The Fragile Trust – A Glimpse

The Fragile Trust – A Glimpse

A/N: Well, I couldn’t manage to write a proper update because of my exams so, give this promo a read which is a purview of what I’d initially thought to pen down as the sixteenth chapter. And anyone there on Wattpad can follow me or you can even drop down your usernames in the comment section below.

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• • • • •

“Twinkle, are you done? We need to leave now,” I shout locking the doors and windows. “Yeah, I’m almost done. Just a second . . This thing . . ,” she shouts with a tinge of annoyance in her voice. I check on all the windows and doors and enter our room. I lock the door to the patio and turn to find her wet hair falling on her face and the water droplets trailing down her face to her collarbone and then, slowly disappearing. I step towards her. The light falls on her hair giving it a reddish brown tint. She was wearing a pink crop top with white ripped jeans, dressed simply yet, looking beautiful. “Do you need any help?” “Yeah, with . . ,” she starts and turns around completely shocked.

I look at her briefly before she manages to whisper, “What are you doing here?” I look around the room and say, “Oh, I was here to lock the door to the patio and then, I found you here struggling with what I don’t know so, I offered to help you, just in case you need it.” I rub the back of my neck and turn around to leave the room. “Kunj . . ,” she whispers when I’m at the doorstep.

I turn around and look down at the floor, trying not to make her feel embarrassed again. “Hmm?” “Can you . . help me with . . umm . . this?” She nervously fidgets with her fingers. I look up at her and scrunch my face. “Twinkle, do you need any help?” “CanYouClipMyB*a?” She asks hurriedly. I look at her briefly before registering her words. I laugh and step towards her.

I turn her around and my hands slowly travel upwards. My hands touch her bare back and she shudders a little. “Relax,” I whisper grasping the piece of clothing. I pull it to clip it up while her back straightens in reflex. I clip it and zip her top. I look at her through the mirror and find a faint shade of pink adorning her cheeks and her eyes closed tightly. I step back and slowly walk out of the room before knocking on the door to get her out of her trance.

I wait in the hall for her, checking my mails. Di had already asked Ms. Fernandez to keep me updated with some of the new projects that our company was dealing with lately so that I could catch up with the work as soon as I got back to Singapore. “Kunj,” she whispers meekly. I look up and there, in front of eyes, stands the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Her hair tied up in a high ponytail with a few strands falling on her face. She wore pink hoops with a silver necklace hung on her neck. A thin stroke of eyeliner adorning her eyes and a light shade of pink gloss applied on her lips. “You look beautiful,” I remark. The pink colour covers her face and she smiles at me. “Shall we?” I ask forwarding my hand. She nods and lacing our fingers, we leave the apartment.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

We both fasten our seat belts as instructed and our flight takes off. I look out of the window at the runway and all the memories of the last three years flash through my mind. I smile remembering Naina and Tushar; our craziness together, Naina and Tushar’s relationship tantrums and I always being their advisor and then, meeting Kunj and all the hardships we went through together, yet apart. I loop my hand with Kunj’s and rest my head on his shoulder. “What are you thinking?” I shake my head and close my eyes. He laces our hands together and says, “You’re so cold. Do you want me to take out your jacket?” I shake my head in negative and say, “Just stay here beside me, now and always.” He presses his lips tightly on my head and says, “I’ll be beside you always. Scared about Mom and Dad?” I keep quiet. “Twinkle?” I tighten my grip around his forearm and say, “I guess.” “We’ll convince them, okay? Don’t worry.” I nod and scooting a little closer to him, I again close my eyes.


“Sir/Ma’am, would you like to have anything?” The air-hostess asked. I squinted and slowly, opened my eyes. “Coffee?” I nod and he turns around towards the air-hostess. “Two coffees and one pack of sandwich; how much would it cost?” He pulls out his wallet while the hostess tells the amount. I take our coffees and sandwich and Kunj pays the hostess. I smile at her while she walks towards the backside.

Kunj takes out the sandwiches from the pack while I warm my hands with the warmth of the coffee. I sip it while Kunj forwards the sandwich and says, “Bite.” I smile and bite the sandwich. I take the sandwich from him and both of us have the sandwich while sipping the coffee along with. “Kunj, I’m trying my best to be positive, but what would happen if Maa and Papa don’t accept our relation?” He wipes the sauce from my bottom lip and says, “I’ll kidnap you and then, we’d have a church marriage.” I roll my eyes and both of us laugh. “Nothing would happen, okay? I’ll be there beside you.” I smile and mouth an ‘I love you’ to him. He laughs and pulling me close says, “Do I get anything for that?” “No,” I reply bluntly and sip my coffee. He looks at me and says, “But I want something.” “I won’t give you anything you want,” I reply and smile at him mischievously. He shoves his right hand in the pocket and looking around, points at his lips. I widen my eyes and shake my head vigorously. He looks at me briefly while I look out of the window, staring at the clouds.


Kunj rests his head on my shoulder. I look at him and find him asleep. I smile and move closer to him. My lips touch his’ and I shortly peck his lips. He pecks back my lips instantly and I widen my eyes. “I love you,” he whispers. “That’s so unfair. You were enacting, weren’t you?” “I was unfair? You were taking my advantage and I’m being unfair!” He looks at me and I pull my lips in between my lips. His gaze travels down to my lips and he pecks my lips again. “Everything is fair in love and war,” he says and rests his head on my shoulder. “I’m really sleeping this time, okay? You can kiss me as many times you want,” he adds. I roll my eyes and look out of the window. I feel the warmth on my cheeks. “Beautiful,” Kunj remarks and kissing my cheek, rests his head on my shoulder. I tousle his hair and smile looking at him.

“Now and forever.”

• • • • •

A/N: The next update will be in the first/second week of March.

Is Everything Really So Perfect as it seems to be? – Segment 18 (edited version)

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