Fragrance of Love (chapter 7)

sorry for the late update friends. .am so happy to know that some of u like my stories.thank u so much buddies.

Adi was crying Anwar tried to make him sleep bt he couldn’t. Adi was saying mamma….mamma…
Anwar:okey I will take u to ur mom..stop crying. .
Adi nods..he stopped crying. .
Anwar:I will go to her and say sorry. .then everything will be fine ..
they went to their room.Anwar opens the door. Mehrin was in a sitting position. she kept her head on bed.
he ran to Mehrin. she opened her eyes and hugged him.Anwar notices her.her eyes r red and still wet.he feels sorry for her.she didn’t look at him.she made adi sleep.
she interferes
Mehrin:a sorry is not enough for this pain.u hurt a mother’s feeling. u insulted a mother’s love and care.if u insulted a wife.I may bear that I can’t bear this.I knw why u r angry with me..u afraid that I will take Aisha’s place in ur life.u misunderstood mr.Anwar Ahmed. I never wanted that place. I only want to be Adi’s mom..
Anwar stunned to hear all this.Mehrin lie beside Adi. .
Anwar:I know a sorry is not enough. .but am sorry. .
she didn’t respond.
Anwar:u slept! !! without listening me!!!!!
he angrily lie down

Mehrin was drying Adi’s hair with towel..
Mehrin:Adi. ..stay straight. ..
Adi:enough mamma..
Anwar comes there.
Anwar:I want to talk to u
she ignores him.she take Adi’s clothes and make him wear..
Anwar:Mehrin. ..I am talking to u
Mehrin:don’t shout in front of kids Anwar. .don’t u have sense? ?
Anwar:taniii (Anwar’s niece tanya)
a 8 year old girl comes there
Tanya:haa apappa (uncle)
Anwar:take Adi along with u
Anwar:take care of him
Tanya:hmmm. .come Adi
Adi went with Tanya.Mehrin was about to go.Anwar angrily shut the door.
Anwar:Mehrin. ….
she looked at him
Anwar:what r u thinking of u????
Mehrin:whatever. it is nt ur matter
Anwar:now listen to me..
Mehrin didn’t respond. it makes Anwar more angry..he hits the wall.Mehrin tried to control her laughing (it is her habit when someone shouts at her seriously)
Anwar:we r leaving today
Mehrin:where new car showroom is opened there..and there I have a home too
Mehrin :if u want to go..u go..why we will come with u??
Anwar:I can’t live without Adi. .u pack our stuff
Mehrin:I only pack my and my son’s stuff. .not his dad’s
Anwar:okey fine…

a man comes and hugs Anwar. Anwar introduces him to Mehrin.
Anwar:this is suyash.he is my friend and buisiness partner Mehrin
suyash:hai..nice to see u

it was a huge bungalow. there is a garden and a children’s park too. Adi ran towards park.Mehrin ran after him..

suyash:bro..she is good
Anwar:I don’t know. .my mind is saying she is double faced
suyash:ur mind is always wrong
Anwar:u r my frnd or her’s
suyash:am ur frnd bt I always says what is on mind
Anwar:I know that
suyash:am nt joking bro..u said previous night she cried. .it means she really get hurt.and she said u insulted a mother’s feeling instead of a woman’s feeling. it shows how much she loves Adi
Anwar:I dnt think so
suyash:u dnt think so coz u r still in Aisha’s thought. Mehrin is better than Aisha
Anwar:suyash. .I already told u no argument abt this
suyash:ok dnt punish Mehrin for ur madness
suyash:Mehrin. ..
suyash:come inside
Mehrin:coming. ..

they entered to the was beautiful house
suyash:after Aisha’s death Anwar did not want to come I used to stay here
Mehrin:ur family?
suyash:hmm…I have a beautiful wife Roma
Mehrin:where is she?
suyash:I will call her..she feels unwell so I said to take rest

suyash comes with his wife
Roma:hai mehru
Mehrin:hai..suyash u told my name too
suyash:nop..Anwar told when he called us
she looked at Anwar. he just turned his face.
Mehrin:suyash. …u didn’t say that ur beautiful wife is pregnant. .
suyash:hahha..u caught it
Mehrin:which month is this Roma?
Mehrin:anyway congrats
suyash&roma:thank u
Roma:I will show u Anwar’s room..oops ur room
mehrin:I need a new room nt Anwar’s.let him there live peacefully
Roma:then u take our
Mehrin:no no its urs
Roma:we r gng today
suyash:to my dad’s home
Mehrin:why…we all will live together
suyash:bt mehru.
Mehrin:no but.. u r staying here..its final
suyash:I thought u dnt like us to stay with u
Mehrin:I like good people around me..
suyash:Aisha never liked us to stay with here
Mehrin:am nt Aisha suyash. am Mehrin
Roma hugs her..she show her a room which is opposite to Anwar’s room.
Roma:I got a new frnd today
Mehrin:me too
Roma:so let’s celebrate it

Mehrin, Roma and their servant made dinner together. .they all ate together. .
suyash&roma:gdnt buddies

Mehrin went to her room with Adi. Anwar looks on…
Anwar:I can’t sleep without Adi
Mehrin:bt I can’t sleep with u
Anwar:so sleep alone. .give Adi dnt come in midnight to say that Adi needs me
Anwar:…go and sleep peacefully
Mehrin laughs at him.he fumes angrily. ..

let me know buddies how was the chapter? ????

“a mother’s love is unconditional”-Ruby

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Liya

    Wow i lyk mehru’s reply for insulting her. . . Was anwar’s 1st wife aisha, a bad person? Cuz no1 lyks her except anwar. . . Pls updt nxt part too. . .pls. . .

    • Ruby

      I think u r first time reading my story. Mehru (Mehrin) is female lead and Anwar’s wife.Anwar is male lead and Adi’s (Adil)papa

  2. Tanya

    Hey Ruby di, l saw ur reply Y’day, l appreciate ur thinking way & loved ur Spirit ..Be always like that πŸ™‚
    loved couple’s fight…and Mehrin’s heart is beautiful, l must say..

  3. Roma

    Very good episode, awesome, loving this story very much…seeing my name as one of the character feels very proud, I hope it’s a positive one….thx ruby…love you loads, mehru is really very good mother and her fights with Anwar is sooo cute…Mehwar rocsks…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

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