Fragrance of Love (chapter 4)

Anwar was suprused to see Adi and Mehrin’s bonding. ..they reached home..Anwar said by to him.Adi didn’t let Mehrin’s hand..Mehrin asked him to leave. but he said no mamma come.Anwar tried to understand him mamma will come tomorrow. but he hesitate. .Mehrin said let him be with me.I will make him understand.Anwar nods…

Mehrin’s parents looked at her surprisingly. sherin said that we met Anwar in restaurant. he dropped us here.Adi wasn’t let Mehrin’s she take him along with her.

Mehrin went to her room with Adi and vidya..she asked Adi to what he want? he said he want cream biscuit. she gave him biscuit. he said he want toys..she gave toys too.he asked her to play along with him..they both started to playing with toys..vidya gets happy seeing Mehrin’s happiness. .

after one hour Adi slept in Mehrin’s lap..Mehrin said vidya to ask uppa for Anwar’s phone number.vidya went to Mansoor.

vidya:uncle. .Mehrin wants Anwar’s number
Mansoor:why she want to call him?
vidya:actually uncle. Adi slept. so we want to inform him.
Mansoor:I will inform him
vidya:uncle u r so busy..u will forget. .give me his number. .
Mansoor gave number to vidya.
vidya:here is the number call him.
Mehrin calls Anwar. .
Mehrin:its me Mehrin
Anwar:why are you calling me? I don’t want to talk to u
Mehrin:mr.Anwar am not interested to talk to u..I called u for Adi. .else I will never called u
Anwar:am sorry..what is he doing?
Mehrin:he slept. .
Anwar:I will come in half hour..
Mehrin cuts the call without replying him..
Anwar looked at his phn..
Anwar:what the….mad girl

on the other hand
mehrin said “what he thing of himself. .angry man..
vidya:what happened. .what did he said?
Mehrin:he will come in hald hour

Anwar came to Mehrin’s home..he greets Mansoor and Fatima. Mehrin give him an angry look.she gave him Adi.
Fatima:I will make tea for u..sit son..
Mehrin:umma he told that he is busy. .so let him go
Anwar looked at her with questionable face..she made a face..
Anwar:yeah auntie I have an important work am going. .

Mehrin laughed..vidya said in a low voice “poor Anwar” they both laughed together. .

Mehrin’s got a was frm Anwar. it was saying that “I will take revenge for this..remember u r coming to my home after few days” she replied “am not the one who afraid of you”….

Mehrin was thinking that ‘how Adi got a dad like Anwar’
on the other hand Anwar thinks ‘how can Adi likes that mad girl’…

precape:day of wedding

keep reading buddies. .am sorry for lots of mistakes in previous chapter. .really sorry guys

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Roma

    Hi ruby dear, it’s superb episode, loved their fights and convo, very excited for their wedding episode. .eagerly waiting. .love you loads

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