Fragrance of Love (chapter 18)

Adil stepped out from school bus, roma was waiting for him in gate.

Adil:where is mamma chach…oh sorry chotima πŸ™‚
Roma:she is with Angel

they both entered to bungalow. .

Adil:mamma. ..mamma

Mehrin came with a one year old cute girl

Adil:hey Angel

Adil kissed on Angel’s cheek.Angel smiled at him.

Roma:Adi. ..ur mamma is so happy today
Roma:today Angel called her mum
Adil:really? ???
Mehrin:yeah. ..I made ur favorite banana fry..
Roma:I will make him bath
Mehrin:no Roma. .u just hold Angel
Roma:no mrs.Anwar u hold her

after some time Roma and Adil came to dining room. Mehrin served food.suyash and Anwar came from work.

Angel jumped to him.suyash and Adi played with Angel.

Adil:chachu did u brought crayon for me?
suyash:offo I forgot. ..
Roma:suyash where is Angel’s medicine?
suyash:it is in my bag

Adil gets sad, he went to garden.

Adil to himself:no one care for me everyone care for Angel even mamma too.. earlier I was the super kid for mamma..but not now πŸ™
suyash:u r best Adi. .
suyash:u know ur mamma loves u more than any1 more than herself. and u r her super kid always
Adil:is it?
suyash:yes boss and here is ur crayon
Adil:lying is not a good habit chachu
suyash:I didn’t. .I was saying that I forgot to give u

suyash ran from there Adil ran behind him

at night

Mehrin was teaching Adil

Mehrin:how was ur test?
Adil:did u scold me?
Mehrin wrapped her hand on Adil’s shoulder
Mehrin:Adi. .u know that mamma never scols u..right?
Adil:I didn’t wrote two answers
Mehrin:what about left 8?
Adil:I wrote it well
Mehrin:wow my super kiddo
Adil:mamma mamma pakru told that if he left any question without answering sushma auntie will beat him. I told him that my mamma never beat me πŸ™‚

Mehrin kissed Adil. everyone had dinner. Angel and Adil was playing.

Anwar:Adi it is too late go and sleep
Adil:papa let me play with Angel
Anwar:no Adi. .Angel is going to sleep
Mehrin:let him play some more time Anwar
Anwar:only for 10 minutes
Adil:ok papa

Adil and Angel slept on sofa.Mehrin took Angel and headed to roma and suyash’s room. door was open. .Mehrin entered without knocking (she always ask permission to enter any1’s room) roma and suyash were doing romance.

Mehrin:shame shame

royash (thnx for the name buddies. .I forgot who gave this name to roma and suyash. pls tell me who is the owner πŸ™‚ ) blushed. Mehrin placed Angel on bed.

Mehrin:don’t forget that u both become parents and…..let Angel grow up buddies then think about another child πŸ˜‰
royash in unison:mehrooooo

Mehrin laughed at them..she went to living room adil and Anwar was not there.she went to Adil”s room which is attached to their room. Anwar was sitting beside Adil.

Mehrin:I was coming to take him
Anwar:I can handle my son..u take care of roma and suyash’s daughter
Mehrin:why r u talking like this Anwar? he is like a brother for u
Anwar:yeah he is..

Anwar went to their room in angry

Mehrin:Anwar listen to me pls
Anwar:I don’t want to talk
Mehrin:ok don’t talk but listen to me
Mehrin:I love u
she hugged him
Anwar:I love u too
Mehrin:what ??
Anwar:I said I love u
Mehrin:u r saying like a gunda
Anwar laughed πŸ˜€

Anwar took Mehrin’s face in his hand, he looked at her eyes

Anwar:I love u

they both kissed.

Mehrin:why are u angry on me?
Anwar:because. …


what did u thought first that Angel is mehwar’daughter or royash’s???

Credit to: Ruby


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