Four different worlds ( episode 7)

the hourse rider murder.
raquesh :- talks on phone and asks we need that information by any how plz try to get it by this evening.
gaurav comes in tappori look .
tej comes from room and starts smiling seeing him.
tej:- what is this gaurav.
gaurav: – for sake of of for secrete mission and says am i looking disgutisting right.
tej:- actually you were looking cute.
and turns and shout ahhh.
piyush : hello beautifull lady.
tej:- piyuuu and hugs him
man how many days after i am seeing u .
raquesh:- actually years after.
piyaush hugs him also.
asp come and says will u meet your dad or busy with your frd and junior.
piyush:- dad and hugs him.

just then surbhi come from room.
piyush sees her and says who is this another beautifull lady.
raquesh:- surbhi jyothi one of my fellow officer.
piyush:- what.
raquesh:- i mean our fellow officer.
piyush:- oh.
gaurav:- i lisen a lot about u congrates for your success full career.
piyush :- thank u so much and shakes hand with surbhi by seeing raquesh.
raquesh too see him and asks what .
he brings tej and raquesh at one side and says .
piyush:- i am angry on u both. i wont talk to u.
tej:- ok .
raquesh:- when u decide to talk then say.lets go tej.
piyush:- shut up guys u both are my best buddies one is my traninee buddy and another is my college buddy where ever u these years and yaa
u both together how u only met at once that to when raquesh and u made me run away to london.
tej:- calm down ok. just chill
piyush:- i want to knew right now
raquesh:- if not what will u do.
piyush:- i wil go back.

all sees together .
tej:- ok then bye.take care and leaves from their to kitchen
raquesh come forward and says happy journey buddy and pats his shoulder and leaves to hall.
piyush :- what the hell dad .
asp:- when u are going say to me and go and he starts laughing.
piyush:- i dont belive these two fellows hidden some thing from mee.
asp:- leave it naa yar and he gets a call.
and asks surbhi and raquesh to leave to murder spot.

they both reach to a farm house where a person is lying down with horse
by seeing his cloths they both come to knew that he is a horse rider.

surbhi examines body and sees his lips turning into blue and says he is poisned and goes to raquesh who see searching arounds the place
surbhi:- he is poisened raquesh and no injuries on his body except on his back of head that too i think he injured when he fell down.
they send body to postmortem .
and they go to his wife to cross examine.

scene changes
gaurav and tej goes to his frds houses and fellow riders.
they all get positive response about his character but they says their is a rift between him and his wife about property .

scene to surbhi and raquesh in riders house.
they concole his wife who is crying.

they asks how is her and his relation ship.
wife :- we are ok but their is some problem between us so we are thinking to part our ways but before that it happen and starts to cry.
they both go out threw the house
surbhi:- its very big house with all arrangements i think he is rich.
raquesh:- remaing properties are also their even they are pricefull.
they gets a call from gaurav saying that his histroy is clear but his wife is this second marriage.
and she divorsed her first husband by taking his half of property i think we have to check on her again.
raquesh:- but we can take next step when we got forensic report.
they all went to collect forensic report.
surbhi says he dies beacuse of slow poisioning which went threw his hand.
tej:- what.
piyush:- may be he touches something and thats was poisionous .
or some one spell poision on that object or thing which he is habituat of touching it and poision went threw from his mouth
gaurav:- oh my god u had a point wow.
surbhi:- his habits we have to new about it once again what if we ask her wife .
tej:- no we cant ask his wife or his frds we have to think somethink else.
raquesh:- what about his mom or servants.

tej calls his moms and says ok thank u mam for information.
tej:- his mom is saying he always passionate about horsing and he used to go alone on forest one day he went missing so to make his way easy his mother planted a tree and painted it with yellow colour and when ever he reach there he automatically turns from there as it a indication for him
raquesh:- what in that.
tej:- it is because he used to touch it and then he used to water it come back.
gaurav :-poison is on tree when he touched it .
surbhi:- poision toched his hand and then.
raquesh:- to his mouth.
piyush:- how to find out murder from t.
tej:- its easy because about this tree only two people knew one is his mother and his wife.
and murder is wife.
raqush:- why may be mother also.
surbhi_ he llives another country and so no mom is free.
piyush:- may be she kept poision and went.
gaurav:- no piysush slow poision should be give daily .
asp:- hmm arrest her ans knew about motive behind it.
scene changes to investigation department .

wife:- yes i have killed him firstly he used to give me money but later he stopped giving me money because i love someone else and ya why wont i love another he doesnt have time to me he always used to be with his horses thats why i choose another one without saying that i am married when my husband came to knew about my affair he informed him that i am married and he left me i got angry and .
gaurav:- and u killed him from slow poision.
asp arrests her and goes out.
piyush is playing guitar and singing.
gaurav and surbhi are enjoying it.
just then tej comes from room and raquesh from kitchen
they four sits in hall.
piyush:- hi tej and raquesh come ets have a song i and raquesh will play drums violen and guitar tej u sing yar i missed u singing.
tej:- what singing i left that few years before now i dont think i can do that.
rauqush:- mee to if u want to to shoot then i am ready but palying guitar i too lost my touch in it yar.
piyush:- seriouly gauys i hate what happen to u both.
tej:- gyano day

raquesh:- haa.
piyush:- but tej u used to sing for your brother sake he used to love your voice how he allowed u to stop singing and your dream.
i knew that your whole family is related to police background but still they never forced u too become police infact they supported u to be doctor then why all of sudden or u think f
ighting with me in studies is impossible and u left and laughs.
tej:- no yar my brother and my family is no more .
piyush:- gets shock and says what and how.
tej:- chill yar its just a incident which change every thing.
piyush:- i wont belive it atleast lets go to graveward i want to wish them
tej:- see here and there.
all are looking at her as she trying to hide her emotions and finally speaks that she was unable to collect their bodies so she didnot did their last rituals also.
piyush:- what the hell are u speaking what does that mean that u did not get bodies.
raquesh tries to stop him.
piyush:- and u raquesh i lisened that even your family is no more dont you both think about to inform me i only have two special frds and u two are hiding every
thing from me thats not fare and gets up

they both tryies to stop him.
surbhi_ they even hiding from themselfs what they will say to u.
gaurav:- they lost in themselfs that they were unable to console themselfs or they unable to manage them self that they will say.
surbhi_ when it happen they shoute to whole world but no one belived them which made them to turn like this.
gaurav:- he goes towards them and says if u want it or not but we always their for u to help and yaa i to saw that person and tried to get information and same reason from all no one knews about him.
surbhi:-but for us all they both exist and one more thing guys the two persons whom u noth are searching are same we matched him.
tej and raquesh looks shocked to each other and runns to room to bring information and check their faces which matches as one person.
tej closes her eyes and raquesh dont tej dont cry this is our first step that to prove he is exist and join their hands and see towards them
gaurav and surbhi also smiles and join their hands.
piyush:- again asks them to sing .
tej:- dont yar dont force me.
piyush:- ok atleast lisen and plays.
all enjoys his songs.

precap:- asp meeting someone in dark and a funny case

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