The Fragile Trust (Chapter 1)


The Fragile Trust
Chapter 1

A/N: Thank you for your encouraging support previously. Well, the updates might be shorter than before, but I’ll be trying my best to not delay the work and upload at the earliest.

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I came out running from the college building submitting my assignment and Naina called out for me. ‘Not again’, I thought and turned towards her only to find her giving me a depressed look as usual. She came running towards me and said, “Tushar isn’t taking me for shopping.” I rolled my eyes at her words. She was complaining. Again. These two love birds had no work except for fighting every single day and dragging me into every petty issues that took place between them. Was I a relationship advisor sitting jobless over here?

“I’m bored”, I replied. “Of?”, she asked. If she would have been sensible enough, she would’ve understood. “Nothing. Let’s go to Tushar”, I muttered walking towards the campus ground.

Naina was my batchmate and roommate. The two of us were in the second of year of management in the London College of Management and Administration. We both were the best of friends and had been managed to do everything since the start together except for this relationship of hers. I’m not really a person who wants to be in all of this since the start. I never even had a crush in my school life. But Naina says I’ll change pretty soon.

“Twinkle!”, Naina exclaimed as I was about to walk into some girl. “I’m sorry”, I muttered and walked past her. “Where are you lost?”, she asked. “Nah. Let me get myself a cold coffee”, I said walking inside the cafeteria.


“Tushar”, I shouted walking towards the ground. He held up his forefinger asking me to wait for a minute. I nodded assuringly. Tushar was a third year student. I had known him since my high school and that’s how Naina met Tushar and both of them gradually got together pretty well. They got into a relationship and there I was, third wheeling.

I didn’t really want to third wheel, but Naina and Tushar would never let me go alone thinking I might feel left out. I sipped my coffee as Tushar came running towards us. I smiled and Naina ignored him.

“Hi”, he greeted me. “Hello”, I replied. If it was me before, I would’ve just shouted at him. But as I said before, I was bored. “Why are you so dull?”, he asked. “Well, Tushar, I’m bored”, I replied gulping down another sip.

After two minutes of silence which felt like I was attending some funeral, I spoke. “What’s wrong with the two of you? Why do you both always keep fighting? Guys, stop behaving like kids all the time”, I said.

“Twinkle, I want to go for shopping.”

“Twinkle, I’m going for a movie.”

The two of them shouted. I slowly walked away as the two of them kept arguing. How did these two got along at the first place!

“Twinkle!”, the two of them exclaimed noticing my absence. “Twinkle, please!”, the two of them shouted in my ears.

“Guys, go for dinner”, I suggested. The two of them smiled brightly hinting me that they liked the idea. Dinner of course won’t be an ordinary one. Tushar would make it the best dinner for Naina to make it up for the arguments.

“Hey Tushar”, someone greeted when I was talking to Naina. I was teasing her about the dinner which would actually be a date. The colour on her cheeks had been rising and I couldn’t help, but laugh at her.

“Hey Kunj”, Tushar replied as my eyes immediately shot up to find him dressed in a rugged blue jeans and a black shirt with his sleeves rolled up till his elbows. I wish I could just keep adoring him, but looked away as Tushar spoke up. I killed him atleast a million times in my mind for disturbing my moment, but it surely did seem awkward. He looked at everyone and smiled when Tushar said, “Meet them.”

He forwarded his hand when I asked, “Kunj Sarna? Third year, topper?” He nodded as I shook my hand and he said, “Nice to meet you Ms. Twinkle Taneja. Well, how do you know me?”

“Umm..Tushar told me”, I replied instantly. “Mee..”, Tushar muttered, but I stamped his foot. I didn’t want Kunj to know that I’d been stalking him since the last two years. “How do you know me?”, I asked him. “Same. Tushar told me”, he replied while Tushar sunk to the ground throwing up some silly tantrums.

“Baby!!”, Naina cried cheesily. I rolled my eyes and thought how can a person be so dyanmic. Just a minute ago, she was shouting and arguing with Tushar and now, she is concerned about him. Gosh! Relations are so complicated unless you get into one.

“Where’s Aman though?”, Tushar asked holding his other leg. ‘Didn’t I stamp on his other foot?’, I thought. “He went to his home. He’ll return in a matter of one or two weeks of time”, Kunj replied.

Kunj had a well sculpted body and a perfectly shaped jawline. His dark eyes accompanied with the perfectly arched eyebrows added smartness to his personality. His dark brown hair which fell on his forehead made him look handsome and I couldn’t help, but admire his appearance.

“Twinkle!”, he exclaimed a bit loudly making me come out of my thoughts. I furrowed my eyebrows quizzically as he added, “Shall we leave them alone?” He pointed his finger towards Naina and Tushar who were busy romancing each other as I let out a soft giggle. “Sure”, I replied and the two of us walked towards our apartment which had been provided by the college due to lack of hostel rooms, letting them spend some time with each other.

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