Fragrance of Love (chapter 17)

chapter 17

after one week

Roma got well.she didn’t went with her mom.she told her mom that she want to stay eith Mehrin. .her mom got angry on her but suyash supported her…

everything get normal…Roma and suyash were happy coz mehwar United. ..Roma got too attached to Adil.sometimes Adil sleeps with Roma and suyash.

Anwar:don’t u want to become a mother mehri?
Mehrin:yeah…but not now Anwar…don’t take me wrong. ..Adi is only 2 yr old..once he start going to school we will think about another kid.

Mehrin smiled at Anwar.

Anwar:so I have to wait for 2 yrs
Mehrin:may be 3 or 4 or…

Anwar placed his hand on her mouth

Anwar:may be in one 😀

he laughed at her..she hits him…Adil comes there..

Adil:mamma pakru has a little sister. I too want a sister with cute cheeks (pakru is their neighbors son)
Anwar:make ur mom understand Adi. ..I am tired of saying this

Mehrin just smiled at them and went to Roma. ..

Roma:blushing. …..
Roma:what’s the matter? ?

Anwar came there along with Adil….

Roma:Anwar. ..did u say something to mehru??? she is blushing. ..
Mehrin:Roma. ..
Mehrin:they both I mean son and dad want a kid
Roma:then what is the problem? ??
Mehrin:how can I,? look if I get pregnant I couldn’t get able to take care of adi and I couldn’t play with him.
Roma:don’t think too much mehru. .I am here to take care of Adi.
Roma:mehru. ..Anwar loves u that’s why he want a child from u
Mehrin:ok meri maa.

precape:2 yeae leap

really sorry for the short update. this story will end soon buddies. u all readers anf commenters

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Tanya

    really AWESOME…. di,, l do love ur stry coz der is no complication only what l got to c here is beautification….nd yaah l missed u too a tight warm hug to u..take care di..

  2. aastha

    Lovd it……bt soooo short……cn u mke te nxt update longer?????
    . Hey ruby n wich class r u sydng?????n frm wich district do u cme?????n place too???/??

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