Fragrance of Love (chapter 23)

Merhrin was playing her guitar a dilemma was listening to her…when she stopped playing a dilemma hugged her and clapped..

Adil:mom u r awesome
Mehrin:thank u
Adil:will u teach me?

Mehrin started to teachave Adil basic lessons of guitar. Sherin and shadiya a joined them..

Dinner time

Everyone has having their meals while chit chatting. .Mehrin ‘s mother came with fish curry.

Mehrin :MOM (whenever she gets angry she calls her mother mom)
Umma:what Mehriu?
Mehrin :I can’t bear this smell of fish
Umma:u don’t dislike fish then what happened now?
Mehrin :I am feeling nausea
Shadiya:what???we r not feeling
Mehrin :Umma please don’t bring that here…really I am feeling vomiting
Shadiya :what the heck is this Mehri?
Mehrin :don’t talk between me and Umma.
Shadiya :oh
Umma:Okey don’t argue
Sherin:hey Mehri. .are u pregnant? ??
Mehrin :am I? ?? No no
Sherin :when I was pregnant I feel nausea
Umma:yeah…u should go hospital Mehri
Shadiya :what the need of going to hospital. .I can bring the pregnancy detection kit.

The next day…Sherin, Mehrin and Shadiya were gathered to looking at the White stick I’m Mehrin ‘s hand.Mehrin dropped two or three drops of urine in it.the first line turned to pink.Mehrin ‘s heart started to skip.the second line turned to pink with Mehrin ‘s cheek.

Shadiya and Sherin jumped in happiness

Sherin:wow…Mehri u r pregnant
Sherin and Shadiya hugged her tightly

Mehrin :get off of me…I can’t breath

Umma:what is the nice here girls?
Shadiya:Umma Mehri is pregnant
Umma:really? ?
Mehrin just smiled at her she was blushing
Mehrin :Umma I am going back
Sherin :what without celebrating with us
Mehrin :I need to go
Shadiya:I that she is very urge to meet her husband
Everyone laughs..Mehrin and Adil got ready fast and they bide by to everyone. ..

Mehrin was only thinking about Anwar. .she was very happy and eager to meet Anwar.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Litany dear…I am really sorry for the late wishes. .I tried my best to wish u early but I couldn’t make it..I am really sorry Dr. .

Guys I hope u all enjoyed the chapter and u all r happy for mehwar. I will make u more happy in up coming chapters. ..

Signing off Ruby….love u all

Credit to: Ruby Ryan


  1. Ruby

    belated happy birthday LIYA dr..sorry for the typo 🙁 my bad luck I couldn’t wish u on time and when I wished it is full of errors. .. :-[ :-I

      • Wishing u a BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY ? LIYA DI..May God Fulfil ur legal desires and wishes and bless u with happiness..
        Sorry for late wishes..i wish everyone on their birthdays but I was so busy with my schedule that I didn’t came here..Sorry..
        Take care ?..

  2. Ruby

    guys it is Adil not dilemma. .actually I typed it in my dad’s phone. whenever I typed something the word automatically changed in to the fixed word.crap..I am really sorry actually the actual chapter is not like this, it was long and better than this..I typed in a hurry and it end up with very boring chapter ever I made.
    .oh god what is happening in my life 🙁 one more thing buddies my net is over.I can’t recharge coz I am under home arrest 😀

      • Ruby

        yeah buddy. ..I am going to write my autobiography, I will write everything in that…hayu I need ur suggestion. .can I rewrite this chapter?

      • Hayathi

        No ma why it was gud try to update next part… u can share u problems with me if it is ok for u. I will help u dont hesitate dr i am ur frnd k

      • Ruby

        yep dear..

        hey everybody. ..thnx a lot buddies. .I am not going to mention anyone’s name…but I want to say that I love u all very much..seriously u guys are made me smile always even in my difficult time..whenever we chated in comment box I feel like we all are together and chit more think buddies my nikkah is going to happen soon…

  3. Ananya

    Ruby wow gud news… Mehru congrats…
    And what happened ruby?? Why home arrest.. If u feel rewrite this chapter. I love to read it…. No prb with me… Update soon…. Take care

  4. Ruby

    due to holidays telly is not accepting any submission until January 4th…so guys can I rewrite my story in comment? ??

    • Tanya

      Can u play guitar Di ??? ..asked only coz l was curious..btw l loved it…nd yaah l’ll love to read whatever u gonna post even in comment section…love u a looot……

  5. roseboobi

    Enth patti ruby?nee veettu thadavikanenno?entha prashnam?anyway karha nalla reethiyil munnoott pokunnund.ninak ezhuthil nalloru baavi kaanunnund njan.ath kond thanne nalloru baavi njan aashamsikkunnu.oppam puthuvalsaraashamsakal

    • Ruby

      I couldn’t found any mistakes in your first comment lol..but I found mistake in ‘mustake’ 😀 kaliyakiyadin sorry dr..actually nammal nammade frnds nod oke parayille athu pole paranjadato serious akalle 🙂

  6. advaita

    Wonderful chapter di!! If U WANT to rewrite the chapter then plzzzz go ahead , we would love to read anything written by u. If TU TEAM is not accepting any submissions then plzzz write in comments as u already said, we have no problem at all. PLZZZZZ POST EMERALD’S STORY TOO . Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂 :-* :-*

  7. Ananya

    Yes ruby Plz write in comments section. I can’t wait till Jan 4th.
    Plz comment sectionil update chaytho.. Athayirikum nallathu…

  8. aastha

    hi ruby kollam alla epi……….ee chap ne rewrite cheyan pokuvano?????????????????????????
    eniku kozhappamilla santosameyullu……pakshe evide??????tu jan 4th vare accept cheyillallo??????????????????eda anwar,roma n sayush enta mehrunode coldayi behave cheyunne???????????????enta anwarente plan???????????????

    hey ruby,ne etrayila padikkunne??????????????wich dist????????????????anu nee cheyunnath etanennu clearayi parazvo??????enikke manasilayyila….sry….plz???????????????????????

      • Ananya

        Ruby u mean nikkah.. When dear.. After nikkah also you’ll continue ur stories na. Won’t forget us na.
        Ethukondano home arrestil anu annu paranjathu…???
        Anyway congrats my dear….

      • Ruby

        thnx da..nikkah ayadond alla home arrest. .njan 2 year ayi veetil thanneya..6 months kazinje ayalde veetil povu..athu vare njan ivide thanne undakum..athu kazinjalum varan nokam dr

      • aastha

        Ruby congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
        Njan itha ennu vilikano???????nikkah kazhinnalum evide varille?
        Nikah cheyann pokynna al entu cheyiva????evideya??????business????gulf??????

        Sry f u felt tat I ws encroching in ur privacy?

  9. Ruby

    chapter 23 (edited)

    Mehrin was playing guitar, she was in deep thought of Anwar. Adil comes there and clapped for her
    Adil:mom you are awesome
    Mehrin:thank you dear
    adil:mom will u teach me?
    Mehrin:of course adi, come sit in my lap
    Adil sits in Mehrin’s lap.Mehrin started to teach him basics of guitar.sherin and shadiya comes there.

    shadiya:wow what a romantic scene 😀
    Mehrin:diyaaa shut up
    sherin:mehru, why r looking so tired?
    Mehrin:no sheri I am ok
    sherin:adi go and play with Lahvin
    sherin:do u want to go to hospital?
    Mehrin:no sheri I am absolutely fine
    shadiya:okey sheri and mehru..leave it all..I am here to discuss about my wedding
    Mehrin:wow my little sister u r eager to marry shamil (giggling)
    sherin:she is not concentrate in her studies too 😉
    shadiya:it is not like that mehru. .she is lying
    sherin:hey..u r lying diya
    Mehrin:stop it girls u both r behaving like kids..I am going to my room

    Mehrin got up and started walking. .she feels dizzy..Mehrin fainted. .

    sherin and shadiya rushed to her..

    shadiya:mehru. ..mehru
    Mehrin got up, they both took her to her room.umma comes there
    umma:what happened mehru? r u ok?
    Mehrin:yeah I am ok
    umma:u r not eating anything since u came here.what’s wrong with u kid?
    Mehrin:nothing umma everything is fine(she was saying like she convincing her self that everything is ok)

    lunch time

    everyone was having their lunch happily. umma bring fish there.

    Mehrin:umma don’t bring fish here
    uppa:why??? it is good for health and u don’t dislike fish
    Mehrin:it is not like that…I don’t like its smell
    umma:sudden change??
    Mehrin:I feel nausea mom

    Mehrin rushed to bathroom, she vomited. when she came from bathroom sherin was there.

    sherin:r u k?
    sherin:when start this?
    sherin:is it that sign?
    Mehrin:what sign???
    sherin:oh budhu…pregnancy
    Mehrin:I don’t know
    sherin:why r u looking unhappy?
    Mehrin:how many times I have to tell that I am ok
    sherin:u r telling u r ok since morning coz u r not ok
    sherin:spit out the truth mehru

    Mehrin hugged sherin tightly and cried in her arms..

    sherin:its ok mehru…now stop
    Mehrin:everything was…ok…one…week before
    Mehrin:I don’t know why Anwar and roma started avoiding me
    sherin:why they avoid u?
    Mehrin:they r saying that I am hiding something from them.
    sherin:r u hiding something?
    Mehrin:no sheri
    sherin:Anwar loves u so much how can be he so rude to u?
    Mehrin:I don’t know
    sherin:I am pretty sure something is bothering him..try to remember mehru..did u forget to tell anything to him

    after some time

    Mehrin:writing? ???
    sherin:didn’t u tell him about it?
    Mehrin:no I never mentioned my writing in these 3 years
    sherin:they were right..u hide ur most precious secret

    shadiya interrupted them

    shadiya:mehru..this is for u
    Mehrin:what’s it?
    shadiya:pregnancy detection kit
    sherin:u grown up diya..but how u manage to buy this
    shadiya:shamil..(said with a grin on her face)
    sherin:clever girl
    shadiya:go and check mehru

    Mehrin dropped 2 3 drops urine in that white stick.first line turned to pink and in 2 seconds the second line turned to pink with Mehrin’s cheek.

    sherin and shadiya hugged Mehrin tight…

    sherin:wow mehru u r pregnant. ..I can’t believe
    shadiya:congrats. ..

    Mehrin laughed her eyes filled with happy tears…

  10. Ruby

    I need all of ur suggestions..I need a title for my autobiography. .choose one from mentioned or suggest me one

    An autobiography of a crazy girl
    life of a crazy girl

  11. roseboobi

    Ruby adipoly aayitund katha.anyway congrats for ur nikkah.santhoshavum samadaanavum niranja nalla oru jeevitham allahu thowfeeq cheythumaraakatte.ameeeeeen.

  12. Hai di…How r u..Did u remember me..
    I am ur Cute and Small Sis AaLiyA..i hope u remember me..i missed u guys alot…Honestly..
    This December was too Hectic for me first Heavy Rain in my city,then my accident then my college works then my Semesters..Uff..i am so so so tired yaar..That’s y I can’t make my time to TU..When I came here now i was shocked on seeing So much ff’s yaar….leave it yaar..if I start to explain everything then this comment section will not get
    A BIG CONGRATULATIONS DI..If I was there na then I would have hugged u so hard..I AM SO SO SO HAPPY FOR U honestly..MAY ALLAH BLESS U WITH ALL HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY AND FULFIL ALL UR LEGAL DESIRES AND WISHES AND KEEP U HAPPY..Aameen Summa Aameen..A sincere and true prayer for my Ruby di by her small sis YasminE AaLiyA..
    Di wen is Nikkah..did u c my Jiju ? and wats his name?..di were r u staying in Kerala if i wasnt that busy then i would have came there..honestly..i know I know I am asking so much questions but wat to do I am curious to know..
    I was so busy with my Schedule that I didn’t came here and talked with u properly…I AM REALLY SORRY DI..PLS FORGIVE ME..I PROMISE I WILL COME BACK SOON..
    R U FINE NA..U said House Arrest..i am worried for u…
    Di same pinch its my wish to Learn to play GUITAR ? And my crazy wish is that I want to play so hard honestly that everyone in the Auditorium should ran away from there..haha..i am So EVIl..right..wat to do its my Crazy wish..i said this to my friends too they called me Mad..
    I slept early at 8:00 today because of tiredness and I suddenly waked up then i saw d Time and I decide to come here and I am writing this comment here at midnight…
    A ENDLESS AND LOADS OF LOVE ❤ FROM UR SIS AaLiyA..Take care ?..Love ❤ u and I am missing u so much..Eagerly waiting for next epi..

  13. Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry TU..i didn’t saw that..when I rechecked na then my comment wasn’t posted that’s y I said…When I again opened to write, my comment was there…Sorry yaar..i misunderstood..sorry ..forgive me..

    • Ruby

      I read all of your comments dr…u don’t know how happy I am…u r asking me that I remember u??? u r always in my mind my little sisi each and every second. ..I missed u so much..I don’t know anything about ur jiju I didn’t ask them…dr I am living in Malappuram district..

      • Tanya

        Happy new year di..advance CONGRATS 4 ur nikkah… jiju doesn’t know ,,he is d luckiest guy as he got u…why didn’t u ask dem about jiju ,,r u angry with him??.ha ha kidding..u r blushing na…l can imagine ur pink u loot (always)..

        ##happy New year to everyone..may Allah bless all of us…

    • Tanya

      HAPPY NEW YEAR ,,,buddy..Glad to c u coming back..l’m Very happy to know dat u guys r fine now…l missed u too.. ..nd yaah once l wanted to learn playing violin after l saw an advertise on TV ,,l was only 8 years old dat time….but some dream cannot be fulfilled nd even my TASTE changes everyday LOL…lol…

      ## May Allah bless u,keep u safe nd happy u looot..take

  14. advaita

    Superbly edited chapter di!! CONGRATS IN ADVANCE FOR UR NIKAAH.May God bless u with all the prosperity and happiness of this world. All the best wishes for ur future from ur l’il sis. Plzzzzz don’t forget us after ur marriage. Do remember us whenever possible. And di plzzz complete EMERALD’S STORY AND THIS ONE ALSO BEFORE UR NIKAAH ,IF POSSIBLE. If u don’t mind, may I know when is ur nikaah?Just wanted to know if there is enough time left for u to complete the stories. I know I’m being too much annoying and greedy,but what to do , ur stories r very beautiful and I won’t be able to bear it if they did not get complete. Actually it always irritates me if some story or anything does not get completed or by chance I do not get to know it completely. It will continue to ring in my mind until I get it completely. Ohh, such a long comment!! I think I’ve blabbered a lot …….I’m afraid that u won’t read it . But plzzz do read it if u get time. Good night .Keep writing. Take care 🙂 :-):-♥:-♥

  15. Ruby

    happy new year!!!

    advaita my Nikkah is on January 3rd..I can post my stories untilly bidai is after 6 months

    • aastha

      Itha wat s bidai……have u seen jiju????is he handsome like u??????a special happy new year…..i enclose a gift ?.take tis as my wedding ? present ? n new year present ?

  16. richa (titli)

    rubyyy chkkk wattpadd msggss
    aaliya were were u missing hopr u recovered 4m accident
    nd hope u read ma chapterzz missing ur coomentssssssssss
    nddddd bestiess 4 futuree rubyyy 🙂

    • Ananya

      Njan msg kandayirunu. All the Best for ur exams. Will pray for u… Concentrate on ur studies and come out in flying colours…
      Happy New Year…

  17. Hi ruby remember me,wish u a happy new year,how r u, i am rishi(rishitha) finally i reached u, u know how many days i find u, plz yaar continue “badmeejdil” u r sis allso coming back, plz write yaar i am crazy aboute bd of u r writing we r missing u lot plz plz plz

  18. Ruby congrats for u r marrage, gud to lisening write u r autobiography,do u continue u r writings after marrage plz ruby batavona, plz

  19. richa (titli)

    heyy rubi dii looks like u r tooo busy in nikaah prep and not online sooo bestiss di may u have best lov u tc di

  20. advaita

    Oh!! am so sorry for the late reply di. Btw …..all the very best wishes for ur married life and may god bless u with a very loving , caring and respecting husband as well as ur new family . Am very happy for u. Again a HEARTY CONGRATS FOR UR NIKAAH. May the Almighty always bless u with love and happiness. Love you loadddddssssssssssss…….hehe. ENJOY UR DAY. Take care 🙂 🙂

  21. Liya

    Thank u AaLiyA dr. . . . For such a sweet wish n for the b’day cake 🙂 🙂 luv u 🙂 🙂

    Ruby dr. . .cngrtulatns. . . Wishng u a happy lyf aheah n to gt al the hapiness. . . Luv u dr 🙂

    y is telly updt nt accptng ff til 4th? ? ?

    And belated Happy New Year Wishes to al my lovelies. . . 😀 😉

  22. Liya

    And a very BIG CONGRATS dr. . . May Allah, the Almighty always shower blessings on u n ur happiness. . . Lov u dr. . . B gud n stay gud dr. . . 🙂 😀 😉

  23. Chahak

    Hi, Ruby I am a silent reader but could no stop myself for commenting u, u write awsome I have been following your stop same start u rba wonderful writter. And Congrats for your marriage. The edited one And the updoads one both r awsome. and happy new years

  24. Roma

    Hi ruby dear, first of all congrats for your Niqaah…love you soooooooo muchhhhhh dear n pray for your happy married life, say Salaam to my jiju…I bet he is the luckiest guy on earth to have you as life partner…stay blessed, love you loads sissy…muaaaaahhhhhh

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