Fragrance of Love (chapter 21)

chapter 21

Anwar went to a man and gave the papers.

Mehrin was feeding Adil.

Adil:mom I am ggrown up I can eat my self
Mehrin:u r not grown up for me Adi. .
Adil:oh god why I don’t have any sister or brother
Mehrin:u have Angel
Adil:yeah but u know mom if I have a little brother or sister u will be busy with them so u don’t feed me πŸ˜€
Mehrin:u r misunderstood adi I will feed u even u have any bro or sis
Adil hugged Mehrin
Adil:u r world’s best mom
Mehrin:yeah…coz u r world’s best kid

Anwar comes there

Mehrin:why r u too late Anwar?
Anwar:why r u caring for me?
he questioned back
Mehrin:what it means?
Anwar:don’t u know?
Adil:excuse me!! mom and dad u both r only asking questions no one is answering.

Anwar looked at Mehrin angrily and went from there

Adil:what happened to dad?
Mehrin:I don’t know

bed time

Mehrin:Anwar. ..adi’s Christmas vacation is started
Mehrin:I was thinking about to visit my parents home

Anwar thinks that if she go it will easy to me to complete my work

Anwar:okey. .stay the whole vacation there
Mehrin:are you angry?
Anwar:it doesn’t matter to u Mehrin
Mehrin:it matter to me Anwar
Mehrin:because you are my husband
Anwar:is there only husband and wife relation is between us?
Mehrin:no we are best friends
Anwar:I don’t think so…best friends means suyash and roma they never hide anything from me
Mehrin:I didn’t hide anything from you
Anwar:you did Mehrin
Mehrin:what did I do?
Anwar:I will tell one day not now.

Anwar lie on bed and slept. Mehrin looked at him confused.

next day Mehrin went to Roma. Rom ignores her

Mehrin:why r u behaving like Anwar
Roma:just stay away Mehrin I don’t want to talk to u
Mehrin:Roma why r u so rude to me?
Roma:u only deserves that

Roma went from there.Mehrin shocked to her behavior.

Mehrin went to her room and started packing.

Mehrin:Adi. ..Adi. ..
Adil:yes mom
Mehrin:we are going Kerala
Adil:really wow
Mehrin:tell this to your choti ma
Adil:didn’t u told her?
Mehrin:nop she is not talking to me
Adil:why? ??
Mehrin:I don’t know everyone is behaving weird
Adil:don’t worry mom I am with u always

Adil hugged her, Mehrin hugged him back.Anwar saw him, he smiled at them.

Mehrin and adil came down with their luggage. Mehrin hugged roma but she didn’t hug back suyash just smiled at Mehrin.

Anwar:take care adi
Adil:u too dad
Mehrin:Anwar come with us pls
Anwar:I told u Mehrin I have lots of works I can’t come.

Mehrin’s eyes filled with water but she didn’t cry.Mehrin and adil sat on car.two drops of tears fell down from Mehrin’s eyes.Adil catches the tear.

Adil:mom look at me
Mehrin looked at Adil
Adil:I don’t like ur this side..I hate when u cries
Mehrin:I am not crying Adi
Adil:mom u taught me lying is a bad habit and u r lying to me

Mehrin hugged adil and cried

Adil:mom don’t worry Allah will make everything him
Mehrin:u r talking like matured man
Adil:I am matured man of four πŸ˜‰


guys Adil is only four year old.I portrayed him as very intelligent kid because I saw this intelligence in my niece who is only 5 year old and she always talk like matured people.

how was this one???

2 things about is bad and other one is good.

1.I love kids and I love to play with them
2.I hate those who didn’t taught their kids how to behave with eleders and hate those parents who teaches their kids to lie.

alia, cherry, cutie, Tanya, hayathi, rose, aditi, ananya, devi, aastha, well wisher, advaitha, faima, nive, vivi, liya, lulu and Sammy thnq so much buddies for encouraging me through ur comments. thnx a lot my silent readers pls do comment it will encourage me more…love u all

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Tanya

    Di, why l’m feeling like Mehrin’s hiding any dream of her and Anwer’s tryna make it true nd wanna surprise her..whatever l loved it really…and l’m fond of sweet kids not d mischievous kids LOL…STAY BLESSED..

  2. Tanya

    Actually not all mischievous kids…u know der is a bubbly kid live near our house she always tryna bite!!!!,,,,

  3. aditi

    Nice one I like it but wat is they hiding sometimes angry sometimes laughing plzz disclose the secret soon and I must think u fr posting twice THANK YOU

  4. Faima

    Nce epi..ya itha sme kds r meture than eldrs… my mom always says ma younger sis (10yr yngr thn me)s meture than me ..

  5. roseboobi

    Njan aake confusionila.entha anwarum mattullavarum ingane perumaarunnath.ruby ethrayum vekam adutha baagam ezhuth.plssss.

  6. Ruby

    advaita, tanya,devi, aditi, hayathi, faima,cutie and lulu thanx dearies…I sent next chapter. .maybe they will update net pack is over..I don’t I can come tomorrow or not…

  7. Ruby

    thnx nive and rose..
    @rose avar ingane perumarunnadin oru reason und adu ithiri kazinje parayan patu adin mumb oru good news und chapter 23 yil πŸ™‚

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