyone. suyash and roma get shocked
suyash:what is this Anwar? ??
Anwar:Mehrin. .u snatched my son from me
suyash:she didn’t snatch ur son..u alone make him go away from u…u only thinks abt ur self..u even didn’t care abt adi.but Mehrin loves him and cares him more than her self
Anwar:oh….u r taking her side
suyash:am nt taking any1’s saying truth
Mehrin:just stop it guys…suyash dnt fight wth ur friend for me

suyash:am nt fighting sis…he ia giving u pain coz of aisha who always give everyone pain
suyash:yeah suyash..I was silent bt nt nw..coz u hurt my sis more than she deserves. nw I won’t be quite

suyash went from there
Mehrin:roma go to him
roma nods and went with suyash

Anwar:first u took my adi from me nw suyash too
Mehrin:u r thinking wrong Anwar
Anwar:no…my Aisha never did this to me

“u r wrong Anwar. ..Aisha was made always misunderstandings between u and ur mother and u and suyash. did u forget all this??? she was double faced not Mehrin. .u never wanted to see goodness in Mehrin. .just relax and think abt Mehrin deeply” roma yelled at him and she went back to her room..

Mehrin took adi and went tp her room.Anwar was in deep thought..




buddies our friend aliya is from chennai..may be she is also the please pray for her…


Lovage from urs Ry

Credit to: Ruby


  1. anu

    To be honest, aisha was d perfect match 4 anwar.he doesn’t deserve mehrin as well adi..Adi is a little kid still he has brain.l’m glad to see your concern towards aaliya, may God keep her safe nd sound.
    Great part really liked it ..r u Muslim???? take care..

  2. Jay

    He is totally mad to think past which make present and future as worst and anwar does not think his own son future due to thinking of his past
    He should move on form his past and make happy life with his son and wife

  3. Roma

    Hi ruby dear, awesome episode loved it very much. ..mehru is 100% on right track but Anwar is totally mad in his first wife n doesn’t want to come out of it…loving adi n mehru bonding as well as sayush n roma’s support to them…Anwar wake up dude n see Allah had gifted you the precious diamond (mehrin) n you’re thinking as if it is no worth…you’ll realize it soon. ..
    I really pray n hope our cute little friend aaliya and all chennai flood victims are safe n sound. ..feeling really very depressed by this disaster. ..I hope all come back to normal soon. …aameen. ..

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