Four different worlds ( episode 4)


its a new morning all get up at 5 and 5:30
all starts doning exercises.
asp comes and says lets go out for running it keeps you fit.
running is important in our life
all looks at him.
tej:- being flexible is also important asp.
raquesh:- not only running execrise is also important asp:
gaurav:- who will run early morning asp dogs will chase us thinking us as a mad.
surbhi:-come on asp for today we will do yoga tomorrow we will run naa.
asp:- so you four decided not to lisen to me right.
gaurav:-not for today.
asp:- who is going to cook.
all gets shocked and watches each one faces.

asp:- oh plz dont tell me u dont know how to cook.and now i can say that something is there that u dont know.
all at onces says we know and rushes to kitchen
all keeps their hands on their waists and thinks and looks at each other in do u know way.
surbhi:- i can make tea.
gaurav:- ican make coffee.
tej:- i can make rice iteam
raquesh:- i can make sandwitches.
gaurav :- done then we can manage.
surbhi:- who wants tea then
tej:- i drink coffee.
they ask asp he too replies coffee.
surbhi:- ok then i will also drink coffee.
gaurav starts preparing coffee.
surbhi helping him.

tej cutting vegetables in funny way with out catching with hands she is directly cuts with knife
raquesh observes it and says.
raquesh:- are u cutting or killing vegetables.
tej finally does and gives too him by showing her hand to him which is injured.
raquesh:- thank u madam.
tej:- welcome sir.
gaurav and surbhi prepares coffee and serves to asp first.
gaurav gives coffe to tej and smiles she too smiles back by taking coffee
raquesh: haa finally completed.
they does complete their break fast and gets ready and sits
all are sitting at hall.
surbhi and tej are in phones
surbhi:- ya i m in mumbai i will try to get information from here but u dont stop about anquring ok and cuts call and leaves to hall.
gaurav see tej taking in call sadly.
tej:- plzz yar we have to find that gang but we cant do anything because their is no information in police records what can we do .
asp gets a call and says we are coming.

tej too araives their
asp stands and says our duty starts lets go thier is a murder
where a She was strangled to death,
they all leaves to that palce and observes that girl body which is hanging they brought it down
and send to foerinsic
they start in vestigating the people who are next to their houses.
gaurav: goes to a person name namitha
namitha:- yes sir who was a next door to victim
gaurav:- when do u saw her last time
namitha:-We were literally the best of friends and inseparable.. I can’t believe she’s gone… *tears slip out of eyes*
gaurav:-that means u dont know when it happen actually where were u at that time.
namitha:-i was at home only but i we talk in the morning also later i went to my family frds house
and when i return i saw her body if u want i will give my frd number u can ask her about my arrival to their house.
gaurav :-ok and dont leave the city ok.
namitha: nodes
gaurav :- goes from their by seeing her from back.
next suscept
surbhi:- goes to mythri who lives other side of block while taking to her she see her wrist has a cut
so what do u knew abot her whats the relation between her and u .
mythri:- She ignored me often, so I have to say we were neutral. she was kinda… ignorant with stony face expression
surbhi:- ok dont leave this place or city with out informing
next suscept

raquesh goes near him and asks so u will other side of block to her house
madan:- yes sir.
raquesh: how do u knew her.
madan:-I had a crush on her, I wanted to date her! She rejected me from that time i stopped thinking about her thats it
raquesh:- thats mean u dont care about her.
madan:- why do i care wo doeesnt care about me.
raquesh nodes his head in doudt and goes from their by saying not go out from city.
tejaswi goes to a suscept name is pradeep
tej:-Neighbor for her right.
pradeep:- yes mam
tej:- u are saying that u dont knew when she got murder. and dont say me that u didnot even lisen her shoutings.
pradeep:- no mam i went to take counselling from doctor.
tej:- why wats wrong with u.
pradeep:- i am special kid” in school, because of his inability to speak. Years after going to the doctor,i finally got my voice back!

and coming to her She often made fun of me.. though it was more of a teasing thing, you knew.
tej gets thinking and goes
in office all gathers at a table
asp:- reports came from forensic they are saying that they found
the bruises showing probably someone with strong hands did it.
the bruises showing probably someone with strong hands did it.
may be we can think our suspect as a male .
in that case and crosses photos of madan and pradeep.
gaurav comes and says i collected information all our suscepts and murder also sir.
asp:- hmm and one more thing important foreinic department found in her hand Someone drew a black heart on her hand. The murderer belives in something like black magic or reborn types. and what information u got gaurav.
namitha- An outgoing, popular girl who’s always had a happy life. There’s a rumor going around she’s a pregnant whore, but its just a rumor… so far.
mythri:-She’s pretty much depressed. She was an outcast throughout school, and bullied often. Sadly, she cuts, and she attempted suicide once.
madan:-A sweet, cute guy pretty guy. Though sometimes he has insane episodes, such as the time he stole somethings from his and sees around and says doudtedly like girls stuff sir.
pradeep:-He was often considered “the special kid” in school, because of his inability to speak. Years after going to the doctor, he finally got his voice back! There’s a rumor going around saying that he wants to take revenge on the kids who bullied him though..

tej:- he himself said that he is seeking doctor sir . i think doudting him is not that important.
asp:- dont think like we have to doudt and guys whom ever u cross examined get more details now go.

they leave and strats getting inforation about them from their colloege friends
gaurva gets information from a guys about namitha ans a record also and leaves with that record to asp office
remaing also comes with their information after two hours .
they all again gathers to gether and go threw records in projector.
gavrav says
namitha:-You see that she is pregnant (at 15)we may thinking she isn’t very mature.sir and she is weak also so i dont think she cant hit that hard
asp:- hmm
wat about your record surbhi.
surbhi takes her record and shows that .
mythri:-You see that she did attempt suicide, and is often at a psychiatrists. and she is still in dillema and sir even i saw a cut near her wrist
she is unable to speak how can she hit someone to death.
asp:- wat about u raquesh.
raquesh is thinking

asp:- raquesh.
raquesh :-sir
asp:- what r u thinking do u have a doudt on anyone.
raquesh:- actually i had a doudt on madan sir and even his records are also showing something like that because he is insane sir and shows records
madan:-he is really insane sir where he kills animals with a shot gun
asp:- hm means like saddist. wat about u tej
tej :-shows her record by saying he is a “the special kid” in school, because of his inability to speak. Years after going to the doctor, he finally got his voice back! There’s a rumor going around saying that he wants to take revenge on the kids who bullied him though..
He got a suspension during school for writing on school wall “SCREW YOU BULLIES”!
and he is innocent sir i talked to his doctor in day 24hrs he stays in hospital untill 9 and he just returns home for sleep and he is not their at
murder time only.
asp:- thinks sme thing and says to all to follow to madan and mythri.
gaurav and tej are waiting near madan house
raquesh and surbhi are waiting at mythri house.
raqeush: i dont think mythri is culprit
surbhi:- why
raquesh:- hitting someone that harder cant be done by girl if she done also thats means she should be a gym hitter.

surbhi:- what if she take someother help to kill her.
raquesh:- may be but i had a serious doudt on pradeep beause when i spoke to him he look like idiot and his profile killing animals for fun and dating women sick.
surbhi:- may be u have a point but gaurav and tejaswi are their naa they will see.

scene to gaurav and tej
they both are in car
gaurav:- what do u think he will come out.
tej:- hmm informer said that he will go out daily at this time as he is goes to gym even its raining.
gaurva:- strong body may be he is killer.
tej:- may be what i had a 99% sure he is murder a physo idiot who will kill animals for fun sake bull shit we have hang him in reverse idiot
gaurav:- hi just calm down he will get punished by justice ok.
tej:- be quite he is coming.
gaurav and tej follows him by hiding on streets back of tress and dustbins.
he slowly goes to murder place and starts searching.
gaurav:- do left anything in hurry.
pradeep turns and sees gaurav and tej standing infront of him with guns.
he pushes tej on to gaurav tej falls on him and he holds her they both have a eye lock but immediately gets up and chases him
pradeep hids and hits tej while she coming
she fall s down gaurav comes back and gets angry on seeing injured tej and says
gaurav: how dare u to hit a officer and starts beating him
pradeep defends him and hits him and he fall on corner of wall and he to got hurts at cheek bone and goes back of him.
finally tej and gaurav catches him by shooting at his leg.
they call raquesh and surbhi informs them to come to office.
they make sit him and all are standing around him.
asp:- say why you killed her.

madan:-i saw her, and kidnapped her. i asked if she would be his girlfriend, but she refused. i got angry and strangled her to death with my bare hands When i snapped out of it, i started crying, realizing i screwed up on my last chance of love.So i left Molly in a dark, and drew a black heart on her hand, to symbolize my love for her and out of fright, i ran to pradeep house and locked the door, pretending to study for test.
asp:- arrest him and send that body to her family member and u madan now a days youngers are becomind inpatient if they dont get their love they are killing in angry if u cant control your emotion then u cant do anything in your life .
arrest him.
tej comes forward and slaps him harder for two times.
all looks on.
tej:- the one who gives pain to others they should also knew how it feels i cant kill u the way u killed her but haa the way u hurted us (by pointing her and gaurav injuries )
u should also knew naa what is pain. and takes him from their.
asp:- breathes out in relief and says she will never change .
and turns to raquesh and says i am happy that what ever happen to u and tejaswi u two still walk on right path by following rules i am thank full
gavrav and tejasi are taking treatement for their injuries and appiles bandaids

precap:- next case.

i hope u are liking if u felt any confusion plz let me knew i will try to write clearly

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