Fragrance of Love (chapter 16)

sorry for the delay. ..I was busy with some other work.

chapter 16

Mehrin:I like you because you are Adi’s dad
Anwar get sad and went from there without saying anything.Mehrin laughed.

suyash and Roma came.roma hugged Mehrin.

Mehrin:I missed you
Roma:I missed u too

suyash grabbed Anwar to a corner.

suyash:did u say that?
suyash:dnt try to act in front of me
Anwar:she didn’t loves me
suyash:don’t think about it just say u love her.
suyash:what hmm u r saying today it is final

they both hugged.they four played with adi..

next day.

Anwar:mehri..we have an important meating
Mehrin:what about ur lunch?
Anwar we will be here on lunch time

suyash and Anwar went.

Roma started to play with adi.

Mehrin:no roma u can’t run
Roma:okey then we will play hide and seek Adi
Mehrin:it is also running
Roma:no baby…don’t worry nothing will not happen to me

Mehrin smiled at her.Roma and Adi started playing hide ans seek.while hiding roma stepped in to a toy..she fell down with a screem.her stomach hit the floor..roma cried in pain.Mehrin rushed to her.

Mehrin:kamalam. ..kamalam bring the car key
kamalam bring car key.

Mehrin:kamalam lock home and bring my wallet too

rabiya itha came, Mehrin and rabiya took roma to car.rabiya took Roma’s head in her lap.kamalam came with wallet and home key.

Mehrin:kamalam get in to car with adi.

they reached hospital.they took roma to ICU

doctor:you did a good job mrs.Mehrin well done.if u didn’t bring her on time she would loss her life
Mehrin:her child??
doctor:sorry. ..we couldn’t. ..

Mehrin panicked. .she started crying. rabiya consoled her.rabiya called Anwar and said him to come hospital.

Anwar came with suyash. suyash rushes to Mehrin, he hold her shoulder.

suyash:mehru. ..what happened? ?? what happened to my Roma?

Mehrin couldn’t say anything.

rabiya:Roma is ok suyash beta
suyash:and ….our child???
rabiya nodded in no

suyash cried hard Anwar hugged him and consoled. Anwar made him sit.suyash was still crying. Anwar sat in between suyash and Mehrin. he clutched his hand pn to Mehrin’s.Mehrin hugged him and cried.

Mehrin:it was my fault. .if I didn’t let her to play with adi..It never happened. .
suyash:don’t be guilty mehru. .u did nothing. .if roma were care it never happened.
Mehrin:don’t blame her suyash

nurse came and said they shifted Roma to room.

Mehrin hugged roma they both cried.

Roma:girl na???
Mehrin nodded yes
Roma:suyash? ??
Mehrin:he is outside..I will bring him
Roma:how can I face him??? I killes gia daughter.
Mehrin:don’t dare to say that again..u did nothing. it was in your fate.

Mehrin come to suyash.

Mehrin:suyash I need to talk to u
Mehrin:r u thinking that she killed ur daughter and she was careless
suyash:I am not saying that..but I am feeling bad
Mehrin:u r thinking about u only. .think about her self. suyash she was the one who bear ur child in her womb.and u r thinking that u didn’t feel bad..she didn’t feel bad..she feels worst
suyash:I can understand mehru
Mehrin’if u can…then go to her and console her..tell her that the loss is ‘ours’ not ur or nor mine..

suyash nodded and went to room

Roma:suyash I am sorry. .because of me our daughter is not in this world
suyash:no dear…don’t think about it…it was written in our fate..

he consoled her. she calmed down.
Roma’s maa came like a storm.
she started yelling at Mehrin.

latha (maa):what did u said before. .u can take care of roma…and what did u now??? u killed my granddaughter
Roma:maa it is not her fault
latha:it is her fault only. .why she brought adi’s toys between ur play
suyash:maa.. I know u r hurt but it is not Mehrin’s fault. ..she was told roma to dnt run bt Roma didn’t listen to her

latha:whatever. ..I accuse her only..she did this intentional. ..she was jealous of roma
Mehrin:aunty why did I jealous of her?? I was happy for her
latha:u were acting. .u can’t see my daughter becoming her own child’s mom..coz u can’t be a mum for ur own blood. .Anwar don’t loves u.

Anwar shouted at latha
Anwar:enough. ..don’t dare to say anything about my wife. .who the hell r u to say that she can’t be a mum…she is a mum of our son adi
latha:he is not her blood
Anwar:he is my blood. .whatever belongs to me Mehrin’s can u say that I don’t love her
latha:ur act saying Anwar. ..u can’t act in front of me
Anwar:u r wrong this time

Anwar wrapped his hands around Mehrin’s shoulder


Mehrin shocked looked at Anwar. .

Anwar:suyash. ..I think we have to go…u stay with me when needed.
suyash nodded.

Anwar, Mehrin, adi, rabiya and kamalam came to home.

Anwar:u eat Mehrin I am not hungry
Mehrin:I am not too…itha can u take adi along with u
rabiya:sure kid.

Anwar and Mehrin come to their room.Mehrin hugged him from behind. .


Anwar made Mehrin to him..he hugged her tightly. ..


love u all

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Faima

    Awsme itha..atlast mhrin cnfsd anwar abt her lve..i thnk we shld tll thanks to romas mom…ya flng sad fo roma… …

  2. aastha

    Felt sad at roma-sayush loss… bt happy 4 menrin-Anwar…..finally bth confessed their feelings………

    Rubyy,can u provide te link f ur prev episodes……..plzzzzzzzz???????????

    njan Innu ni8 show ku poyyi anarkhali kando!!!? itss all abt….allengil Venda suspense polikkan njanilla………….nee kando?????hey my mallus did any of u watch it??????”irs gud.superb ennu parayan patilla bt if u wanna laugh go n watch it……u’ll laugh throughout the show…….

    • Ruby

      illada njan kandilla..njan theatre il poyi movie kanarilla..ella chapters nte links njan post cheyyam to…thnx dr

  3. Ruby

    nive,alia, hayathi, anu, faima, devi, adit and astha thank u so much buddies. ..

    @hayu dnt wrry dr..I will make roma and suyash happy soon

  4. wellwisher

    poor roma and suyash feel really sorry for themmmmmm………..
    and ruby cant mehrin become a mother for her own blood just like YHM’s ishita??????????
    whatever it is mehwar got united and adi is their son……..
    and i have one more doubt is it adi or adil??????
    because in the first it was written as adil………..

  5. aastha

    Hi ? ruby,hw r u???????y din u update dear??????n plz dnt frgt 2 give links f ur prev epis dearie……..hope u r fine…..

    Ruby frm wich district tmr u cmng?????
    dd u see Anaya??????it seems as if she’s missing…..wud we ve 2 arrange sme1 to find hr????

    Hey Anaya where r u??????to wich district do u belong????

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