Fragrance of Love (chapter 19)

Mehrin:why were u angry on me?
Anwar:because u r busy with everyone but not with me
Mehrin:so this is the problem

Mehrin kissed on Anwar’s cheek.

Mehrin:from now I won’t give a chance to complain u
Mehrin kissed in Anwar’s nose.

Anwar:now Adi started to go to school. .can we think about a child now?
Mehrin:of course Anwar .I was about to tell that..

Anwar hugged Mehrin

Anwar:thank u so much
Mehrin smiled at him. they get intimate.

Roma:suyash. .hold Angel
suyash:why r u still scared of holding Angel?
Roma:I don’t want to loss again my kid.
suyash:u r not a kid..u can hold her like how Mehrin holds
Roma:she is experienced
suyash:when adi was a little child u took him in ur arms several time.
Roma:now I am afraid suyash

Roma goes angrily

suyash:I have to find a solution for this.

Mehrin is making Adi ready for school

Anwar:mehri where is my tie?
she gave him his tie
Adil:mamma where is my socks?
Mehrin:ya Allah…like father like son..u both r careless
Anwar:u r here to take care of us
Anwar and adil gives five
Mehrin:if I die one d…..

Anwar:MEHRIN. .
(at same time)
Mehrin:I was kidding
Anwar:we don’t like these types of jokes Mehrin
Mehrin:okey fine..come for breakfast

Roma, suyash, Mehrin, Anwar abd Adil sit for breakfast. rabiya feeds Angel.

Mehrin:Anwar today is PTA meeting in Adi’s school
Mehrin:2 pm
Anwar:I will come from office to pick u up

Adil left for school and suyash and Anwar left for office

Rabiya gave Angel to Roma

Roma:give to Mehrin
rabiya:she told that her hand is paining
Roma unwillingly took Angel. Roma took care of Angel till suyash came coz everyone (rabiya, kamalam and Mehrin) refused to take care of Angel.

Roma:suyash pls hold Angel
suyash:(ignores her) mehru tea

Mehrin gives him tea

Roma:why everyone ignores me??
Anwar:who ignored u?
Adil:choti maa I want to play with Angel
Roma:everyone except my Adi. .only he cares for me

Roma placed Angel on floor. Adil and Angel started playing

Anwar:we r not ignoring u
Roma went angrily..suyash went with her

suyash:is anything happened to Angel?
Roma nodded no
suyash:why don’t u realize that u can take care of Angel?
Roma:I am afraid
suyash:it is not an excuse


Adil:Angel look at here. .slefie πŸ™‚
Anwar and Mehrin laughed at them..

Anwar:new gen : D
Mehrin:Anwar I want to go for shopping
Anwar:we will go tomorrow
Mehrin:u will forget like u forgot Adi’s meeting
Anwar:oho I forgot. .we will go tomorrow with him then shopping
Mehrin:okey done πŸ™‚

how was it??? I think it will take some more chapters to end..

Credit to: RUBY


  1. Hayathi

    Mehrin was an awesome mother every girl need to like her yaar… now a days kuch log iss naam ke layak nahi hein yaar….

  2. roseboobi

    Hai rubi
    njan out of station aayatg konda comment che yyathirunnath.sry.
    enthayalum ooroo divasam kazhiyum thorum katha interesting aayi varunnund.ath kond thanne niruthathe katha thudarnnu kond poykolu.all the best.

  3. Tanya

    Aaaww mehrin’s cute like u di…..
    u r fine na?? l came to know dat u want to be an artist..can u use any of ur painting as d thumbnail of ur ff..plz..stay blessed…love u always..xoxo

    • Ruby

      I am fine dr..actually i am a kid in art.I don’t know whether I would able to become a good artist or not.I am only using graphite and charcoal pencils dr….love u too tanu dr

  4. advaita

    Hi Ruby di. Your story is amazing. Usually I don’t read any ffs other than ardhika and nesam ‘s , but today ….when I found nothing I thought to read ur this ff and u won’t believe me but I read all the parts of it today itself . I follow ur story of EMERALD . I didn’t know that u only write this story too.Plzzz don’t get me wrong when I said that I read ur story as I had nothing else to read. I’m sorry if it hurts u. Waiting for next updates of both of ur stories. Keep writing. Take care πŸ™‚ :-). Love you and your stories.

    • Ruby

      I don’t get hurt easily πŸ˜‰ thank u so much for reading and commenting dr.don’t worry dr I never take anyone’s comment negatively. .and u didn’t hurt me u just encourage me..I am glad that u r following my two stories. .it is enough for me another story SHE..THE DARK TRUTH pls check and leave comment and let me know whether it is good or bad

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.