Fragrance of Love (chapter 5)

sorry for late update….

wedding day of Mehrin and Anwar:

Mehrin looking beautiful in bride’s attire..vidya comes to her.

vidya:looking gorgeous mehru
Mehrin:only for u buddy πŸ™‚

groom arrives.Anwar was looking so handsome. ..nikkah done.Anwar make Mehrin wear ‘mahar’.Mehrin was looking for Adi. she aaked Anwar about Adi. he said adi is with my sister. .

Anwar’s home..everyone came to see new bride.Mehrin was sitting with Adi.Adi called Anwar to sit with them.Anwar sits beside Mehrin. guests are went.Anwar’sis leads Mehrin to Anwar’s room
sis:nw this is all urs
Mehrin smiled at her.

Mehrin changed her clothes. Anwar came with Adi.she take Adi from Anwar. she changed Adi’s clothes. Anwar too changed.
Mehrin:Adi. .r u hungry??
Adi :yes mumma
Mehrin:come. .mamma will give u delicious food
Adi:like u????
Anwar:no Adi..she said delicious. .
Mehrin looks at him angrily and went from there with Adi. .

Mehrin to Hajara:umma Adi feels hungry..I want to feed him
Hajara:u sit with him.I will bring food for him
Mehrin nods.Adi plays with her duppatta.Hajara came with food and gives to Mehrin.

Hajara:he didn’t ear properly. .always hesitate to eat
Mehrin:now his mamma is here he will eat whole food..right Adi?
Adi nods his head with a cute smile.
Mehrin starts feeding him.Anwar comes there.

Anwar looks at them.he surprised that Adi ate whole food which Mehrin gave him.

Hajara:mole (daughter) u too eat
Mehrin:I will umma..after washing Adi’s hand and mouth.
Hajara:okey.Anwar u too sit.

Mehrin cleanes food which fell on adi’s clothes and she washes his hand and mouth.Hajara take Adi from Mehrin.Mehrin sits opposites to Anwar. .but she didn’t looked at him.he ate her food…
Mehwar’s room (thanks for this name WELL WISHER)

Mehrin was telling stories to make Adi sleep. Anwar come there.she ignores him.Adi hugged her and slept..Anwar sat on bed.Mehrin slept with hugging Adi. Anwar lie beside Adi. Adi was sleeping between them..


sorry for grammatical mistakes. .I wrote what comes into my mind..I dnt it ia short or long…keep smiling buddies. .GOOD NIGHT …love u all..

“Everyone says timr heals pain..
Reality is we learn to live with that pain..”

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Liya

    Your stories r 2 gud dat i dnt hav words to xplain. . . I lyk mehru n adi’s motherly affctn and mehwars cute arguments πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  2. Vivi

    Hmm…so nice…bondng…
    even though mehrin is adi’s stepmom..but she luv’s him lyk hr own thanx 4 d update….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.