Fragrance of Love (chapter 22)

Mehrin and Adil reached Kerala.

Adil:uppappa (grandpa)

Mansoor took adi in his arms..Mehrin hugged her mom.

Mehrin:umma (mom) where is where is sherin and shadiya?

umma:shadiya went bring sherin and kids
Mehrin:wow uppa allowed her to go alone
umma:no..she went with shamil
Mehrin:what about shadiya’s marriage?
umma :your uppa talked to your ammayi (dad’s sister) shadiya and shamil’s marriage.ameena ) shamil’s mom) and mushtaq agreed for their marriage.
Mehrin:alhamdulillah it is a great news umma

shadiya came with sherin and her kids Laza and Lahvin.Lahvin is 6 year old and Laza is 11 year old.

adil, laza and Lahvin started playing.

Mehrin:adi first change ur clothes
Adi:okey mom..hey itha and Lahvin I will come back after changing my clothes

sherin called laza and Lahvin to change their clothes but they didn’t go.

sherin:Laza and Lahvin look at adi he is obeying Mehrin even if she is not his own mom and u both r not obeying me
Mehrin:sherin. ..don’t dare to say that Adi is not my own child..I consider him as my own then what’s ur problem?
sherin:u r saying this coz u don’t have a child..if u had one u won’t love him like this
Mehrin:I will love Adi until my last breath even after I give birth to 100 kids ( her face turned to red coz of anger)
shadiya:u r wrong mehrin u can’t give birth to 100 kids
Mehrin:u both r disgusting
sherin:okey I am sorry u r the best step mom in the world I agreed
Mehrin:don’t say step mom

sherin and Mehrin started teasing shadiya and shamil.shamil and shadiya is same age they liked each other and family decided to get them marry each other.

shamil:I am going guys by salam

sherin:mehru did u go to a gynecologist?
Mehrin:for what?
sherin:for ur infertility
Mehrin:what are u talking sherin? ?? I can bear a child in my womb..I don’t have any problem in becoming a mother
sherin:then why r u not becoming? if there any problem with Anwar?
Mehrin:nooo he is fine. ..actually I thought once adi start schooling I will think about another child
sherin:then this is the time for that

after dinner Mehrin and adi went to Mehrin’s room.

Adi:mom’s library πŸ˜‰
Mehrin:yeah…and this was my world once
Adil:now what’s ur world?
Mehrin:u and ur father πŸ™‚
Adil smiled at Mehrin. he took a book

Adil:it is Malayalam
Mehrin:this is kamala surayya’s book NEERMATHALAM POOTHAKALAM.
Adil:I want to hear the story

Mehrin started telling the story Adil kept his head in her lap..

after some time Mehrin looked at Adil he was sleeping.Mehrin lie beside adil.she took her phone and called to Anwar

Mehrin:miss u
Mehrin:what hmmm didn’t u miss me?
Anwar:why should I miss u? I ak missing my son only

Mehrin get sad.

Mehrin:he slept
Anwar:then u sleep. .what r u waiting for,??
Mehrin:why r u behaving like this? u r hurting me
Anwar:u hurt me first Mehrin
Mehrin:what did I do?

Anwar cuts the call..Mehrin cries. ..her tears fell on Adil’s face..Mehrin wipes her tears quickly and put a fake smile in her face.Adil looked at her..seeing her smile he didn’t ask anything and went back to sleep. .Mehrin hugged him and slept.


I know it was a short update.I am sorry buddies. I think I am making this story more complicated. .maybe u guys are irritated with this new suspense.. I am sorry for irritating u buddies but I won’t stop irritating my friends πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

one little thing about me

I LOVE BOOKS LIKE THE HELL…I read books even I am having my breakfast, lunch or dinner. .. πŸ˜€

Credit to: Ruby


    • Ruby

      hey saran…oh I am so sad that I didn’t irritate u I wanted to irritate u man πŸ˜‰ just kidding. .thnx buddy

  1. roseboobi

    Hey ruby,
    nee tension aavada.oru kathayaavumbol suspence undekile alukal aa katha thudarnn vaayikaan thalparyam cool yaar

  2. Tanya

    Di, u ‘ve become a sadist,,LOL πŸ˜€ :-D..but l love u d way u r… -)
    btw it was amusing…and realistic as if dis ppl r rite in front of me..l can feel ’em…STAY BLESSED

  3. Ananya

    Ruby hai… Your story is only getting more interesting now with this suspense. We love ur story…
    Update nxt part soon as u said there is some happy news in nxt chapter..

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