The Introduction Of Their Lives……..
Hello everyone … we ShIya are back…. thanks to all who commented and liked our episode… so happy to get 40+comments….. really all your comments are a source of inspiration….

So here is the first episode….
The Introduction Of Their Lives…..
“Life is a beautiful gift… you are lucky to get a life…. a life in which u can smile .. u can laugh… u r free to do anything…. please don’t destroy your lives or don’t try ending it….. as you don’t know maybe is it your last birth…..???? SPREAD GOODNESS ….. as the fragrance of flower scatters in the direction of wind but your goodness spreads in all direction..”
A boy is reading this from a letter.. he has tears in his eyes.. “you changed Ragini… you are not who wrote these lines… you are not who was herself goodness…. u have changed…..” as he said this a drop of tear fell from his eyes……
Boy: I loved reading your letters your articles, your stories… or to say Sanskar was your biggest fan… but now things have changed….
He sits on his bed and cries looking at letters…..
Boy: I know who is right and who was not at fault… but Ragini you didn’t trust me… you didn’t….
On the other hand a boy is sitting in a dark room…..

He is having drugs…..
He looks totally broken… as if he has no reason to live….
Boy: today I am living just for you …. he says looking at drugs vaccine….
Boy: yeh bhi kaisi ajeeb aadat h…. na kisi ko jeene deti h na kisi ko marne deti h….( addiction of drugs neither let u die nor allows u to live)…..

Here in a room a girl is sitting.
Girl: u betrayed me …. you were my soul sister…..u were my half… but you…. you destroyed everything, everything, You took my love……. you have broken our relation.

Another girl listening to this.
Girl: no .. no.. i have not done anything . It was a misunderstanding. I don’t know how I can prove my innocence.. please trust me. Ragini please.
The first girl looks towards the door through the mirror and thinks, “ Hume maaf kardiji Swara , yeh jante hue bhi ki app galat nahi hain , hum apko us gunaah ki saza de rahe hain jo apne kiya hi nahi, par jo kar rahe hain , apke liye kar rahe hain , apke pyaar ke liye…. (Please forgive me swara , I am punishing you for a crime you haven’t done , I know you are not at fault , but everything I am doing is for you…for your LOVE…)
So the girl crying in room is Ragini and the other listening at door is Swara…

Har khwaab mera h toot gaya……
Har sapna mera peeche chooth gaya….
Teri yaado ka har lamha bas you satata h…
Sapno ka har sansaar teri yaad dilata h…..
Teri yaad satati h… meri neend le jaati h…
Teri yaad satati h… neend le jaati h….
Kya galti thi meri …jo mujhse door h tu….
Meri khwabo ka chain tha tu….
Ab bas teri yaad hi satati h….
Teri yaad satati h… meri neend le jaati h…
Teri yaad satati h… neend le jaati h….
(Every dream of mine has been shattered….
All my dreams are left back….
All your memories are just left with me… which are disturbing me every moment
Your memories disturb me… they have taken my sleep
What was my fault that you are so away….
You were my dream and all my relief…
Your memories disturb me… they have taken my sleep my dreams away)

2 girls are sitting in room. 1 is busy writing and other is busy in some files.
The girl writing: Swara … for you what is the synonym of love.
Swara(the girl working in file): you, Ragini.
Ragini: why???
Swara: ab who loves me more than u??

Ragini goes to swara and hugs her.
Swara: ok ok don’t get emotional… let me complete my work.
Ragini: as you say commander.

Ragini smiles and goes to her table.
Ragin is writing- LOVE has got different meanings for all…. someone has money as love… for someone it is relationship… for someone its family…. everyone has got different definitions… but for me its most pious thing in world……..
She stops her pen and goes to sleep……
The paper in which she wrote flies with air and reaches down in her garden…. its lying there …
Here, Swara : oh god please I want this deal…. it is very important for me… please help me god. She works on her laptop whole night.
In morning:
A boy is standing at the floor of house next to swaragini’s … he is unloading his stuff from the lorry… another boy comes to him.
Boy: Sanskar is all the work done.
Sanskar: Laksh, just little left.
Laksh: good actually i have a very important meeting today… I need to go.

Sanskar: no worries bhai. I will look after everything.
Laksh gives him a photo frame…… Sanskar looks at it and gets tears in his eyes.
Sanskar: ma.. bhai it would have been very nice if ma would have been with us… i don’t know why god did this with us. Why did he took ma from us?? I miss her a lot bhai…
Laksh: Sanskar don’t cry… I am there with you na.. ok now i have to leave meet you in evening.

Laksh leaves in his car.
Sanskar thinks to explore the place and goes in the garden… he sees a paper there. He picks it up and reads..
After reading he gets a smile on his face…..
Sanskar- I don’t know who wrote this but it is beautiful…..
Precap: FB continues………

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