The Fragile Trust (Chapter 5)


The Fragile Trust
Chapter 5

A/N: Thank you for your encouraging support previously. I’m still not done replying to any of the comments. I’ll do it by the weekend. Here’s an early update for you all because TU won’t allow me to update during the new year weekend. Also, don’t bash me up after this update.

Happy New Year to all of you! Hope you all will write another fantastic book of 365 pages in this year coming up ahead.

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“Tushar, make me stand”, I complained giggling as he made his way towards our apartment with me in his arms. He looked at me and passing a cheesy smile, continued walking. “Tushar, what will Twinkle think of us?”, I asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Twinkle knows how much I love this girl”, he replied. I let out a soft giggle as we stood in front of the apartment door. He turned the knob and the two of us walked inside only to see a completely alarming scene in front of us.

Twinkle and Kunj laid there on the floor hugging each other tightly and sleeping. I looked at them and slowly shifted my gaze at Tushar who had the same expression as mine.

“Naina, how did Kunj land up here? And even if he did, why are these two in such an intimate position?”, he asked as if I’m supposed to know everything. “Put me down Tushar”, I muttered and he made me stand.

We walked towards them and I pulled Twinkle up, apart from Kunj. “Twinkle!”, I called her patting her cheeks. “Kunj”, she screamed and kissed my right cheek. I looked at her hopelessly and then turned my gaze at Tushar who’d been suffering from the same situation.

“Twinkle!”, he remarked and kissed his cheek. I laughed and he turned to look at me helplessly rubbing his cheek while Kunj wrapped his arms around him and moved closer to him. “Kunj, I’m not gay”, he shouted trying to free himself from his grip.

“These two are completely inebriated. Let me get them some lemon which they could bite into”, I said making Twinkle sit on the sofa.


“Quick Naina”, Tushar shouted as I hurriedly exited the kitchen. I handed a slice of lemon to Kunj as he thrust it inside his mouth. “Is he gay or what!”, Tushar asked as I tried to make Twinkle get a bite into the lemon.

“Tushar, make her bite this”, I said giving up. “Naina, I’m holding her face straight. You make her bite into it, okay?”, he asked as I nodded my head in agreement.


I changed into a short frock for the night and remembered that I’d forgotten to bring the clothes from the laundry even though Twinkle had reminded me. I hate Tushar for always romancing with me that I forget what I’ve to do. I tied up my hair in a bun and switched off the lights. I was about to go to my room when someone rang the doorbell.

“Who’s it at this hour of the night!”, I mumbled under my breath glancing at my phone. I opened the door and I was soon pushed against the wall. “What the hell!”, I remarked while Tushar turned around the knob to lock the door.

“Tushar, you scared me”, I complained. He walked closer to me as I asked, “What the hell are you even trying to do at this hour of the night? Go back to your room. I’m damn sleepy, I need to sleep plus, I forgot to get back the clothes from the laundry so, I need to wake up early tomorrow.” “Seduce you, baby”, he replied and I gave him a fed up look.

“Good night Tushar!”, I was about to walk away when he held my wrist and pushed me back against the wall. He nuzzled into my neck and muttered, “You broke your promise darling.”

I quizzically furrowed my eyebrows and asked, “What promise now?” “My good bye kiss”, he replied. “Shut up Tushar. Go back to your room now. I’m damn sleepy and moreover, I’m in no mood to kiss you now”, I replied and turned around the knob of the door. He kicked the door to close it.

“I’m going to kiss you then”, he replied. “Tushar, look there’s a cockroach”, I remarked squeaking. He turned around to look at the direction as I slowly opened the door and pushed him outside. “Good night Tushar!”, I greeted and closed the door before he could come inside again.

‘I love you!’, I messaged him and walked back to my room. I pulled the blanket over myself while my phone vibrated. ‘More..’, Tushar texted back as I kissed his name on the screen and drifted to sleep.

• • • • •

A/N: I know Naina’s voice was unexpected plus, I apologise for a chapter without any TwiNj moments.

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