The Fragile Trust (Chapter 13)

The Fragile Trust
Chapter 13

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“Kunj, remove your hands now,” I say as both of us walk toward, I don’t know where because it’s supposed to be a surprise for me. “How much time more?” I was growing impatient and Kunj wasn’t even replying back. “Kunj, it has been an hour since we’re walking, okay? Why couldn’t you get your car over here? If you’d a problem in driving, you could’ve told and I would’ve driven both of us here.” I try to remove his hands, but he tightens his grip and we keep walking.

“Are we in a church? I do hear the hymns,” I say. Kunj’s grip on my eyes loosens and he mutters, “Your surprise.” I blink my eyes for a few seconds to adjust to the brightness of the surroundings. I look around and find the church brightly lighted with several candles burning in front of Jesus and the choir singing the hymns. “Do you like it?” “I love it,” I reply and walk toward the front. “For once, I thought that you’ll say you love me,” he whispers into my ear and kisses my earlobe gently. I shiver a little and lacing our fingers together, I mutter, “I do.” “What babe?” I look at him a bit surprised and all I notice is the glint of mischief in his eyes. “Nothing Mr. Sarna,” I reply playing along with him. We stand in front of Jesus and light a candle for ‘us’. We close our eyes and pray to Jesus. I turn around glancing at Kunj and find him praying with his eyes closed and a smile tugged at his lips.

‘Jesus, I won’t pray for much, but all I want to ask for is, give both of us the strength we’d require to fight any obstacle that comes along our way and still be beside each other, not letting go off each other whatever happens,’ I open my eyes and find Kunj staring at me. I arch my eyebrows and he nods his head sideway. “Shall we leave?” I smile and he turns around to leave when I hold his hand. He turns around to face me and I mutter, “I love you!” “What?” “I love you,” I reply. He moves closer to me and says, “I can’t hear you baby? Please be a bit louder.” I know he’s doing it deliberately now and I laugh at him.

“KUNJ, I. LOVE. YOU. ,” I shout in the church and the choir stops singing. A minute later, everyone smiles at us and the choir resumes singing. I turn around to face Kunj and he pulls me closer bracing me. I look up after a minute and he presses his lips into my hair. I stand on my toes and kiss Kunj. I ruffle his hair and his hands move down to my waist. I bit his lower lip slowly and he groans. I laugh against his mouth and for the first time, he lets me dominate during the kiss.

“I love you,” he says against my lips and we pull back, completely breathless. We smile at each other and touch our foreheads. “Now and forever,” we both say together and laugh.


“Kunj,” I say and he feeds me another spoonful. “Hmm?” “Why did we go to the church? I thought you’d be taking me on a date,” I say and he looks at me for a second. I feed him and he smiles at me. “Tell me nah, Kunj,” I insist and he smiles. “Is it really that necessary?” I nod my head and he wipes the sauce from my lower lip. “Don’t be mad at me, okay? In the beginning, when I was helping you in statistics, you’d left your diary in my flat. I didn’t go through the entire diary, but I’d come across one of the pages wherein you’d penned down your wishes. I went through all of them and they seemed surprisingly interesting. This was the only wish I thought I could fulfill so instead of going for a typical candle light dinner date, we went to the church and fulfilled two of your wishes of visiting a church at night and the other one of lighting a candle and praying to Jesus with your love beside you.”

And that was all I needed. I jump onto him and hug him tightly. ‘How can someone be so sweet? Maa and papa can’t stay without accepting him, can they?’ He wraps his arms around me and both of us fall down on the floor. We laugh out loud and after a few minutes, we stand up rubbing our backs. He pulls up the chair and sitting down on it, pulls me on his lap. I smile and both of us have an amazing dinner with the tastiest Mexican food, feeding each other.


We both lay down on the bed with me on top of Kunj. He gently strokes my hair and I play with our fingers. ‘Silence is the best medicine,’ I do agree wondering about it. I look up slightly and ask, “Kunj, what did you want for winning the challenge?” He arches his eyebrow and says, “Thanks for reminding. What do you want to gift me?” I shrug and say, “It should be your choice.” “Erm . . Let’s go skinny dipping,” he says and I look at him widening my eyes. Did he just say that? He looks at me intently and I say, “Skinny dipping? You mean, the literal skinny dipping, is it?” he nods his head genuinely as if it isn’t a big deal and I sit up straight on the bed. I grab the glass of water from the bedside table and gulp it down. “Do you know what skinny dipping is?” “Of course I do,” I reply and look away.

I close my eyes and the only thing I imagine is the beach and the two of us naked. Not that I know how he’d look naked, but I just imagine two blurry figures. I open my eyes as I hear Kunj laughing. I look towards him and he’s holding his stomach and laughing. Was he joking? I look at him seriously and after a while he says, “Your expressions were worth it. Oh My God! You looked so funny.” I narrow my gaze and scoff at him. “This isn’t funny,” I say and he pulls me back on his chest. He wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my forehead softly.

“We would never do anything which makes you feel uncomfortable, okay?” I smile at him. “I need you to promise me,” he says and I place my head against his chest, hearing his heartbeat. “What?” “We would be together no matter what, okay? We won’t give up in the middle of our struggle. We’ll fight till mom and dad accepts our relation,” he completes and I quickly peck his lips. I lace our fingers together and say, “Through thick and thin. Forever.” I place my head back on his chest and he strokes my hair.


I slip my feet into the slippers and Kunj quickly kisses me, a short one. “Good night,” I whisper against his lips. He pulls back and says, “Good night.” I walk toward the exit while he leans against the wall. “Oh, by the way,” I say turning around. He looks at me expectantly and I continue, “I’m shifting here tomorrow morning for this last month.” “Really?” “Yes, baby,” I reply and peck his lips quickly before running toward the entrance. He holds onto my wrist and says, “Come soon. We’ll do hanky-panky under the blanket.” This guy! I smack his arm lightly and both of us laugh. He lets go off my hand and says, “I’ll be waiting.” “I’ll be here soon.” We smile at each other and I leave back to my flat for spending the last night.


“Kunj, wake up,” I walk inside the room carrying a tray and I see Kunj fluttering his eyelids. “Twinkle, let me sleep,” he replies and pulls the blanket over his head. I sit beside him and remove the blanket from his face. “Kunj,” I hit his chest and he wraps his hands around me, bracing me. “Twinkle, you also sleep along.”

“Kunj, get up I say or else,” I say and he repeats, “Or else?” “Are you testing me?” He smiles at me and I lace our fingers together. “Mr. Sarna, please wake up,” I say sweetly and bring his hand toward the table. “Sleep nah, Twinkle,” he says and I dip his finger in the tea. “Ahh . . ,” he screams and I quickly stand up from the bed, a little far away. “Twinkle, is this how you wake up your boyfriend every day by killing him? First all the machines used in kitchen and then this tea. Ouch! It’s so hot,” he says. “Oh, excuse me. Even the kettle wasn’t so hot. Kill, it seems,” I reply and sit down on the bed next to him. I pull his finger toward me and blow air to it. He holds my hand and pulls me toward him.

“Kunj . . ,” I mutter. “What’s your problem? Why can’t you sit close to me? Have you seen the two love smitten puppies, Tushar and Naina? They always romance each other and look at you. Do you love me or not?” I pull my hand out of his grip and say, “Acha ji? Aap ko ab lagta hai main aap se pyaar nahi karti?” I don’t know why I replied in my English accented Hindi. I looked at Kunj and he started laughing. At me?

“Oh, God Twinkle! Just speak English. You’re Hindi is really funny with the English accent,” he says and I grimace. “This is the reason why I don’t love you,” I say and walk out of the room with Kunj calling out for me and following me.

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  1. Presha

    hey ria fabulous just loved it yaar damn good it is

    1. Ria

      Thank you Presha! 🙂

  2. Really Confused Fan

    Wow! This episode was so different than any other stories I’ve read. It’s so straightforward and outspoken, I love it! Mexican food ? Can they share with me also? The church scene was just a bliss to read. Actually, the whole episode was just a bliss to read. Skinny dipping? ? Will they do it? Can’t wait to read more. Do post soon, but I won’t pressurize you. Loads of love! ❤️

    1. Sara28

      What is this? Why did TU put my comment with this name? Lol Ria, I’m sorry about that. But I’m amazed to know that even with the wrong name, you knew who I was!

      1. Ria

        Thank you Sara! I’m glad you liked the update. Well, about the sharing of the food, come to India, I’ll share half of mine with you. ? Plus, about skinny dipping, let’s see. I might add it or mightn’t as well. It depends.

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    Btw if u ever get time do read my SS and FF.. I posted it ??
    Love you dii ?

    1. Ria

      Thank you Romaisha! Glad you liked it. 🙂

      And about your FF and SS, I’ve read them. I’m juggling between studies and everything else so I couldn’t comment, but they were extremely good. I’m looking forward to the next one of both, but especially your SS. 🙂

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    It was beautiful written and twinkle dipping kunj finger on tea ☕️ was ?? twinj church scene was nice ??

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    Cutie pie ?
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    Anyways, as i said, the whole idea of church was awesome!?? One hell of a surprise, than the routine candle light dinner! See, this is the reason I love ur ff! But yeah, i love u more for writing this!!! (R u Happy?)

    Skinny dipping thing was seriously fun, and Twinkle’s reaction was epic!? I wonder where u get such ideas in ur naughty head!
    And abt this morning coffee, I know this scene!! I know it, and its one of my favorites!!!!???? I love u for adding it!??

    We almost posted this together with a gap of few minutes! Don’t worry, we’ll try posting the next one together!??
    Love you loads baccha!❤

    1. Ria

      Kiddoo, is it? ?
      Mushy mushy stuff. Hmm? Well, only for a few more chapters then, back to emotional stuff again. ? Oh, yeah, I knew you loved me more. ?

      Well, even I found Twinkle’s reaction funny. Love it, love it, love it!! That scene was epic!! I love it too much. ?

      Yeah, we’ll post together next time. 🙂
      All in all, thank you! Glad you liked the update Di. 🙂

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    Hey ria
    That was so beautiful….the church scene the confession…..nd kunj’s finger in d tea??…..Amazing epi very well written
    Continue asap

    Loads of Love ?

    1. Ria

      Thank you Kruti! Glad you liked it. Yeah, working on the next one. Will post soon. 🙂

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    Too good
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      Thank you Sohi! Glad you liked it. Yeah, working on the next one. Will post soon. 🙂

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      Thank you Priya! Glad you liked the update. Yeah, working on the next one. Will post soon. 🙂

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    The episode was really the best one … i loved each nd every bit of it ..
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    It was damn fantastic … loved it ..
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      Thank you Purvi! Glad you liked the update. Yeah, working on the next one. Will post soon. 🙂

  10. Fabulous episode ria I loved it to the core

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      Thank you Sushmitha! 🙂

  11. ria di nice to see u….wid this blast episode….and church scene was muh..muh…
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    luv u..

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      Thank you Adeeba! Yeah, working on the next one. Will post soon. 🙂

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      Thank you! Glad you liked it. Yeah, working on the next one. Will post soon. 🙂

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    it was tooo cute n adorable really church i love churches but never been to one….☺
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    1. Ria

      Thank you Baby! Glad you liked it. Yeah, working on the next one. Will post soon. 🙂

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    MEXICAN FOOD ❤️ Even I want to eat … I hate you for reminding me of it -.- and omg Ria, skinny dippy ?? I couldn’t control my laughter! Moreover, the church scene was beautiful! Can’t comment long, you know why! So post the next one soon!

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    Your stupid! ❤️

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      Well, thank you! Glad you liked the update. And yeah, I know you’re hell busy so it’s okay. Also, I’m already working on it. Will post soon. ?

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    Amazing episode Ria just loved it do continue soon
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      Thank you Di! Glad you liked the update. Working on the next one. Will post soon. 🙂

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      It’s okay Manvi! I know how much student life sucks. Anyway, let’s just keep it aside. A moment of silence without studies. ??

      Well, thank you so much Manvi! Glad you liked it. Working on the next one. Will post soon. 🙂

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