The Fragile Trust (Chapter 14)

The Fragile Trust
Chapter 14

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• • • • •

“Acha, I’m really sorry,” Kunj says getting off of the bed and I walk out of the room paying no attention and why should I? He just insulted me on my face and I don’t want to talk him presently. I walk inside the kitchen and make myself coffee. I wait for two minutes and as I’m about to pour the coffee, I find a note stuck on the tray next to the mug.

‘Babe, I’m sorry. Okay, you can beat me for laughing at you, but please talk to me.’

I smile and I’m about to pick up the note when Kunj, leaning against the doorframe, says, “I’m sorry.” I scrunch my face and turn back toward the counter. I crumple the note and throw it in the bin. I pour myself the coffee and walk past him.

“Twinkle, I’m sorry,” he screeches and I sit down on the sofa crossing my legs, one over the other. I sip my coffee ignoring him when he snatches the mug from my hand and keeps it on the table. “What the hell!” I lean forward to pick up the mug when he lifts me up from the sofa and walks toward the bedroom. I widen my eyes in astonishment as all the possible thoughts swarm my mind. “Ku . . . nj . . . ,” I gulp in while he glances at me and arching his eyebrows, looks forward.


“Kunj, what are you doing?” I ask as he removes his shirt and advances toward me. “Ku . . . nj . . . ,” I utter stepping back and staring at his naked upper body. He places his hand on the small of my back and pulls me toward him. My front hits his chest and he pushes me back against the wall. He corners me slowly and turns on the shower. The water falls on the two of us, drenching us completely. The water droplets cling to his body and he slowly unzips my dress. I allow myself to forget all the promises we’d made to each other and just savour the moment. The water droplets adorn our lips and I stand up on my toes to kiss him. His hand slides under my top and I tousle his hair. He bites my lower lip and I open my mouth to let out a moan and our tongues fight against each other’s. I let him dominate and bask his taste.

He pulls back after we’re left breathless and looks at me. I look down reddened. Every moment with Kunj has its own distinctiveness. I bask over the kiss as he traces my jawline. I look up at him for a minute and as soon as he glances back at me, I push him away and run out of the bathroom. Kunj surely knows how to convince me!


“Twinkle, are you preparing the breakfast?” “Yes,” I reply mildly. His voice reminds me of everything that happened a while ago and I can’t help, but think over it continuously and feel shy. I fill the jug with his favourite mango juice. I place the serving bowls on the tray and walk out of the kitchen slowly to avoid his gaze. I find him working on his phone and quickly walk over to the dining area. I serve him two pancakes, a little of porridge, fill his glass and quietly start walking back to the kitchen. He grasps my hand and my eyes widen. No! He pulls me back on his lap and says, “Where are you going, Babe?” I stay quiet and look around the room. “Twinkle, where were you going?” He straddles over my waist and I sit up straight. “To get some more pancakes,” I reply pushing him away and stand up immediately. “Then what are these?” He points at the pancakes in the serving bowl. I fiddle with my fingers and say, “Actually . . My breakfast is in the kitchen. It’s served. I’ll just bring it.” I run away inside the kitchen before he questions me again and heave a sigh of relief.

I stand for a while till he finishes his breakfast, but he calls out for me asking me to come fast. I curse him under my breath and also myself for ignoring him which led to this awkward situation. I grasp an empty plate from the counter and walk back to the dining area, embarrassed. I’d have another round of questions fired at me for walking back with this empty plate after he’ll be done questioning me about what took me so much time. I sit on the chair opposite to him and fill my plate with two pancakes and some porridge. “Twinkle” I quickly fill his plate with a few more pancakes before he questions me anything. Oh my god! I’m behaving so awkward. He stares at me for some time and when I don’t look back, he starts eating his food.

We eat our breakfast silently unless Kunj traces my leg from my toe. I gulp in my pancake and widen my eyes in shock. “Smoking hot” My face reddens and I quickly get up to run back to the room when Kunj wraps his arms around my waist from behind and rests his chin on shoulder. “Embarrassed, Babe?” I stay mum and he presses my front to his back. “I love you,” he whispers in my ear and kisses softly under my ear. For a moment, I’d lost all my senses as the sensation ran down my spine through my sensitive spot. Did I forget I was with my boyfriend? I nod my head indicating a no and reply, “I love you more.” He presses his lips tightly against my ears and mutters, “Mine.” I smile and nod my head.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

“Twinkle,” I shout walking inside our room. She looks up at me expectantly and wriggles her eyebrows. “Umm . . I’d to go give these books back and get some other book re-issued. Do you want to come along?” She smiles and shakes her head. “Why?” “Why do you want me to?” she asks and smiles genuinely. “Because we could’ve a walk around the campus, may be?” “No, you go ahead. I’ll just complete this,” she replies. I climb on the bed and part my legs giving her space to sit in between. “Now you tell me what you’re doing so I can help you,” I say pulling her in between my legs and stroke her hair.

“Kunj, rather than helping, you’re distracting me so you go to the library,” she replies and I caress her smooth skin. She shudders and I place a few soppy kisses on her shoulder. “Kunj” she moans and I smile. I grasp her palms and hold them tightly on her stomach. I move her hair to one of her shoulders and gently kiss the other side. “Kunj,” she giggles and pushes me away from her. I grimace and she laughs. “That’s not fair. You always move away whenever I try to romance you,” I complain and she laughs. She pulls my cheek and says, “You’re so cute Kunj.” I pull her toward myself and say, “Ms. Taneja, a slip of tongue might cost you a lot. Are you sure I’m cute?” She chuckles nodding her head and I instantly, place my lips against hers. I inhale her intoxicating fragrance and my hands travel to the small of her back. She kisses me back passionately while I try pulling her up on myself. “Don’t,” she mutters against my lips. I smile and with greater intensity, pull her on me.

“I told you not to,” she complains. I place a soppy kiss on her forehead and tuck a few strands of hair behind her ear. “It’s okay Babe. Anyway, I don’t listen to you when things are concerned about you,” I say. “And that is the reason I love you.” “You don’t love me for anything else?” I ask with a glint of mischief in my eyes. She taps her chin for a while and then, shakes her head. “Ms. Taneja, you’ll have to pay for this,” I say and I roll over her. She stares at me intently while I lace our fingers above her head. “You won’t do anything that I’m thinking, right?” “I’ll do everything that you aren’t even thinking of,” I reply and grin at her. “Kunj, no,” she warns me. “Yes Babe.”

I kiss the corner of her lips and as soon as she opens her mouth to kiss me back, I move away. “Kunj, don’t do this please,” she whines. “I already am doing it,” I reply and place a few soppy kisses on her face. “Kunj, I swear you’re so mean,” she complains and I giggle. “And I swear you’re so gullible My Love. You should’ve known I’d do something like this.” “Kunj, get off of me. It’s hurting.” I quickly plop down on the bed beside her and she jumps off of the bed. She collects her books and says, “Out of the house now. You should be in the library.” “Twinkle, look, this isn’t fair at all. I’ll go in a while. Please be here, beside me Sweetheart,” I request. “It’s my chance to tease now. Go to the library immediately.”

I get down the bed and walk behind Twinkle. “Twinkle, listen to me. Just one last kiss for the time being,” I plead. Looks like, I’m madly and deeply in love with this girl. She turns around and keeping her books on the table beside, walks toward me. My girl can never resist me. She holds my face in her hands and my hands automatically travel to the small of her back. I pull her close and as I open my mouth to kiss her, she pecks my lower lip and steps back. “Destination: Library Mr. Sarna,” she remarks and I scrunch my face. “Meanie,” I remark and stomp out of the house.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

I finish my assignments and as I’m about to get up, the thunderstorm starts. I shudder and quickly sit down. “Twinkle, calm down; nothing is going to happen, okay? Don’t worry,” I calm myself and slowly get up to close the windows and doors. I close the doors and windows and walk inside our room to find the door to the patio of the room open. The thunder strikes again and I feel the raindrops splattering against my skin prickling me. The goosebumps sprawl on my skin. I cross my arms across my chest and rub them vigorously. “Nothing’s happening, okay? Just relax,” I calm myself. The past flashes through my mind again and I’m scared as usual. I hate stormy nights. I don’t want this to happen. I move close to the patio and as I’m about to close the door to the patio, the thunder strikes again and I fall down on the floor.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

I walk inside the house and find it completely dark. I glance at my watch and it was around ten in the night. I realise that I’d been struck in the library for a really long time because of the heavy downpour and the thunderstorm. “Baby, where are you?” I shout across the hall, but it seemed completely empty. I switch on the flashlight of my phone and search all around the house, the kitchen, the balcony, the hall, the other room, but I don’t find her anywhere. May be she went to Naina and was struck because of the downpour. I try switching on the lights, but because of the heavy downpour there’s a cut off for a while.

I walk inside the room and flash the light across the room to walk toward the closet. The patio’s open, but how come? Didn’t Twinkle close all the doors and windows? May be she missed this one. I walk toward the patio flashing the light and there, on the floor, I find Twinkle huddled and completely drenched because of the rain. I kneel down on the floor beside her and shake her vigorously. I find her muttering, ‘Maa, please don’t leave me.’ I scrunch my face in confusion. I lift her up from the floor and softly kiss her forehead. “Twinkle, it’s okay. See, your Kunj is here.” I gently place her on the bed and realise I’ve to change her clothes to prevent her from catching a cold.

I search for her clothes in the closet and I switch off my flashlight. I slowly change her into some comfortable clothes while she keeps muttering, asking Mom not to leave her. I shush her by placing a few soppy kisses all over faces and slowly lay her down. I lie down next to her and cuddle with her to make her feel comfortable. She stops muttering after sometime and I press my lips tightly on her hair. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

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