Four different worlds ( episode 8)

the episode starts with at night asp meeting someone in dark.
asp:- what ever we are doing with its not right we r playing with their emotions.
man turns and revealed to be head of cbcid.
head:- we r not playing with any emotions we r controlli g their emotions what do u think if u go and say that two persons whom u r searching exist and we knew about them
if u say it directly they both would have killed them or these two have veen killed.
asp:- but they came to knew thwo persons are same and he exists.
head:- thats hwta we slowly reveal them truth if u all of sudden reveal we they go on their own and we may loose them.and i dont want to loose officers like them and what do u think firstly when raquesha nd tej are saying whole world didnt belive them and all of sudden we say that they are alice what do u think they will allow us to apeak no.

they are what ever today is because of us infact whole department is reasong .
we didnot belive them and we ignored their tears .
you too knew raquesh and tejaswi from childhood they ecer never like this we turned them like this infact indirectly we killed them mentally.
asp:- even we are using surbhi emotions.
head:- no we r not infact we are fullfilling her dream by getting her dad body and it will reach here 2 days later and for that she is working for us.
asp:- what about gaurav sir after knewing who is he still.
head:- i knew that aurav is my son but i will tell him truth how i lost him i think we will forgive me .
asp:- i hope all forgives us sir.
head:- once we get clearenss for for under cover work start working on them
asp:- they are opening to each other sir.
head:- thats good and know u may goo they will get doudt if they notice that u were missing for long time.
asp and head leaves.

in home next morning.
piyush opens door and finds a small baby near and shaouts ahhhhh.
all come from their room with guns and aims at door and gets shocked.
surbhi keeps her gun back and about to touch baby.
piyush:- noo.
tej :- way.
piyush:- what if its human bomb.
tej:– ahh what the hell.
raquesh hits him on head.
gaurav says if human bomb is this cute then i am ready to die.
surbhi takes him into her hands and tries to stop his cry.
gaurav:- i think bay is hungry i will get milk.
tej:- u know how to make milk for babies.
gaurav:- come on rags its easy its not a big task.
she goes with him and sees him mixing milk with so much of concentration.
gaurav looks at her and smiles and shows the procedure and smiles and says thats it .
tej:- wow gaurav its so cool.
gaurav:- lets go.
tej and all sits infront of gaurav who is feeding that baby.
raquesh:- oh my god its so easy.
piyush:- so cute how small louth he has.

tej:- haa yar even small hands and legs.
surbhi:- u were forgetting one thing who dropped him here.
gaurav:- haa piyush u were at door right did u observe anyone near.
piyush:- noo and this letter is their with him.
rauqesh open letter and sees plz save him i will come and collect him after wards untill then plz save him.
tej:- who might be this.
after a while
gaurav:- raquesh yar u and tej go and bring diapers and some kids stuff for this baby and yaa its a boy.
tej:- ok and about to go.
surbhi:- say to shopkeeper about age of kid.
tej:- why then only he will give diapers.
raquesh:- we will show him size it will be enough naa.
gaurav:- what size.
raquesh:- he shows some size with hands and says i measured baby size for buying diaper.
gaurav and surbhi watches each other and starts laughing loudly.
surbhi:- seriously guys ha ha.
i and raquesh will go u three please tay here and turns to gaurav and says all the best.
gaurav about to feed him but surbhi asks can i .

gaurav:- are u sure
tej:- yaa and takes feeding bottle about to feed but baby kicks bottle all milk goes on piyush and tej face who is standing near to him.
gaurav laughs and says go and take bath.
piyush abput to go but gaurav stop him and says i will bring again milk untill then just take care of him.
gaurav and tej comes at a time
tej takes baby and piyush goes for bath.
tej takes him on lap and gaurav sits on knees and feed his with bottle.
tej hair starts to blow and small hair starts to fall on her face .
baby is crying and and taking bottle
gaurav: what to do i dont even knew how to sing to make him clam
tej:- if we sing will he stop crying and takes milk.
gaurav:- ya some times it will work and kids will also sleep peacefully.
tej:- ok the.
piyush immediately come their with his vilolen and sits a bit far to her and smiles and signals her to sing.

meanwhile surbhi and raquesh also comes and asp coes with baby info.
piyush:- hi raquesh tej is going to sing come lets lisen.
asp:- serioulsy tej.
tej:- for sake of kid
and starts singing n
by hummimg.
la la..lalaaa
gaurav starts violen and raquesh starts to play drums slowly.
rags takes kid in her hands and swings with him to left to right
songs starts.
Hmm mm hmm mm mm mm…..
Aa ree aa ja nindya too le chal kahee
Udan khatole me dur dur dur yaha se dur

Aa ree aa ja nindya too le chal kahee
Udan khatole me dur dur dur yaha se dur

Aa ree aa ja

Meraa toh yeh jivan sama, mere yar bada dukh se
Par mujhko jahan me mila, sukh kaun bada tujhase
Tere liye meree jan jahar hajar mai pee lunga
Taj duga duneeya ek tere sang jee lunga
Khoo najar ke nur
Aa ree aa ja nindya too le chal kahee
Udan khatole me dur dur dur yaha se dur

Aa ree aa ja

Aa ree aa ja nindya too le chal kahee
Udan khatole me dur dur dur yaha se dur

Aa ree aa ja

Yeh sach hai kee mai agar, sukh chain dilata hu
Teree duneeya se mai phir kahee, kab dur chala jau

Nahee mere daddy aisee bat phir se na kahana
Rah jana jab too phir mujhako bhee nahee rahana
Na ja too hamase dur

Aa ree aa ja nindya too le chal kahee
Udan khatole me dur dur dur yaha se dur
an songs ends and kid drinks milk and also sleeps .
all have tears by seeing tears in tej eyes
asp feeling very happy
asp:- finally you both r coming out of taurma.
raquesh:- what do u mean by that.
piyush:- its years guys i didnot lisen to your song or his drums.
tej:- we just did this for sake of kid ok.
gaurav helps tej to make him sleep and arranges all pillows around her.
tej moves back.

gaurav: stands at window
tej comes and gives him coffee and says i knew that i cant prepare coffee like u but i tried u knew.
gaurav: takes it and thanks and says u sing so we sing so well
mean time remaining also comes and he too praises them
piyush: abhishek bhai used to like our three combination do u remember frds.
raquesh:- we didnt forget anything piyush although whole world forget us.
piush:- can u guys alleats say me what happen.
tej turns to him and says by keeping hand on shoulder
all looks at her
tej :- dont act like u dont knew anything after all u were asp son.
piyush:- i just knew that your familes were no more but i dont knew what make u people like this.
raquesh:- dont try to knew it also its dangrous for u ok.

piysuh:- but.
surbhi:- leave it na lets talk something else.
piyush:- ok something else then its a surprise for u all.
gaurav:- what .
piyush:- wait and sees time its 12 clock and shaouts happy birthday tejuuu and hugs him.
tej:- pushes him and says i stop celebrating my bday and its just a birthday not happy birthday and leaves from their hurriedly by sweating
raquesh:- what have done piyush her whole family died infront of her on her bday only.
oiyush:- i knew it.
raquesh:- what
surbhi:- after knewing also u hurted her feelings.
gaurav:- u should not touch her emotions.
piyush:- oh plzz i knew her from childhoos and she digging herself i dont want that if knew waht u just knew that her family dioed infront of her thats it but in knew that something more happened on that day tej is a girl who thinks otherhappiness you knew once she is getting stiches but she just kept on smiling because of his brother who cant see tears in her eyes to make him comfortable she controled her emotion on that day

and u can see that how she is living knpw if her brother watches her like that he will definetly dies today i want her to break her silence.
and thats why i am pushing her.
gaurav:- dont push so hard that her breathing will stop and goes from there and turns and warns him by saying i dont knew why and for what sake i am saying to u if i see her hurt again because of u i am not going to leave whwther u were asp son or anyone else i dont care and leaves from there.
raquesh:- i wish it wont cross limits.
surbhi:- we bot are trying them to smile and they finally changing and u spoiled everything what do u think we dont knew her bday is tommorow .
yes ,we knew that and about her family incident also. and leaves from there,
asp comes from backa and touches his shoulder and says dont worry piyush everything will be ok.
piyush:- i cant see them like that dad and i just trying to make her brust out thats it we all knew about raquesh but no one knew about tej .
asp:- that why i brought them here in name of secreate mission.

piyush:- what do u mean by that dad their is no secreate mission.
asp:- its only personel mission i will say to u later when i completely make them ok .
piyush:- hugs him
surbhi lisens this all gets shocked.

precap:- all wears a different getups for information

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