Four different worlds ( episode 9)

surbhi gets thinking why he is using our emotions and goes towards him to confront and asp says the reason beside this team
and surbhi accepts to him and goes from their.
asp stops her and says day after tomorrow your dad body will reach.
she thanks him and goes from there.
tej and gaurav are at kitchen
piyush comes and drags her to hall.
gaurav thinks know wat he is going to do with her i hope he wont take name of her family by hardly she started sharing and smiling.
piyush makes sit her on sofa and starts playing vedio where her bday celebration are there
tej is hugging her brother and says thank u bhai i lovetej gets teardy eye and see piyush.
piyush sits with her and says u only said na tej that u dont even have any thing which makes to remeber u about them i search alot and found your brother and family in this vedio i hope i didnt hurt u .

tej hugs him and thanks him
tej takes that vedio and goes to her room.
all smiles at him
piyush:- i hope you all forgive me now.
they all hug him
gaurav gets a call informing him about something he goes and meets a person he handles him a photos and he open that photos and gets shocked to see asp and head of cbcid meeting secretely.
he return home and get to knew that they have to change looks for a case to collect information.
gaurav and surbhi are pairing as wife and husband and reach to resort.
raquesh and tej are like boy frd and girl frd.
asp says:- no change gaurav and tej will go and raquesh and surbhi will go.
they gets puzzled
tej:-whats wrong in this why u always stops me and raquesh go at onces.
asp:- two fires cant stay at one place everything will be ruined.
gaurav;- what do u mean.
asp:- tej and raquesh are i mean they cant control their anger thats why one calm and one angry sholud be together.

surbhi:- doing they both are not having that much angry ok and ya when coming to duty we all are same treat us like one or else.
asp:- or else.
raquesh:- we will back off.
asp:- oh really u will back of after all saying that i have information about culpruts whom u want.
tej about to speak.
gaurav:- yes we doo
tej:- if u want to black mail us then its worst option in your life.
raquesh:- if not then i am sure i will make it .
all goes from their
because of case they all move close to each other which makes all jeously.
aome person speaks badly to surbhi which makes raquesh angry but tej controla nd gaurav handles it calmly.
rtecptionist speaks rudely to tej which makes gaurav angry and surbhi control him and says first time i am seeing you in angry what happen
gaurav:- nothing.
surbhi:- when r u going to propose her .
gaurav:- soon when she reaches her destination
both smiles at each other an following raquesh also
thay both run towards them
tej:- we are ok u both follow them

gaurav and surbhi finally catches them
and few goons about hit surbhi
raquesh comes their and hits them with leg and surbhi keep on looking at him.
gaurav about to stab but tej shoots him on hands and they both figth with all and finally arrest them.
they all does their first aid and intorragets them
they are not giving anyinformation tej loose her temper and goes towards them and sits before them
tej:- pulls onne hair from his hand
man:- shouts
tej:- think if few hair at a time pulled how it feel and sees at surbhi
surbhi:- understands and goes to bring wax.
they both apply wax and pulls hair at at time which makes him to confess
gaurav and raquesh both touches their hands and sees each other.
they all comes out and says untill now we never saw this type of introgation
all smiles
all hug and waves him bye to piyush.
piyush:- when i return i want to see my frds like they used to be in colz days.
raquesh:- i promise we will be normal in few days.
tej looks at him
he nodes in yes.

later raquesh shows some adress and says the person who made our lifes lives here tej so get ready.
gaurav:- what do u mean by that we are also coming.
surbhi:- yes u cant separete us from you.
rauqesh:- its dangerous for u and its no reasong for u to fight for us.
tej:- yes
gaurav:- oh shut up their is reason ok and yaa we have rights to take a stand for u.
tej:- but.
surbhi:- we said to shut up and they both leaves from their.
raquesh and tej watches each other and smiles.

at next morning.
all are at burrial ground at does all rituals to surbhi dad and hand over her flag to her and says we are proud of u and your father who served to our counrty.

at night
all observes asp going some where by hiding
all follows him and sees asp meeting head and all his talks
the actual reason behind their mission
and gaurav gets to knew that head is his dad.
all gets shocked and see gaurav who is having tears in his eyes.
tej holds his hand and smiles gaurav too responds to her .
gaurav moves towards head and says dad.

head turns and gets shocked .
gaurav:- i dont knew that u left me or i was lost but i am sure that u searched for me my life is different untill now and now its more different by meeting my fellow officers adter meeting them after knwing them i came to knew that my life is far better than them and learns that he lost him in a case and both hugs each other.
all gets happy.
head also joins them in their house and spend some time.

head gives them a adress and asks them to conform them that they were durgs are not after that you all will leave to catch that person whom you were seeing from these days.

precap:- tej gets druken and starts singing song and dances with gaurav and finally kisses him on cheeck while he lifting her which makes him shocked expression.

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