Fragrance of Love (chapter 14)

today is my nephew SAIHAN’s first birthday. ..wish u happy birthday my little prince..i love u more than my self…

chapter 14

door bell rang.suyash came with a 50 year old lady.roma hugged the lady
Roma:mehru meet my mom latha
Mehrin:namaste auntie
Roma:maa this is mehru..Anwar’s wife
latha:Anwar’s second wife

they all talked a lot.

he hugged Anwar, Anwar hugged him back
Anwar:take care of ur self and roma
suyash nodded.Roma hugged Mehrin
Roma:will miss u mehru
Mehrin:me too πŸ™
roma kissed adi he kissed her on her both cheek.suyash took adi in his arms
suyash:don’t u give kiss to ur chachu?
adi:I gave chachi 2 kiss..ask 1 from it πŸ™‚
everyone laughs…
suyash and roma went with latha.

Mehrin and adi were watching cartoons and laughing. Anwar sat near Mehrin and started to tease her
Anwar: r u a mom or a kid?
Anwar:u r looking more childish
Mehrin:I am not
she made a face to him
Anwar:look Mehrin…something on ur nose
she tried to brush it off
Anwar:a red colour
Mehrin:u r lying
Anwar:no…ur nose turned to red when u got angry
Mehrin:very funny

rabiya (maid) came there.she is a 45 year old woman.

rabiya:Anwar, mehru..come have lunch
Mehrin:coming itha (didi)
rabiya took adi.Anwar helped Mehrin to get up and walk.they had their lunch..Anwar dropped Mehrin to her room.Mehrin made adi sleep and she also slept.

Anwar came to Mehrin’s room.he saw Mehrin and adi sleeping. he smiled abd remember their kiss and blushes. he took all Mehrin’s belongings from wardrobe. Anwar came to his room and placed Mehrin’s clothes in his wardrobe where he made empty space for her.he took all his and Aisha’s photos from wall and took it in a box.he called kamalam.
Anwar:kamalam. ..burn it
Anwar:it is not useful. burn it
kamalam nodded and went with that box.

anwar things that I can’t hate u Aisha coz I loved u more than my self.but I don’t want to ruin my son’s future. ..adi need a loving mom now he has his mom with him.he will remain as Mehrin’s son not Aisha’s.u gave birth to him coz of my stubbornness on the other hand Mehrin taking care of him like her own blood…so she is his mother bot u Aisha. .I am sorry. .he wiped his tears.he headed to Mehrin’s room.

he lifted adi from Mehrin’s bed and placed in his bed again he went to Mehrin’s room.Anwar took her in his arms and went to his room.he made her lie beside adi.

Anwar started working on laptop. .Mehrin opened her eyes..
Mehrin:I was in my room
she looked at Anwar. Anwar didn’t looked at her but he was smiling.
Mehrin:so u took me here??
Anwar:no…I didn’t
Mehrin:then how I came here?
Anwar:may be u walked in sleep
Mehrin:I don’t
Anwar:Allah knows…u forgot…u have a habit of hugging in sleep
Mehrin:Anwar. .
she threw pillow on him
Anwar:don’t try to fight with me Mehrin ..u can’t run behind me
Mehrin:I will get ok soon
Anwar:u will
he threw pillow back.she threw again..
Anwar:Mehrin. ..noo
mehrin threw another pillow on him and made a face.
Anwar:I will show u what I can do
Anwar came closer to Mehrin. her heart started to beat fast.Anwar leaned close to Mehrin and started tickling Mehrin
Anwar:how do u feel now ???
Mehrin:hahahah…Anwar stoooop…
Anwar:I won’t stop
Mehrin:hahahha please…hahaha
Anwar:no mehru not this time πŸ˜€
adi waked up and he too started tickling Mehrin. ..

Mehrin:my stomach is aching hahahha…just stop u both dad and son
they both stopped.
Mehrin:ya..Allah. .I died…Anwar I won’t leave u
Anwar and adi were laughing at her.Anwar gave her water
Anwar:drink….he couldn’t stop laughing. Mehrin get angry she drank water.she whispered something in adi’s ear.adi came to Anwar and started tickling
Mehrin pushed him on bed and she too started tickling. ..;)
Anwar:Mehrin. ..u tooo hahahha
Mehrin:how do u feel now
Anwar:u mad girl..hahahahahhahaha
she didn’t stop.Anwar pulled Mehrin to him.she was top on him.he looked into her eyes..they were lost in each others eyes…she broke the lock and sat on the bed.
Anwar:I know how to stop u :p
Mehrin was blushing. ..adi hugged both of them
adi:I love u mamma I love u papa
Mehrin and Anwar in unison:we love u kid

I don’t know whether it is long or short.if it was a short one then I am sorry buddies. . love u all take care..keep smiling be happy. ..

today I met with my school friend shabna after 3 years…I am so happy today. .. πŸ˜€

how r u all???? give ur precious comment below…

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Roma

    Awesome, Lovely, tickling episode ruby dear, my lovely friend…Anwar burnt all belongings of aisha n accepted mehru as his son’s mom…. very heart touching scene…tickling part was very funny…I hope Anwar accept mehru as his wife as well soooooooon. ..keep it up sweeetie…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug. ..

  2. haya

    Nice one…..
    Keep going…..
    Am I making you angry asking you to make it long…
    Your story is nice to read and thus feeling short…
    When I get interested yo read more the chap ends….
    Forgive me

    • Ruby

      Don’t dare to tell that u r making me angry…I can’t be angry with my friends. U guys are inspiring me through ur comments haya…when u ask for long updates I get more happy. .coz I knew u love my story thats y want long updates.i also feel the same when I read others story…so don’t be sorry dr

  3. Tanya

    loved it really..Di, hope May God bless ur frnd” with lots of blessings, love & happiness..Can u do me a favour ..actually l won’t be able to came here today again So if Adi [love story begin’s writer] post her story, wish her on my behalf of me coz today’S her birthday…PLz

    ##here is a msg 4 her:- >>HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U ADI,,,bY D WAY ..where is d party yaar..won’t u give me a treat ?? ,,actually l’m foodie,,,(hope u’ll get ur prince charming soon..ha ha..sry 4 pulling ur leg..)..MAY GOD BLESS U ALWAYS.. KEEP SMILING u very very much πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ <<

  4. wellwisher

    i m happy ur sis is back……..
    today’s story was nice………..
    happy that u meet ur friend because when we meet our old friend we have lots to talk……
    love u loads……..

  5. nive

    Awesome… loved it lot….
    Happy Birthday to Saihaan… it was so nice you met your friend after 3 years… hope you enjoyed alot with her… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Ruby

      thnq so much dr nive…no dr I couldn’t talk with her much..I accidentally met I called her and talked a lot πŸ™‚

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.