Fragrance of Love (chapter 20)

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chapter 20

Mehrin and Anwar went to Adil’s school with Adil. teacher praised Adil a lot.Mehrin and Anwar gets happy.

they both went for shopping. Mehrin went to a book stall and brought so many books and some pens and papers.

Anwar:is this ia ur shopping? ?
Mehrin:yeah I love books
Anwar:I knew it..I thought u want to buy some dresses
Mehrin:I don’t want anything except books
Anwar:u made our home a library
Mehrin laughs
Anwar:u r beautiful while smiling

after finishing shopping they went to a restaurant and then return to home.

suyash was in office. rabiya opened the door

Mehrin:where is Roma?
rabiya:she slept
rabiya:she too

Anwar and Mehrin went to their room.Mehrin took the papers which she brought. she placed it on table and went to their library (which is in their home) she placed new books in shelf.

Anwar was searching for his file..he opened all shelf but didn’t find.finally he opened a shelf which is in bottom. the shelf has contained so many papsrs.he took the papers. and there was diaries too.he thougt is this Mehrin’s? she writes diary???
Anwar took the 3 diaries and the papers he put it in his bag.
Mehrin comes there.

Anwar:I have some work don’t disturb me go and sleep on Adi’s bed
Mehrin:u work I can sleep here(it is afternoon guys)
Anwar:u will divert my mind
Mehrin:how Anwar? ?
Anwar:if u r here I will waste my time looking at u
Mehrin:am not going anywhere
Anwar:then stay here am going

Mehrin:what happened to him

Anwar took the papers and took its print without reading. he then reads Mehrin’s diary which is written after their marriage. first diary only contains about adi, suyash and roma..somewhere Anwar too but she discribed him as a villain. Anwar smiles. .he took second diary which is after their union and Roma’s miscarriage and Roma getting again pregnant everything she wrote beautifully. third diary is present diary.she wrote about Adil’s first day at school Angel birthday and her naughtiness, Roma’s fear suyash’s care Anwar’s love..and she wrote about books which she read.

Anwar came back to his room. Mehrin was not there. he put the diary in its place.he looked at watch it was 6’O clock.

Anwar:I was reading her diary till now and didn’t realize the time.

Anwar comes to garden. everyone was there.

suyash:where were u bro
Anwar:I had some work
suyash:we have a meeting tomorrow with mishra’s company

the all talked but Mehrin didn’t looked at Anwar. .Anwar tried to talk to her she ignores him.

everyone had dinner children are slept. Mehrin still angry on Anwar.

Anwar:Mehri come to room
she ignores and started watching tv
Anwar:Mehri I said come with me.
no response
Anwar angrily goes to Mehrin and took her in his arms and went to their room.Roma and suyash laughed.

Roma:how romantic. .u never toook me in ur arms
she complains.
suyash:okey I will complete ur wish

suyash took roma in his arms and went to their room.

mehwar’s room

Anwar:why r u becoming drama queen?
Mehrin:why did u shouted at me?
Anwar:I…I (he tried to find words to hide the truth)
Mehrin:good night
Anwar:what…mehri..I want to talk to u
Anwar:I read ur diary
Mehrin:ANWAR. …
Anwar:I am sorry. .ur diary is like a novel
Mehrin:don’t talk to me Anwar. .u read someone’s personal diary
Anwar:not someone’s..urs
Mehrin:it was my personal diary
Anwar:I know everything abt u then what’s the problem
Mehrin:u can read my present diary but not old one
Anwar:coz u wrote bad about me.right?
she lowered her gaze.Anwar made her look at him.
Anwar; look mehri I was bad that time so don’t worry I didnt felt bad while reading..instead I was laughing.

they both laughs.

Anwar’s office.

Anwar opened his bag and took the papers.he read the paper and stunned.

Anwar:Mehrin. …

suyash comes there

suyash:what happened bro
Anwar gave him the papers

Anwar:read this

suyash reads a little bit
suyash:is it mehru’s
Anwar nods
suyash:now what u want to do with her?
Anwar:I planned everything. I won’t leave her
suyash:I am with u bro


what was in that papers? ?? did Mehrin is cheating Anwar? ??

leave ur comments buddies. ..

love u all 🙂

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  1. Tanya

    di it’s HORRIBLE…l know Mehrin’s not cheating but still my heart skipped….l won’t be able to sleep..plz upd soon…love u..stay blessed

  2. Ananya

    Ruby I can’t tolerate this wait dear. Plz update now itself… Mulmunayil anu njan nekunna.. Plz…..
    Wats that papers???… Plz update real soooooon..

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