Fragrance of Love (chapter 8)

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Roma showed the whole bungalow to Mehrin. finally they enters to Anwar’s room.the wall decorated with many photos of his and Aisha’s.

Roma:we only come here for cleaning this room
Mehrin:Anwar still loves Aisha?
Roma:yeah he is mad at her.from the day he met her.
Mehrin:is she was so good and beautiful?
Roma:of course she was beautiful with gry coloured eyes.but I can’t say that sue is not good at all.
Mehrin looked at roma confused.

Roma:she had ego problem. she thoguts that we..I mean middle class family has no reputation. she used to insult me and suyash when Anwar is not there.but in front of Anwar she acted very well

Roma continued:she always give importance to money more than relationships.actually she trapped Anwar in her web.she made a battle between Anwar and his mom.thats why they shifted here.she don’t want to get pregnant..she want to abort this.Anwar didn’t allow. .I don’t then why she agreed.
Mehrin:is Anwar registered any properties in her name?
Roma:I think so..she cursed her own child.after giving birth to adi she refused to br*ast feed him
Mehrin:ya Allah. Adi. ..
Roma:there was some complications in her pregnancy…she couldn’t survive

Mehrin took Adi in her lap and kissed him continuously.
Roma happily looked at them

Roma:Adi is lucky. .he got a mom like u.I was worried for I am so happy for him.
Mehrin:no roma u r lucky I got a son like him πŸ™‚


3 months later

Adi wad playing with Roma.

Adi:Roma mamma what u eat ur stomach is big as grandpa’s
everyone laughs..Mehrin came there with tea tray..she gave cups to suyash and roma.anvar forward ed his hand for cup bt she didn’t gave.suyash gave him tea.

Mehrin:adi drink this milk
Anwar:he don’t like milk then why r u forcing him
Mehrin:who said he don’t like
Anwar:he said
Mehrin:Adi. .don’t u want to drink this delicious milk?
Adi:yes mamma
Mehrin looks at Anwar
Anwar in his mind:I think she is doing some magic with Adi.

Roma:mehru can I take adi along with me for tonight?
Mehrin:but Roma an afraid that he may hit u in sleep
Roma:no dear.. please
Mehrin:okey..u take care if ur self
roma hugs mehrin Mehrin hug back her.
Roma:oh I forget
roma gives a bottle to Mehrin
Roma:I was going to put this in Anwar’s room.can u pls?
Mehrin:yeah sure gimme

Mehrin went to Anwar’s room.Roma shows thumbs up to suyash. suyash went behind Mehrin. when Mehrin entered to Anwar’s room suyash slowly closes the door.he locked it from out side.

Mehrin:ur water
Anwar:put it on the table
Mehrin:don’t order to me am nt ur servant
Anwar:then stay with that (angry)
mehrin put the bottle on the table with a bang.she opened the door..but she couldn’t
Mehrin:what happened to this door. .it is nt opening
Anwar:let me check
bt he too can’t

he looked at her
Mehrin:no no no I can’t stay with u for a minute
Anwar:hello madam am nit interest to stay with u got it?

they tried again and again. .they both tired.
Anwar:I think we have to sleep
Mehrin nodded.she went to lie on bed.Anwar hold her hand
anwar:u can’t lie on bed
Anwar:coz adi is not here
Mehrin:u sleep on coach
Anwar:this is my room and my bed.I will sleep wherever I want am gng to sleep on bed only
Anwar:u can’t
Mehrin:I can
she lie on bed.Anwar pulled bed sheet.Mehrin fell down from bed.she throws pillow on him.he got angry..he come towards mehru with the hope of she will she didn’t step back or scared.Anwar stops him and lie on bed.Mehrin stand on bed and throws water on him.he grabbed bottle from her but itwas empty.he throws it on her and went to bathroom. he comes with a cup of water and throws it on Mehrin. both get wet and bed too..
Mehrin:u …..
Mehrin hits him with hand
Anwar:oh mad this gurl is
Mehrin:u r mad nt am
they both started to shivering. Anwar went to change his clothes. .Mehrin stood there.she was sneezing.

Anwar openes his wardrobe and give a shirt of him to Mehrin
Anwar:wear it otherwise u will get cold.I dnt want adi gets cold coz of u
Mehrin:I can’t wear this in front of u
Anwar:am nt interested in looking ur body..if u want wear it
he sits on coach.mehrin changes her wet clothes. she feels uncomfortable in his shirt.
Anwar:try a pants from ny wardrobe
she nods..she wears his knee length pants. Mehrin sits on coach but far away from Anwar. they both slept in a sitting position.


Mehrin’s head was resting on Anwar’s shoulder, she wrapped her hands over his body. Anwar’s hands wrapped around her body.they were in deep sleep.


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  1. Roma

    Awesome, very cute episode, mehwar fights are awesome. …roma n sayush trying to get them close….lovely…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. ..liked your other stories as well. ..your are really talented…

  2. wellwisher

    was missing ur update for a very long time…………………..
    Mehwar rocks always……………

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