Fragrance of Love (chapter 12)

“Mehrin. ..Mehrin. .” Anwar tried to wake up Mehrin. she was in deep sleep. Anwar shook her shoulder. Mehrin stood up without opening her eyes.her head hit Anwar’s chin.
Mehrin opened her eyes in guilty.
Mehrin:I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt u..I am really so…
Anwar interrupted. .
Anwar:its ok…I am okey. ..relax
Mehrin:r u sure???
Anwar:yeah. .let’s do prayer. .

they did prayer. Mehrin thought it is four months of our wedding. first time Anwar behaving like a husband.

Anwar:sleep, if u want
Mehrin:I don’t like to sleep in morning
Anwar:okey…can I get a coffee? ?
Mehrin:sure πŸ™‚

Mehrin went to kitchen. she made coffee for Anwar.she was feeling relieved as Anwar changed..

Mehrin handover coffee to Anwar. is too good
Mehrin:thank you
Anwar:I think the first time u made coffee for me
Mehrin:it is the first time u asked me to make coffee

anwar laughed
Anwar:so this four months u didn’t made a coffee?
Mehrin:I made it for everyone not for u
Mehrin:coz u r angry bird
Mehrin laughed at him

Anwar:Mehrin! ! I told u am nt angry bird
Mehrin:look at mirror u r looking exactly like angry bird.

Anwar stood up
Anwar:I won’t leave u now
Mehrin:catch me if u can

Mehrin ran towards Anwar’s room.Anwar ran behind her..he tried to chase her..but he couldn’t. .Mehrin and Anwar was standing either side of bed..

Anwar:look Mehrin. .I won’t leave once I get u
Mehrin:I told u u can’t catch me
Anwar:let’s see

Anwar locked the room and put key on his pocket.

Mehrin:what r u doing
Anwar:u challenged me
Mehrin:why u locked the door
Anwar:my room my wish
Mehrin:Anwar. ..

Anwar slowly came towards her.Mehrin’s hand hited on something which was kept on table. it fell down and broke.Mehrin looked at that.omg!!!!!! it was aisha amd Anwar’s wedding pic.Mehrin panicked. .she know that now he will turn to a monster. .

he came to her.Mehrin stepped back..”auch”

she stepped on a broken glass piece. Mehrin was about to fall Anwar held her hand.he helped to her sitting on bed.Anwar sat on knees.

Mehrin:I am sorry. .I didn’t do it purposely. .am sorry
Anwar:forget about it..let me show your foot

Anwar held her feet, took the glass piece from it, he washed it and dressed it up.all while Mehrin was looking at him.she thought that he is caring so much then why he hide his all feelings for a girl??? oh it was his love for her.

Anwar:no need it is my duty
Mehrin stood up
Anwar:where r u going?
Mehrin:to check adi
Anwar:u only take rest I will take care of him.
Mehrin:no Anwar u can’t
she started to walk she couldn’t coz Anwar was holding her tightened her neck

Mehrin:Anwar leave my hijab.I can’t breath
Anwar:I am sorry I didn’t think about it
he again made her sit on bed..
Anwar:I will take Adi here

Anwar took adi to his room.
Anwar:am going to take a shower
Mehrin nodded.

when Anwar came back from bathroom. Mehrin and adi werr sleeping. .he looked at her for sometimes. Adi’s legs are on Mehrin’s belly.she was hugging him.anwar was in bath towel around his waist. Anwar came beside her and bent down to Mehrin’s face. his lips were touching her cheeks. .


Credit to: Ruby Ryan


  1. Ruby

    I am really sorry dears…I can’t continue my stories πŸ™ I am totally depressed with my life and with this society. ..

    • Tanya

      Hey di, what happened to u??? ur ff r too good.. but l understand dat u r really broken,, it would be great if u continue but l won’t force u to continue….

      ##plz don’t be depress with ur life..u know, world shows us what we want to c ,,, ppl behave d way we let them to behave (with us)..everything around us is just like a mirror….urs sorrows will be reduced nd happiness will come into ur life one day,,trust me…Almighty will definitely give u what u deserve… we c many ppl r too lucky, they get everything they dream, we should not be sad thinking dis coz u never know wat gonna happen next..personally l believe dat our Creator is balancing our life with pain & happiness….l wonder l’m saying u this coz u r d one who told me dat ”this society” encourage u…u r supposed to be strong not week…u’ll be always in my prayer…don’t let anyone to hurt u..we can’t deny our destiny but we can hope something better is waiting 4 us …hope u’ll feel okay right now believing dat Allah do everything correct nd never do injustice with anyone,,,So keep patience nd pray..Stay blessed…. keep smiling (don’t care about d situation) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Ruby

        hey tanu..first of all I want to thank you for this precious comment. as you know that I don’t mind whatever happens in my life. I trust in Allah blindly and I know he know the best for me…I was depressed but not chachu gave me a long lecture about life..may be his lecture affected me πŸ˜‰ and u know my cutie because of your comment I am feeling relieved. ..I love you so much..I will continue my stories for sure..I am trying to write from 3 days I don’t know why I couldn’t write a word…I am writing this story only for u buddies. ..

        love u all my readers. ..

    • Hayathi

      Hey ruby dr…. what happend to u ra….. u know life is full of gud and bad things dr….. u know when i want to go US for further studies i met with an accident in that time mera poora life change ho gaya…. i dont want to live….. but after 1year i am totally perfect as of now my life was too gud suportive parents and fiance…. give some time dr after that all will be alright dont be sad ma everythong will be alright in one day… god bless u my buddy… love uuuu so muchhhh da

    • Ruby

      yep dr i am ok πŸ™‚

      but one thing is always haunting me…Aaliya. .she didn’t come back yet..I am missing her badly πŸ™

      • nive

        hey dear, am really happy tat u bcome fine now.. pls dnt wry about sis… chennai is getting fine now… ur little sis will return soon…

  2. Tanya

    Feeling better to know dat u r ok now…
    Di ,really l’m glad to know dat u’ve such a great chachu…l’m also very blessed like u coz l belong to a crazy family!!!!!!!!!!
    my best buddies r my mama,aunty,cousins (including my frnds nd some ppl like u also)….. my parents r frndly but they r serious sometime after all they r parents na..LOL…….hope everyone of ur family like Chachu will give u a lecture(l mean STRENTH) to make up ur mind whenever u gonna feel bad….. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ..don’t stop smiling nd pray 4 me also….nd Thank very very(…..)much 4 not leaving us….take care…

  3. Roma

    Hi ruby dear, awesome episode, but happen to you my sweeeeeetheart, plzzz don’t feel depressed my dear…I’m also very worried for aaliya and always pray for her wellbeing…Allah tumhari har khwahish poori karen…be positive always…I don’t want to give you another lecture…but now I’m glad to see that you are not going anywhere…I understand your condition, take rest and trust on Allah, everything will be fine soooooooon…love you loads and very very tight warm hug

    • Ruby

      thank you so much for commenting faima dr.I am happy that u liked my stories. .

      actually I don’t want to drag any of my stories thats y I ended why so much pain.thnq so much once again dr .keep reading.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.