Four different worlds ( episode 6)

The episode starts with.
Gaurav:-when i came to understand world i came to knew that i am oraphan i thought i was the most unlucky person in the world then their aunty used to say that we all gifts by gods and send to earth to keep all happy from then untill now i tried to make all happy even i felt happy when i see smile on their facez which came because of me but today i saw unlucky persons infront of me by comparing to them my problem is not at all a problem yar.
Surbhi:-when i was small i lost mon on war as she was doctor on field and later my dad brought me up in army school. He was missing from past 3 years i was searching him army people didnot found body before i am joing here only they found his body near border i used to think in these 3 years he will be alive but no my dad used to say that .
The person who borns one day should also die on someday but their should be reason and people should remember us
He used to say many people are dying daily few are written on paper also we will read them and forget that second.
But when we read a police officer or army officer died we will get sad and remind him always right whole nation will salute .the same people who dont care about our birth will definetly sad on our death i want my death to be like that.
And gaurav see my fatw to collect my dad body they asked to show proof and it seem it will take months for me to collect my dad body.
I cant imagine or feel thevpain tej and raquesh are going threw.
I shared with many people about my pain thinking it will reduce my pain in my heart but how can they both be like that without sharing their pain if they share they will become normal.

Gaurav:-no surbhi asp said na they tried to say whole world but no one belived their words so they stopped sharing their pain thinking that no one will care and yaa its difficult for them to find out that persons who doesnt exist for world how they will prove that they are in their difficult stage of their life i hope we could help them.
Surbhi:-do u think they will take our help
Gaurav=:-they wont take any ones help not only us
Surbhi:-lets try to make lessen their pain by our frdship.
Gaurav:-hmm first i have to sorry wantedly or unwantedly i hurted them.
Scene shifts to tej and raquesh who are standing near window with tears.
Raquesh:-sorry mom and dad your son couldnot save you .
I am so sorry.
Tej:-sorry dad and maa i am unable to bring justice to your death sorry bhai and thinks wat ever happen .
Some one catches girls hair and pulling her chuni and a boy who is on kneez shoots himself.
Tej open eyes and says why bhai why you did it dont you think once about how i will live without you.
And lisen surbhi comes and wipes her tears .
Surbhi:-hi u ok.
Same with raquesh.

Next morning.
All are in execrise room .
Raquesh doing threadmill surbhi doing pushup
Gaurav some hand exrcise and asp also.
Tej doing boxing thinking about their past incident.
By seeing their conition asp asks all to come towards him.
Asp:-its my personel request for u guys i need your help.
Gaurav:-dont be firnal asp say it.
Asp:-my son is coming from us he is singer i need to protect him as i got threat call.
Tej:-piyush wow how is he sir.
Raquesh:-he becames quite famous from running your training and smiles.
Asp:-very funny.and says to gaurav and surbhi .
My son piyush i want him to become police officer but .
Tej:-he like to become docotor and yaa he loves music.
Asp:-like you right after all you were college mates .
After that i made him join forcefully in training their he is frd with raquesh and i dont believe he helped him to escape.
Raquesh:-by force you cant fo that to him thsts why.
Asp:-any way he became famous cardio
He and tej used to fight for first rank do u rember tej.
Tej:-no sir because that tej is no more and yaa tell me when he is comig i want to recive him and goes from their.
Asp:- i knew it tej piyush will definetly make u alright after all he is your best buddy.
Gaurav looks on.
And surbhi also.

Raquesh:-carefull asp if she comes to knew about your lie all the best and leaves.
Surbhi and gaurav looks on.
Asp:-come on guys they both are childhood buddies they used do do all shaitaani together when these both together it becomes unbareable for us to handle them ofcourse even now its unbareble to handle tej.
Gaurav:-all of sudden why u r calling him sir.
Asp:-we are fixing marriage for him thsts why.
Gaurav:-breaths out and relaxs.
Surbhi keeps hand on him and says relax dude .
Gaurav:-why relax i am good.
They all reach to their room .

Finally they start preparing food .
Gaurav helps tej cutting vegetables and wTches her
Tej sees him and asks wat happen why r u seeing like that.
Gaurav i am just conforming that ur wound is ok or not.
Tej smiles and say i am fine i think your wound is turning well.
Gaurav also smiles and says sorry for yesterday.
Tej says no i am sorry i reacted overlly i should not talk like that.
Surbhi says sorry for raquesh.
Raquesh sorry but why.
Surbhi says for
Raquesh:-no infact i should be sorry i should not have shouted on you.
Surbhi:-can i say something.
Raquesh :-yaa.
Surbhi:-by being sad or happy the pain wont become less or more so why dont u choose smile instead of angry look.
Raquesh:-smiles and finally all prepares food.

Precap:-a new case and piyush entry for three cases only .
Piyush sachdev entry and few unknown fact about tej and raquesh and their team

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