Fragrance of Love (chapter 15)

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chapter 15

after a month

it was an afternoon. Adi was sleeping. Mehrin was reading a book, she was completely lost in it.Anwar came there..she didn’t noticed.

she said without looking at him.Anwar went to change his clothes. when he came back Mehrin was still reading. he didn’t like that.he walked here and there, looking at Mehrin. Mehrin pretend to reading. Anwar sat beside Mehrin, he grabbed her book from her hand.she looked at him annoyed (fake)

Anwar:how is your foot?
Mehrin:how I know?
Anwar:how I know (he mimicked her) then who know?
Mehrin:u was the one who always took me in ur arms and didn’t allow me to put my legs on earth. so u should know
Anwar:I care for u
Mehrin:really? ??
Mehrin:like who??
Anwar:like….u r taking care of adi so it is my duty to taking care of u
Mehrin:that’s y u r take care of me…alright. ..then give my book
Anwar:no..I won’t give u
Mehrin:why?? u can take care of me coz am Adi’s mom but u can’t order me
Anwar:why can’t I?
Mehrin:u don’t have right to do so
Anwar:what do u mean I don’t have right? I have right to order u and u have the se right
Mehrin:how Anwar? ?? I am only Adi’s mom…what relation between us?
Anwar:we are husband and wife
Mehrin:I never felt like that
Anwar:u r saying this to me???? I took care of u for a month and u r saying that u didn’t felt what our relation is
Mehrin:just now u said that u r taking care of me coz I take care of adi..
Anwar:no Mehrin. ..u r taking me wrong
Mehrin:I heared clearly what u said
Anwar:but u didn’t listen
Mehrin:then say properly
Anwar:I am taking care of u coz u r my wife
Mehrin started reading
Anwar:what the….
he went from there.Mehrin smiles. .
Mehrin:so…he considered me as his wife…:)

Anwar came with talking to someone on phone.

Anwar:hey baby…how r u

Mehrin looked at him.but he ignores her…

Anwar:I missed u so much..what about my kiddo

Mehrin came to Anwar and grabbed phone from him.she placed the phone on her ear and yelled “who the hell r u to talking my husband like this?”

there was no one on the other side. Anwar was making joke of Mehrin. he started laughing. Mehrin threw his phone on him.he catch it.

Anwar:u lied
Mehrin:I didn’t
Anwar:u lied that u didn’t felt any relation between u r looking jealous
Mehrin :I am not Anwar
Anwar:okey…I am calling to manya…please don’t interrupt
Mehrin:who is this manya?
Anwar:my new secretary
Mehrin:can’t u make a boy as ut secretary?
Anwar:hahaha…mehri u r jealous. ..just say that u r

Mehrin went with angry face.Anwar holds her hand.

Mehrin:leave me Anwar. ..go and hold ur secretary’s hand..
Anwar:secretary’s hand for working not for holding

Mehrin didn’t turn. .

Anwar:hey mehri I was kidding. ..
Mehrin:okey…:/ don’t talk to me now..

Anwar started watching tv.Mehrin grabbed remote from him.


Mehrin smiled at him

Anwar:I know how to take it from u
Mehrin:not this time

Anwar came close to her she didn’t move..he came more close. she was still there

Anwar:so many guts???

Anwar’s breath touched Mehrin’s face. their bodies were touching


Anwar leaned to kiss her..same time adi called mamma..both Mehrin and Anwar stepped back.Mehrin looked at Anwar angrily. .

Mehrin: u r crossing ur limit
Anwar:what did I do?
Anwar:Mehrin don’t call me Romeo
Mehrin:u r a Romeo that’s y am calling u Romeo
Anwar:why u r thinking that I am romeo
Mehrin:u came to kiss me
Anwar:I tried to kiss my wife not any other girl

Mehrin blushed.but she acted as she is angry. .Anwar tried to talk she didn’t respond.

Bed time

Mehrin made adi sleep. she looked at Anwar. he was busy in his work.

Mehrin:I want to talk to u
Anwar:I am busy now
Mehrin:ehmmm gdnyt

Mehrin slept. ..Anwar finished his work he looked at Mehrin. .she was sleeping. he thought to not waking her up.but he want to know what she want to say he waked her was 12 ‘o clock already.

Anwar:what u want to say?
Mehrin:nothing. ..let me sleep

Anwar sprinkled water on her face

Anwar:budhu..wake up

she sat on bed

Mehrin:u always disturbs me
Anwar:u said u have to tell something
Mehrin:I forgot
Anwar:just try to remember
Mehrin:I am sorry
Anwar:for what?
Mehrin:for calling u Romeo
Anwar:its ok
Mehrin:okey then Gdnt
Anwar:I want to talk to u
Mehrin:talk to me yesterday
Mehrin:then talk to ur self. am sleeping and don’t make noise adi will wake up

Anwar looked at her helplessly.


Mehrin was hugging adi in sleep. she opened her eyes. she found a hand on her waist.he turned her body. .it was Anwar who hugged her.she woked him up.

Mehrin:what is this?
Mehrin:what u said one month before that I have a habit of hugging in sleep
Anwar:u gave me this habit so what can I do
Mehrin:u were in adi’s right side
Anwar:nop..I was here
Mehrin:u r lying
Anwar:no yaar..u slept before me then hw u know
Mehrin:ya Allah. by day u r becoming naughty
Mehrin:come let’s do prayer

after doing prayer

Mehrin:today roma and suyash will come
Anwar:u r dying for them
Mehrin:yeah..I love both of them
Anwar:what about me???

Mehrin stood silent. ..


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  1. roseboobi

    Assalamu alaikum,
    njanum malayaliya.from thrissur-chavakkad.where are u from?njan ee ff-inte valiya aaraadhikaya.ath kond ethrayum pettenn adutha baagam submit cheyyanam.pls

  2. Ananya

    Hai ruby njan silent reader ayirunu. Eniku rubyuda alla kadayum valara istamanu. Ruby avida anu keralathil?? Njan Ekm districtil anu..
    Nxt part update soon… Love you…

    • aastha

      Anaya do u cmnnt in mmz????if so do u rem me????aastha?????so u r a mallu……….im so happy 2 ve finally met a mallu……….tis ff s based n wich serial???????????”

  3. Ruby

    @rose…waalaikumusalam rose…orupad thanks und dr..
    @aditi thnx da
    @ananya…njan Malappuram anu..
    ningalde 3 perudem comment kandapo enik chadi kalikkana thonniyad πŸ˜€ idin analle parayunnad evde poyalum kanum malayali enn πŸ˜‰ ente story e ithrem ishtapedunnen orupad thnx dears.
    @hayu thnx buddy

  4. Shabs

    Hi ruby!! Nhaanum oru silent reader aayirunnu. I am from kasaragod..northern most district of kerala. Love ur stories dear. Daily check cheyyalaanu update vanno ennu . Manassil thattunna oru story aanu kto.

    • Ruby

      Njan malappuram anu dr..orupad orupad thnx und to…njan ithrayum per ente story ishtapedumen orikalum vijarichilla πŸ™‚

  5. Faima

    Assalam alaikum ruby..naan halft maliyali nd half karnataka..bcz ende dad maliyali,mom karnataka.enikk ningalude ff vayangara istaman..naan eppolum ningalude ffk venditt wait cheyunnu.

  6. wellwisher

    oh my god so many mallus……….
    ruby let mehrin answer she likes her son’s father and make anwar upset for 2 or 3 chapters later unite them……….
    at last angry bird has fallen for mehrin……….
    overall it was superb dear………..

      • wellwisher

        no dear……
        every name has special meaning indicating every individual’s character or behaviour…….
        and i actually dont know the meaning of ur name but i m sure it will mean sweet because ur so sweet……….
        keep smiling dr…..

  7. Roma

    Wowwww, awesome episode ruby my dearrr friend, loved it very much…Anwar has accepted mehru as his wife…loved their cute fights. ..she is jealous..I wish her answer to be yes, she start loving him…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…

  8. aastha

    hai ruby, anaya parannatu pole njan malayali ff kollam.enikku eshtamayi……….adutta episodil etinte prev epi’s ente link tarumo???????????????????plzzzzzzzzzzzz??????????????????????

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