Fragrance of Love (chapter 6)

Next morning:

Adi and Anwar still sleeping. Mehrin got up and kept a pillow on bed where she slept.she kissed on Adi’s forehead.

Anwar opened his eyes.Mehrin wasn’t there.he thinks “where the mad girl went early morning? ”


Mehrin was in kitchen with Anwar’s mom and his sis in law.they were preparing breakfast.Anwar comes there.
Anwar:umma. tea
umma:ur own wife is here ask her
hyfa(sis in law) laughs
mehru gave him.he went with tea cup.

suddenly mehru remembers something. .
mehru:umma I will be back.
she rushed to Anwar.
mehru:Anwar. ..
Anwar stopped walking.
Anwar in mind “thank god she called me by my name not ikka”.he turned to her.
Anwar:what happened?
mehru:u left Adi alone?
Anwar:he is sleeping
mehru:what if he fell down frm bed
Anwar:he never fell frm bed
mehru:it is waste of time to argue with u
she ran towards her room.Anwar run after her.Adi woked up.when he saw Mehrin he calls mamma..
Mehrin take him to wash room..
Anwar:why she is over acting.she is not my Adi’s own mom.she is his step mom.

days are passed.Mehrin care so much for adi.but she and Anwar always argues with each other.

Adi was playing in staircase. Mehrin was busy with works. suddenly Adi screams. .mummaaaa…Mehrin rushes to him.he fell down from staircase. everyone comes there Adi’s forehead was bleeding.Mehrin took him in her lap.she did his first aid..all while she was crying. .
umma:its ok mole..look adi is ok
Mehrin:no umma..I didn’t cared for him that’s y he slipped. .it was all my fault.
Mehrin:Adi r u ok?
he nods.he hugged her.
umma:take him to room..and make him sleep
she nods.she took Adi and went to room.she was still crying.

Anwar comes to room..he was looking angry..
Anwar:what happened to Adi?
Mehrin:(in low voice) he slipped frm stair
Anwar:where were u that time?
Anwar:I bring u here to take care of Adi. .not to do other works
Mehrin:am daughter in law of this house Anwar. .I can’t stay here without doing nothing. .
Anwar:yeah…what can I except frm a girl like u..u said yes for me coz am rich.u didn’t say yes for Adi. if u said yes for him..u cared for him
Mehrin:mind ur language Anwar. .am nt that type of girl
Anwar:then tell me which type of girl u r…
Mehrin:for me Adi is like my owb son Anwar. .I said yes for him nt for ur money. .I have nothing to do with ur money. .
Anwar:he is ‘like’ ur son..not ur own..u r his step mother not real mother. .just stop ur acting Mehrin. ..
tears rolled down from Mehrin’s eyes…she was helpless. ..:'(
Mehrin:u misunderstood me
Anwar:I misunderstood not this time…

he took Adi and went from there…Mehrin couldn’t sleep at night.Anwar’s words are echoing in her mind…she sat on floor. .cried out…

precape:Mehrin was sleeping.her head on bed but she was sitting in floor. Anwar comes there with Adi. .

I like to sit under the moon light and thinks a lot-Ruby

I am busy for 2 days..will upload next 1 on Monday. ..keep smiling and take care.. buddies

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Liya

    Ur stories hav a real life feeling. . . Like u r rytng story of something u c. . . Something u knw very wel abt. . . I always respect the unmarried women hu accpt to marry a divorcee or widower with childrn n take care of that childrn as if she gav birth to them. . . Like a true biological mothr… Bcuz evry1 dont hav the courag to do dat. . . I truly dnt hav the courag to do dat.. . .n those childrn r very special hu gt lov f 2 mothrs n treat their step mother as der own mothr. . . Like mehrin n adi 🙂 😀

    • Ruby

      u r the first one after my mema(aunt) saying these things..may be this story will be my life after few years.. 🙂
      thnq so much dr..

      • Hayathi

        Ruby dr if u dont mind can i ask u something dr… i know its ur persobal mater but i think u r facing any plm in ur life dr….. like dont know why i feel like that…. sorry ma if i am wrong

      • Ruby

        u can ask me anything hayu..u r my best buddy. .I have problems but I never take it seriesly..if I cry for my problems..I never get a chance to laugh 😀

        hayu can we talk personally?

      • Hayathi

        Of course dr….u can ask me anything ma we r friends right so i dont mind it….. oho with out plms there is no life…. but chill babes no worries ma…. keep smile…. be happy always

  2. nive

    Very nice Ruby, it was really superb… few peoples always think step mom can’t be real mom but the truth is mom is always mom there is no differences in their love… i hope your story will become an best example… please update next part soon am waiting eagerly…

  3. Hai Di..u know na..i haven’t commented here but I have read all d epis….love ❤ d epi…
    Such a Superb storyline with Great meaning…Keep writing and continue…I think u should write a book..
    Love ❤ u and thank u for this Story and take care ? di..

  4. Roma

    Awesome episode ruby,sorry I commented late, due to holidays I was soo busy at home and got very behind on these amazing ff…now I’m on page 18…lot more to read…your story and today’s episode was awesome. ..loving this pair sooo much and their fights…can’t wait for next episode. you loads and very tight hug

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.