Fragrance of Love (chapter 11)

actually I want to give a message to my sister Aaliya. but TU told that there was no rule for posting a message and they suggest me to write the message on the end of my ff.thank you so much for understanding my feelings TU. I will be always thankful to u 🙂

here is the 11th chapter of fragrance of love.

Roma and suyash got happy to know that Anwar changed his mind towards Mehrin.

they 5 went to a restaurant. 2 tables already arranged for them.suyash and Roma sat on one and Anwar, Mehrin and Adi took the other one.Mehrin was thinking that so Anwar can smile too 🙂 .Adi seemed too happy. .they 5 enjoyed their dinner.

they reached home.suyash and roma said good night to our angry couple. they both kissed on Adi’s both cheek and went to sleep.Mehrin went to her room with adi.Anwar went to his room too.

Mehrin changed Adi’s clothes
Mehrin:Adi now sleep.I will come after changing my clothes.
she made him lie.
Adi:mamma tell papa sleep here..
Mehrin didn’t say anything to him.coz she afraid that may be Anwar will take her words wrongly. she went to change.when she came back from room……
Anwar was sleeping on her bed and Adi was sleeping on top of him.she looked at both dad and son.

suddenly Anwar opened his eyes. their eyes locked for a second. Mehrin broke the eye lock…

Anwar:Adi called me to sleep beside him..
Mehrin:its ok I will sleep on coach
Anwar:you can sleep with us
Mehrin:I don’t want to put me In trouble 😉
Anwar:I am sorry for that please sleep in bed
Mehrin:are you sure??
Anwar:yeah I am sure
Mehrin:if I hugged u in sleep then?
Anwar:u can….I mean..its ok…I don’t mind.

she lie beside him.

Anwar:Mehrin….can I say the thing wich u like may love most?
Mehrin:yeah say
Anwar:kids. isn’t it?
Mehrin:yeah I love kids..especially motherless. ..I always want to be a mother of a motherless child..
Anwar:and now u r
Mehrin:hmmmm Allah fulfilled my first dream
Anwar:then what’s ur second dream THE VIRGIN MOTHER?
Mehrin:I won’t tell u
Mehrin:u r my enemy hahahaha 😀
she laughed heart out.Anwar looked at her surprisingly. .he never saw her like this ..
Anwar in his mind she is beautiful physically and mentally.

Anwar:oh…then make me as your friend
Mehrin:I don’t like angry birds 😀
Anwar:I m not angry bird…I am a nice person
Mehrin:I never saw u as a nice person
she teased him
Anwar:now u will see the real Anwar mrs.Mehrin Anwar
her smile vanishes..she feel awkward. ..
Anwar in his mind ‘Allah what I said to her’

Mehrin:good night Anwar I feel sleep
Anwar:good night

sorry for the short update guys..I love u all…



Dear Aaliya,
  I hope you and your family is ok.I am getting more worried for you and your family day by day.I am missing you so badly dear.your memories are making me cry.     I never felt that we are not blood sisters. I always consider u as my own blood sister. .may be that’s why I am worrying more about you..I never knew how much I loved you…now I got to know that I love you like the hell… 🙁 I don’t when I get too close to you.I never thought your absence will makr me too weak.I am losing my full strength when I am reading newspaper and etcetera. ..     I am crying while typing this.I want to come there wherever you are.but my circumstances not allowing me to meet you 🙁 I am feeling bad that I couldn’t do anything for you..this feeling is killing me day by day..really my mind is getting worst 🙁      I will pray for you untill my breathes takes away by almighty….missing you badly..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SWEETY..                  With Love and prayers,     
   your Ruby di

sorry for those who read this letter forcefully. but I don’t have any other option to reach this message to my sister. .thanks everyone who reads my ff and supports me…pray and help for Chennai

Credit to: Ruby Ryan


  1. Roma

    Awesome episode ruby, and I also missing my sweeeeeet little sis aaliya really badly…praying for her n all the chennai flood victims. …Allah please keep them safe and sound and bring them back to normal life again very soooooon…..aameen. …summa aameen…
    Love u loads ruby…you’re very loving, caring and kind hearted person…very tight hug to you from your roma di…

    • Ruby

      yep dr Allah will make everything fine.ameen..I am glad to know that u r a Muslim.

      hey guys who is here practicing other religions don’t take me wrong. I like every religion but I love mine and I respect every religion. don’t think that I don’t like Hindus or christians.I just love everyone. .

      • Roma

        Hi ruby dearrrr, loved your reply very much… all religions are great n we should respect all of them…but best is only one religion and that is pure friendship…its connecting all our hearts together unconditionally… that’s why we are feeling each other’s pains n happiness via this…love you loads my sweetie..take care

  2. nive

    superb epi… Ruby dont worry your little sis will be definitely… so many ppls are helping and doing volunteer services.. last 4 days rain level also decreased… i hope chennai will become normal soon…

  3. wellwisher

    atlast i found ur updates…………….
    mehwar rocks……………..
    guys i m also writing a fan fiction BEINTEHAA……….pls read it and give ur comments………..

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