The Fragile Trust (Chapter 6)

The Fragile Trust
Chapter 6

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• • • • •


The next morning I woke up with a really bad headache. I held my head between my hands and tried recalling what happened when I remembered about the game we’d played. ‘Had we crossed our limits?’, was the only thought that struck my mind.

“Naina!”, I shouted. “What is it Twinkle?”, she shot back from the other end of the room. “Did something wierd happen yesterday?”, I questioned because of my bipolar conflict between my mind and heart.

She shrugged her shoulders and handing me a lemonade, said, “I wasn’t there at home yesterday. I went with Tushar for dinner.” I quickly gulped down the lemonade and sat on my heels. “Date. Date. Yeah! How was it?”, I asked it. I felt like I was more excited than what she was yesterday.

She let the colour on her cheeks rise and replied, “Good.” “Only good? I’m going to screw the shit out of this guy”, I replied and got up from the bed. “Twinkle!”, Naina yelled and pushed me back on the bed.

“Wear this. I forgot to get the clothes from the laundry”, she muttered throwing a short dress on the bed. “Are you kidding me? I’m not wearing this to college”, I replied staring at the short dress. “Then go wearing this night dress of yours”, Naina replied and before I could say something else, she walked out.


I walked towards the college building as everyone looked at me shocked. I smiled at everyone who looked at me and walked inside the college building. I was walking in the corridor when someone said, “Who’s wearing salwaar in our college?”

‘Tushar! I’ll screw the shit out of this guy’, I thought and turned to face him. His jaws dropped on looking at me while I let out a giggle.

He walked towards me and checked my body temperature. I jerked his hand away and said, “Don’t. Because of you Naina forgot to bring the clothes back from laundry.” He laughed aloud and as soon as Naina came to us, she too started laughing.

“Tushar!”, someone greeted and I knew who it was. Kunj! I closed my eyes at the thought of how bad my day started. “Hey Kunj!”, I greeted him.

He looked at me awkwardly and remarked, “You look beautiful!” I was about to thank him when he too started laughing with Naina and Tushar. All of them are so ridiculous, I swear to death.

“Get lost guys”, I mumbled under my breath and walked away from there. The three of them kept shouting my name in between their laughs and it was pissing me off more.

“Shut up”, I yelled and walked inside my class.


It was around 6 in the evening and I was walking back towards the hostel building with a really bad mood. The three of them had been apologising to me after that and as soon as I turned to face them, they again burst out laughing. I am serious nothing can be more annoying than this.

“Twinkle, listen to me”, Tushar muttered walking beside me. I started walking faster to avoid him, but he matched my pace and said, “Look Twinkle, I’m extremely sorry. I really am. You look beautiful in every outfit, you know that nah?” “Stop flirting”, I stated and walked inside the cafeteria.


“Twinkle, stop ignoring me for God’s sake. Just listen to me for once”, Naina said as I walked out to the patio. “Naina, just leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to any of you”, I said and folding my arms across my chest, I stood there enjoying the cold breeze. My eyes frantically searched for Kunj in the opposite flat, but to my dismay it was empty. I wasn’t going to smile at him or wave a ‘hi’. Just that his usual smile makes me feel nice and calm.


“Tushar, leave me”, I shouted at the top of my voice as he picked me up with my front touching his back and my eyes blindfolded. “Tushar, I swear I’m going to kick you if you don’t put me down immediately”, I shouted hitting his back. “Twinkle, stop it man. I’ll put you down in a minute”, he replied.

Both of us had always shared a great bond which was more like of a brother and sister. He was too protective over me and the reason why I’m staying in college is completely him. Dad didn’t want his ‘Princess’ to stay in the hostel and was always insecure about me. I agreed despite my will because I know how much attached my parents are to me, but it was Tushar who ensured them for my stay at the hostel.


“Phew!”, Tushar heaved a sigh of relief as he made me stand down. “Enough is enough”, I mumbled under my breath and removed the blindfold from my eyes only to see a spectacular scene right in front of me. The beach looked absolutely magnificent under the full moonlight. The water waves which touched the sand every single time adorning it with it’s water and made it wet, the moonlight which fell on the clear water and the stars shining bright across the sky. It seemed like a ‘picturesque’.

‘I’d never come to the beach at this time. It looked spectacular!’, I thought and walked towards the water and knelt down to touch the cold water and enjoy the cool breeze that surrounded the entire place. I saw some fireflies flying only to add beauty to the scene. I turned around and found a bunch full of fireflies in the air. I followed the fireflies and roamed around the beach when someone softly said, “Did you like it?”

I turned around to find Kunj standing in front of me. ‘I’d forgotten all my anger for a few minutes, but now I’m again into all those thoughts’, I mused and looked around to search for Tushar and Naina. ‘These two also must be in this plan’, I thought and searched around frantically.

“Twinkle, listen to me. We planned all this to make it up to you. Tushar and Naina aren’t here because you weren’t even ready to listen to them. Please listen to me for once”, he pleaded, but I was least bothered and I should be. They made fun of me in the morning and I really felt bad.

“Who told you that I’m going to listen to..”, I started, but before I could finish, he interrupted, “Humans make mistakes, but aren’t angels supposed to forgive them?” Kunj asked.
‘What! Is he crazy? Flirting at this moment when I’m really angry with him? God! Typical guys!’, I mused.

“Done with your flirting? If so, I’ll leave. I’ve no free time to waste over you”, I said in a pissed off mood. Certainly, I wasn’t willing to talk to him after what he did in the morning.

I turned back to leave when I felt him gripping onto my wrist. “Twinkle, I’m sorry. I know, I shouldn’t have laughed at you earlier. The fact is, I was amused at the thought of someone wearing a salwaar in London college, especially the one who doesn’t actually prefer wearing them”, he said.

I turned back to look at him, if he was still finding it funny, or seriously apologising. He was serious. Damn serious. “How do I know that you are really feeling bad about it? Because as much as I know you were making fun of me in the morning”, I said still frustrated. He gave me a slight smile before answering my question.

“Twinkle, do you think the stars in the sky above us, need someone to certify that they add beauty to the dark and black sky? And do you think, the fireflies around you, need someone to certify that they are beautiful and lovely, when they glow?” he asked me.

“Of course not! Why would something as beautiful as the stars and fireflies need someone to tell them about what everyone knows?” I shot him back with another question unaware of where this conversation was heading to.

“Then why would someone as beautiful as you need someone’s opinion about how you look or what you wear?” he said folding his hands across his chest.

I was registering his words in my mind and later, I couldn’t help, but blush. I looked up at him to see if he was kidding. But no, he was serious. Damn serious about what he was saying. He had that genuine look in his eyes, which tells that he was saying it for real.

I stood there in silence, not knowing what to say, when I saw him pick up a packet placed on the bench next to him and he handed it over to me. I curiously opened the packet and what I found inside shocked me. Was he kidding me, again? A lemon yellow salwaar and baby pink dupatta. It was so pretty, no doubt! But I looked up at him confused to understand whether he was still in the mood to joke around.

“You will look beautiful in this dress”, he said with a smile. I continuously shifted my gaze from him to the dress for a few seconds. When I didn’t reply, he continued, “Wear this to college tomorrow if you have forgiven me. Otherwise, I’ll consider that you still haven’t forgiven me.”

He passed me a genuine smile, a smile which could always make me smile, make me feel flattered and most importantly, make me feel special. He waved me a ‘bye’ and walked towards the hostel building. I turned around to look at him, but he was long gone.

‘Stalking him was a completely different feeling than what I feel now. I never thought I was so special, but he makes me feel special. He is the epitome of perfection’, I thought while walking back to the hostel building. The day eventually had started bad, but the way it ended was pure bliss.


The next morning I walked inside the college wearing the salwaar Kunj gifted me. Everyone looked at me awkwardly yet again, but it didn’t really matter now. Kunj was right! Why do I need anyone to certify how I look! I certainly didn’t.

“I’m sorry”, someone softly muttered and there was he, Kunj. “You need not be”, I replied and hugged him when Tushar and Naina also jumped in resulting it in a group hug.

“I missed you”, Tushar dramatized. I narrowed my gaze at him and suddenly all of us burst out laughing.

• • • • •

A/N: Updates would probably be reduced to once or twice a week. I’m really lacking time and updating once in two or three days is next to impossible, but the updates would most probably be long.

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