Fragrance of Love (chapter 24 and 25)

sorry for the late updates guys…I missed u all.. πŸ™ how are you buddies. ..I am writing two chapters in one post and this is the end of this story..

chapter 24

Mehrin started packing, her mother comes there.

umma:mehru r u going?
Mehrin:yes umma I need to talk to Anwar
umma:u can talk on phone
Mehrin:I want to talk face to face.

Mehrin and Adil waved by to everyone.

Mehrin was too excited to see Anwar. they reached their bungalow. .Anwar, suyash and roma were sitting in garden. .Adil rushed to them.Anwar hugged Adil.

Anwar:u came??
Adil:yeah dad..I missed u
Anwar:I missed u too. .I thought u both r coming after two days. (saying this Anwar looked at Mehrin)

Mehrin:I need to talk to u Anwar
Mehrin:not here

Anwar looked at roma and suyash. .suyash nodded and said “go bhai go and talk to her”

Anwar went with Mehrin to their room.

Anwar:what do u want to talk about?
Mehrin:first I want to ask something
Mehrin:u said that I hide something from u
Anwar:yep u did it
Mehrin:is that about my story writing?
Mehrin:actually I don’t want anyone to know about my writing
Anwar:so u count me as anyone? ??
Mehrin:I don’t meant that
Anwar:then why???
Mehrin:I thought no one like ny stories
Anwar:look mehri if u don’t allow us to read ur story then how can u improve ur writing?

Mehrin remains silent. .Anwar cupped her face.
Anwar:u can write and u wrote amazingly.
Mehrin:really? ??
Anwar nodded in agreement. .Mehrin smiled at him.

Anwar:now tell me what u want to talk about?
Mehrin:I…I am
Anwar:u r,??
Mehrin:I am pregnant

Anwar lifted Mehrin and spinned…

Anwar:wow wow…I am going to become a father…

Adil comes there .

Adil:dad u r already a father of me
Anwar:yeah…I am becoming father second time
Adil:this is put my mom down..she is pregnant
Mehrin laughed..Anwar puts Mehrin down. .

Anwar:adi..whom do u want? girl or boy?
Anwar:me too
Mehrin:why u both want girl?
Anwar and Adil in unison:coz we want junior Mehrin. .

Adil:mom..I will pray to Allah that give me a sister whose eyes are big and dark like yours
Mehrin kissed adil and hugged him adil hugged Mehrin back.

suyash and roma gets happy after hearing Mehrin’s pregnancy.

the next day morning Mehrin woked up.she found a gift box beside her.she opened it..her mouth got open and eyes are widened…


chapter 25

Anwar comes there and looked at Mehrin with a cute smile.Mehrin looked at him and rushed to him, she hugged him tight.

Mehrin:thank u so much Anwar thank u so much
Anwar:hey mehri don’t thank me it is ur hardwork..

tears rolled down from Mehrin’s eyes.

Mehrin:so u guys are acting???
Anwar laughed at her she hited him.suyash and roma came there with adil and angel.

Roma:how was the surprise mehru? ?
Mehrin:awesome. ..thank u so much guys..I never ever thought about publishing my book..
suyash:everything is done by ur most favorite man mr.Anwar ahmad

Mehrin smiled in her tears..

Mehrin’s first book “the darkness” got published and it became most selling book in india and she counted as the most famous youngest writer.her second book was “light of my life” she dedicated the book to her son Adil. .

Mehrin gave birth to a baby girl..the baby has her mother’s big and dark eyes..everyone was happy in their home..the most happiest man was our Adil coz his sister born on his birthday. now Adil is 5 year old and Angel is 2 year old.Adil named the baby AALIYA (dedicated to my sis Aaliya).. Mehrin’s third book was FRAGRANCE OF LOVE. .she dedicated this to everyone who loves her, whom she loves…

Mehrin’s love for Adil remains the same even after giving birth to her own blood..and Adil he loves Mehrin like his own mom..the family was perfect and their friendship bonding between suyash and his family was strong. .they never argued even after they are from different religion ,different culture. .it is called unity in diversity. .this is real Indian..they never seperate coz of their religion. .JAI HIND.

~~~THE END~~~

I hope I gave a good message to my readers through this story. ..this story was about friendship and love and a mother’s love for her step son..I want to tell everyone that treat kids with love they will love u forever. .

love u all..u guys are gave me so much courage. .

signing off RUBY RYAN

Credit to: Ruby


  1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    nice ending…………
    so jiju’s name is ryan???????????
    I think your Mehrin…………..
    so nice and cute…………..
    we too missed u alot………….
    bye sis…………..
    will see u in my ff……………….
    i will chat with u there………………..b’coz i m not going to end any of ff till october 2016
    bye and happy for u

  2. Hayathi

    Oh meri rubi darling how r u…… love soooo much buddy miss u….. i wish ur love will fill with lots of happiness….. nice dr

  3. advaita

    Amazing ending di. Loved Anwar’s surprise for Mehrin , so caring he is.Once again congrats for ur Nikaah and a belated happy new year to you. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Take care

  4. Ananya

    Ruby story is so beautiful. But u ended it so quick… Any way loved it… And update other stories also if possible… Love you…

    • Ruby

      I wanted to write more but don’t have time so ended this..I am sorry…I promise I will end emerald with a great ending. .

      how r u dr?

      • Ananya

        Ruby I am gud… How r u dear?? How is ur life going…
        I actually wanted more of this story.. That’s why I asked… Sry if I hurt u…

      • Ruby

        don’t say that u hurt me..feel free to say anything. .I know u like my story. ..I can’t promise but I will try to upload one more chapter πŸ™‚

      • Ananya

        That’s a happy news ruby… Thanks for sharing this story with us… This is one of my favorite story… ThΓ’Γ±ks ruby.. And do write more stories.. I’ll be always there to read ur stories…

  5. Liya

    Dat was an awsm n happy endin. . . Luvd ur messag f the stry. . . πŸ™‚ Updt ur othr ff Emerald too. . . Pls dr. . .luv u πŸ™‚

  6. Roma

    Hi ruby dearrr, missed you sooooo muchhhh, awesome ending…Anwar sooo sweet husband…mehru’s love n care changed him a lotttt, his gift to her was outstanding n Adil got his baby sister Aaliya soooo cuteeeee yaar, mehru became a successful writer…wowwwww, sweeeeeet n encouraging story…the message is really very touchy…I’m proud to be Indian n support u in your thoughts dearrr…if you don’t mind can I ask you, why did you ending your stories so soon, you told you’ll keep writing until your vidaai (rukhsati) which is after 6 months…Don’t want you to leave us so soon…are you going to start new stories or this is it no more stories? πŸ™ Will you visit us in future? I’m already getting panic…plzzz reply dearrr…love you loads and take care sweetie n have a very happy married life n I wish Allah give you alllllllllll the happiness n success in the life….aameen, Summa Aameen…..

    • Ruby

      ameen….thnx a lot for ur dua dr..I am glad I have u too dr…I will come here whenever I get free time

  7. Nive

    Missed you and your story lot… its nice ending but why you endd it soon… i loved it lot… Fragrance of love is so close to my heart… its such an excellent story… i’m gonna to miss it…

  8. Tanya

    wow Di ,, it’s extremely beautiful..l got sad after reading dat it’s ending but d way u ended it,, l should say it was faaaab…..l’m very happy as u upd..thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..l missed u very was ur Nikkah?? how is our jiju?? how is ur new phase of life going on?? l know l asked many ques.. but all l wanna know is ,,r u doing Happy ?? , wishing u a Great marriage life….nd what about ur upcoming FF??….nd yaah u’ll be always in my prayers…love u a lot, take care,,,STAY BLESSED..

    • Ruby

      hey tanu dr..missed u cutie. .

      Nikkah was ok and ur jiju is a good man and so romantic πŸ˜‰ and my in laws are good.they said if I want to study more I can study :-D.

      I dropped the idea of my autobiography and thinking about a new story. first of all I want to finish emerald nicely after that I will start a new one.

      • Tanya

        It’s ok Di,,l can understand it’s quite diff writing autobiography dan other FF…..
        now coming to d point (in which i’m very interested… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ )… jiju is romantic…Huh???,,,,how about his opinion is same about u…l pray ur bonding may get strongest with lots of love nd trust,,,,nd yaah really glad to know about ur lovely caring in law …….TAKE cAre..stay blessed..keep smiling πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Ruby

        thnq so much tanu…mu hubby loves me lot dr I never except this much love and care from an unknown person. .we barely known for 12 days and I feel comfortable with him.he is going back to dubai and will come after 2 months πŸ™

  9. Tanya

    I have read your whole story.OMg !So emotional I got.I just loved your story always.And your last few lines about Indians is so true.And yes,u gave awsome ending.Loved your stories always.

  10. roseboobi

    Hai ruby,whats up?njan karuthi nikkah kazhinjappol njangale marannenn.ethra divasamayi njan thante ff pratheekshichirikunnathenno. avasanam vannapollo ff avasaniken cheythu.pls iniyum ezhuthaan shramikanam.ini iyal kurach busy aayirikkum enn ariyam.engilum kurach samayam ee kootukark vendi chelavazhikanam.ok

    • Ruby

      ente manasil ningal ayi oru time kitiyit venam ezudan enn vechirikayirunnu.njan ivide oke thanne kanum dr..I want to write one more chapter for this story

  11. aastha

    im soooooooooooooooooooooo sorry 4 te late comment……bt I din see it………sry itha…………
    sdtat tis beautiful story hd cme 2 an end…………I love u…… lck4 ur future………………….

    cn u tell me smeting abt jiju??????????????sry if it s personal……………

    • Ruby

      don’t be sorry dr…about ur jiju. ..he is awesome..he really cares for me and the most lovable thing about him is he trust me a lot.

      • wellwisher (ww) zaya and ragna fan

        oh wow so sweet…
        trust is important for ever relationship and i m happy that u both have it……..
        best of luck sis……….

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