Four different worlds ( episode 5)


The episode starts with tej getting up with head ache and goes to kitchen where gaurav is making coffee.
Gaurav:-hi tej.
Tej:-hi gaurav
Gaurav:-how are u .
Tej:-i am and u
Tej looks around and asks where us surbhi and all.
Gaurav:-they went for running.
Tej:-leaving us.
Gaurav:-asp said us to do exercise in home as we got injured
Tej:-he said and you accepted.
Gaurav:-hmm because he didnot ordered he cared thats why.
Tej:-looks at him and he smiles back by giving coffee to her.
They both sit in hall.
Scene shifts.

All are running.
Surbhi sees raquesh running fastly and angrily.
Surbhi:-i think he will break my fast running record.
Asp laughs.
Surbhi:-sir can i ask u something.
Asp:-hmm ask.
Surbhi:-why he is so angry sir not only he even tej also they always lost somewhere and busy always. I mean i too have some problems but.
Asp:-stops and says haa i will accept that everyone will have problems but few problem makes others to stop living and coming to tejaswi and raquesh they are alive because of their revengue they are just breathing surbhi but they died few years back.
Surbhi:-what happen to them sir.
Asp:-its their cconfidential life surbhi i cant say and yaa if i want to say also i dont know what happen exactly .
Surbhi:-lets hope this new group changes their life.
Asp:-they botg started to live or smile from heart i will be most happiest persons .
Because i honoured myself for training you four people.
Raquesh comes and says shall we go sir.
They all starts to leave.
Scene changes.
Gaurav:-what will u take .
Tej:-for what.
Gaurav:-to smile.
Tej:-someones life.
Gaurav:-haa what.
Tej:-nothing chill.
Gaurav:-you were so angry yesterday u slapped him so hard.
Tej:- its not like that i hate if any one slaps me on my makes me more angry.
Gaurav:-u were always angry and you were saying slapping u on cheek makes u more angry.and smiles.
Tej:-smiles all cant be as calm as like you and surbhi haa my stream is investigation specialist so by doing it may be i too became hard

Scene shifts in afternoon
old man
Killing his whole family and hanges him self.
Leaving his son in law
Son in law comes and knocks door no one opens he gets doudt and goes back house and opens window and sees his father in law as hanging .
He gets panick and call all neighbour and finally opens door and gets shocked.
And sits down in shock .colony people also gets shock and call police.
The police comes and sees the murderes and informs to cbcid.
All starts .
Surbhi:-how can he kill his whole family disguisting.
Raquesh:-without knowing how can u come to conclusion why he did like that.
Surbhi:-by killing his whole family and he killed himself also if he wants to die he can but why his family.
Tej:-stop it surbhi dont talk like that no one kills his family for fun their must be some reason.
Gaurav:-guys just come down dont take it personelly and one morething that old man is alive .
And finally they reaches their and gets shocked as whole hall is full of blood and a young lady body is lieing their in school uniform.
They four wears gloves and starts searching.
A neighbour says they are two more bodies in bed room.
Gaurav goes their and tej gies around house.
Raquesh is enquiring that man.
Surbhi is collecting information from other .
Raquesh:-sir plzz answer some thing if u dont how can we bring justice for u tell me details.
Tej sends that old man to hospital with police people she takes few photos and goes towards gaurav.

Gaurav shows one body wrapped in bedsheet cloth.
And a small girl who is died by wire around her neck.
Tej gets upset seeing.
Gaurav sees her state and tries to take camera but tej stops him and says i am fine and takes photos and send those three bodies to forengsic.
And three comes to raquesh.
Man:-my name is pratap sir and she is my wife shailine and i have two girls one is reafing 10th sumitra and second one is 3rdclass she is pavani and that person who killed is my father in law i dont belive that he killed them in fact he loves his daughter and grand daughter more than him.
Raquesh:-your father in law living with u is their any oroblem.
Pratap:-haa sir recently he lost his all property and had lended money from other also thats why my wife asked him to come and live with us.
Surbhi:-what about your mother in law then.
Pratap:-she too died recently in village thats why he came to us to live withus.
Raquesh:-hmm.did he behaviour changed from yesterday or from few days.
Pratap:-haa sir he is in tension ftom three days i asked reason but he didnot say anything if i have a doudt that he will do somethong like this then i will never leave him with them.
Surbhi consoles him .

They both go inside house to take a look.
Gaurav went to groundfloor people to ask..
Gaurav:-you did not notice any sounds or anyrhing like shouting.
Groundfloorpeople:-no sir actually beside our houses they are constructing appartments and their will be lot of noices untill leaving but aa when elder daughter came after immediately we lisened footsteps like running fastly but we thought bit we thought that kid are playing.
And we igonered.
Gaurav:-how his grand father used to be.
People:-his grand father used to love them everymuch sir we cant belive that he killed them.
Gaurav:-no doudt on him.
People:-i dont know what made him to do that but he used to love his daughter and grand children a lot.

Scene shifts.
All are gathered at their offices .
Pictures are playing.
By seeing this photos and by reports first he killed his daughter by saw directly on her head sir that too after having lunch.
Gaurac:-because of construction work sounds they didnot here anything.
Raquesh:-after thst his 3rd class grand daughter came sir and that person using wirez he hanged that kid.
Tej:-in between that time their servent came sir but before that this man cleaned him self and changed clothes and send away that servant by scolding.
Asp:-she didnot get any doudt on him.
Surbhi:-as all are saying he is very good but that servant said he behaved odd on that day but she left from their.
Tej:-later his elder daughter came sir .
She went to room and say her sister and a bedsheet with blood got doudt and turned that old man immediately attacked her.
Gaurav:-i think she tried to escape from him by running all house thats why whole house is spreaded by blood and the people who lives ground floor lisen to ruuning sounds and they thought that may be kids are playing.

When she about to open maindoor thats it sir sbe caught theie and.
Tej:-he killed her.
Asp:-any more clues.
Surbhi:-that women husband is saying that his behaviour is weird from few days he got doudt but ignored by thinking may be he is missing his died wife.
Asp:-he has lost his all properties right.
Raquesh:-yes sir and he had some money pending also i mean he has to return money to few people and the amount is in crores and the people who lended him money are not good people they had every bad background like selling girls to countries kidnapping small girls and giving them steriods and all.
Tej:-then first we have to catch them sir instead of cross*xamining that oldman
Gaurav:-no tej we trapped their call they all went underground by lisening to family murder .i think may be they got to knew that we will reach up to them.
Surbhi:-now what to do sir.
Asp:-we have to go and visit that old man.
They all went to hospital.
Doctor comes out and says no use their is only few minutes for his life if u want to ask anything go and ask and anyone person only.
Asp goes in and comes after few minutes and says he is no more.
They all leaves to office by handovering their bodiez to their families.
Asp:-guys who ever normal person will be in his position na may be all will do like that only.
Gaurav:-what happen sir.
Asp:-he got some ransome calls and they frightened him that if he dont return money intime then they will sell body parts of his daughter and sell her grand daughter to mumbai and by that they will earn all money and infact they said before selling her they will use her first and cancel all his borrowings and they send they will give steriods to that small kid or by killing her they will sell body parts.

Firstly he didnot reacted but they send some goons and made teased that elder daughter took some photos and send him.
And said yesterday by evening is last day if he dont return they will do wat they said to his family.
His wife is suicided in their village he is already in shock by this type of call he became like mad and did it.
All becomes silent.
Tej:-people will kill or die by saving their or someones self respect .
I dont understand is self respect is more important than life.
Surbhi:- people around us wont allow girls to live who lost their self respect tej.
Tej:-may be you were right and i hope their all lives rest in peace.
Gaurav:-may be their will be another option dying or killing is not option he can come to us naa.
Tej and raquesh gets angry and says stop it.
Tej:-do u ever came across that situation
Raquesh:-do any one dying infront of u and if u were watching them dying helplessely then u will understand what is suffocation.
They both leaves to their rooms angrily.
Gaurav:-what i said sir.
Adp:-u didnot said anything their point of view is when we wont face anytype of particular situation we cant understand ones pain or one bad situation thats it he too goes from.
Gaurav and surbhi sits in balcony.
Gaurav:-did i said anything wrong that they got so much hurt.
Surbhi:-u didnot said anything wrong i think something went wrong with them.
I enquired about them all are saying that these two always lost somewhere and from day one they both are searching for two different gangs who doesnot exist in police records or in any records.
Gaurav:-what might have happen with them.
Asp:-they lost their whole families infront of them leaving them helplessely they unable to save their whole family.
Raquesh atleast had bodies of their families but tejaswi we could not even find anyone from her family we did not even knew that they are alive or not but she says they all died infront of her .
She never said how it happened.

They faced alot at that time they used to say that particular persons killed their familes but no one lisened to them and they named them as mad and lieing about that person who doent exist.
By time passes they became hard and stubborn.
Raquesh used to study for civils only.
But tej used to study medicine she is a bright student her whole family is police officer and finally situation made her also as a police .
Tejaswi was right human were not bad situation turns them in to bad.
Untill now she never said what actually happened that day i insist her many times she used to say when the person who killed my family doenst exist then the family who was killed by him will also doesnt exist naa .
So i am alone there is no family for me.
And raquesh and tej both are waiting for that moment to prove to whole world that they were not wrong and leavez from their and stops and looks back and says because of this weight they both forget to live then how can they laugh from heart and leaves from their.
Gaurav and surbhi watches each other and loons at moon.
In room tej and raquesh are havibg tears and watching threw window.

Precap:-some personel moments and next case

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