Fragrance of Love (chapter 10)

Anwar was in deep thought. .he came to suyash and Roma’s room..

Anwar:may I???
suyash:yeah come..
Anwar:I want to talk to u
suyash:about Aisha? ??
Anwar:yeah..I want to clear all my doubts
Anwar:why u, roma and my family doesn’t like Aisha? ??
suyash:listen calmly. ..
Anwar; okey
suyash:I think roma..first u tell about Aisha. .u were frnds na
Roma:hmmm…but Anwar promise me that u won’t get angry
Anwar; I won’t get angry
Roma:when we were in clg sge always used to say that she want to marry a rich person and want to lead a lavish life..
suyash:and u remember we both met roma and Aisha in a mall.. and I had a crush on Aisha. coz she was beautiful
roma give an eye to him
suyash:not nw my wifey..u r the most beautiful wife in the wirld..
roma smiled..
Anwar:u do romance after telling this. .now continue kamine..
suyash:yeah sorry. ..I fell for her beauty..later I realised that she is ignoring me and she has a crush on u..I felt bad.

Anwar:why she ignored u?? u r handsome than me..
suyash:yeah but…am nt rich na
Roma:let me tell u….suyash asked me several times why Aisha ignores him.I didn’t told coz it will hurt I always used to say I dnt knw..
suyash:one day I called roma to beach and asked her to what’s the matter.she told it will hurt me and she don’t want to hurt me.I told her now u r hurting saying she said that Aisha didn’t like me coz am an orphan and am poor…
Roma:I liked suyash when I got to know that he is orphan. so I dnt like to hurt him any other way
suyash:after knowing about Aisha’s intention I completely ignored her..she was trying to trap u with her innocent face..I warned u every time but u were mad in her .so u couldn’t see her badness which is hidden behind her innocent face..
Roma:we didn’t left this house for us. we left this house coz Aisha forced us to leave..
Anwar heard all .he was silent.he hugged suyash and cried. .
Anwar:I always misunderstood u coz of Aisha. sorry yaar am really sorry

suyash:its ok u realised ur mistake na…now move on with ur adi and Mehrin
Roma:Anwar Mehrin is too good and kind hearted. . why can’t u see her love towards adi?? she loves him as her own blood
Anwar:I always felt that she is acting
suyash:this is ut prblm..u can’t recogniz goodness in mehru and badness in Aisha. ..
Roma:u forget what Aisha said…she dnt want to become a mother. .bt look what god did with her.and mehru is enjoying her life with adi even if u r hurting her
suyash:if u ever saw her buying expensive clothes or something for her self??? no na…this is what Mehrin. .she only want to live with adi
Roma:Anwar u should say sorry to her
Roma grabbed Anwar’s hand and walked to Mehrin’s room..Mehrin was feeding Adi..

Roma:mehru..Anwar want to talk to u
Mehrin:but I dnt want to talk to him
Roma:for Adi’s sake ..please
Mehrin:ok…but tell him dnt use abusive words and don’t shout in front of Adi
Anwar:I won’t behave rudely. promise
Roma:carry on
roma went frm there

Anwar:I am sorry
Mehrin:wow….Anwar ahmad saying sorry? ??? can I believe my ears???
Anwar gets angry but he stays calm
Anwar:am saying sorry coz I did a mistake
Mehrin:not ‘a’ mistake. .so many
Anwar:yeah whatever. ..I am really sorry for hurting u, shouting at u, giving pain to u
Mehrin:its ok…but I can’t forgive u what u did with adi
Anwar:I am sorry for that too..don’t make my son against me
Mehrin:no.. Anwar. .am nt making him against u..but he is kid he gets hurt quickly and it can’t heal so easily
Anwar:say him to talk to me

Mehrin:Adi talk to ur papa
Anwar sat on knees.
Anwar:come here Adi
adi looked at Mehrin for permission. she nods

Anwar:am sorry. .I promise I never shout at u
Adi:not to mamma too..otherwise I not talk u
Anwar:promise. .I never ever shout at u and ur mom
Adi:thnq papa I love u
Adi hugged Anwar. Anwar hugged back him
Anwar:I love u too son
Mehrin looked at them and smiled

Anwar took Adi in his lap
Mehrin;look Anwar he loves u a lot.not only say that u love him. show him how much u love, how much u care for will make u both get too close

Mehrin just smiles. .

Anwar:can we go for a dinner? ?

Mehrin:with suyash and Roma. .
Anwar:ok done..I will book 2 table for us..u get ready fast

Mehrin:tell also suyash and Roma


Mehrin:what Adi?
Mehrin take adi to toilet. .Anwar smiled at her

Anwar:Roma&suyash were right …


is it longer one buddies? ???

br happy and keep smiling 🙂 like me 😉


Credit to: Ruby


  1. Anu

    reallly tooooooooooooooooooo good..Actually words r not enough 😀 😀
    it’s good that Anwar took everything maturely ,,,tc

    • Ruby

      thnx nia dr…I want to write long part. .but sometimes I couldn’t. .I will try to make it a bit long…lv u

  2. Roma

    Awesome episode ruby, loving it sooo much. keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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