Four different worlds ( episode 3)


The episode starts with tejaswi.
Tejaswi:-head of the department .
Gaurav just looks at her.
Mean while asp and head officer comes to their cabin
Asp:-hi tej why so hurry to meet me.
Tejaswi:-u i wont belive it and holds her hand.
Asp:-now a days i am lisening a lot about u that u are becoming more arrogent abd stubborn.
Tej:-doing duty and punishing culprit is arrogency means then ya i am.
Asp:-in that case her who ever present all are arrogent.
Tejawsi:-what and looks at all.
Head:-guys u people all are going to work together from now every case you will handle highly confidential.

Gaurav:-why we only.
Surbhi:-haa why we only.
Head:-and one more thing their is no guarntee for your lifes.
Surbhi:-come on sir here no one lifes are guantee.
Raques smiles .
All looks at him with puzzrled faces.
Asp:-what so funny.
Raquesh:-you selected us because for four of us no one is their right as my view i have a aim in my life i hope these people also thats why u selected us.
Head gets shocked.
Asp smiles and says thats why i selected these four sir because of this only sir haa i accept they are stubbirn arrogent but
These four are just awesome .
Four looks at each other.
Head:-you people will handle normal cases and also will work on confidential cases ok.
And one more thing from now your office is different and u four should live at under one roof i mean five.
Head points towards asp.
Surbhi:-moves from sir and says ur going to be our boss then.
All watches them with smile.

Asp and head also smiles and says no bosses.
All works together thats it.
Head gets a call and he immediately on tv newz
A mla son died in car accident car completely crashed and unfortunately he died on spot.
Head and asp turns and watches tejaswi who is smiling evily and see them watching her.
Remaining people watchez them suspiciously.
Tejaswi:-what asp.
Asp:-i know that u r handling this case when he is going to win all of sudden what happen.
Tejaswi:-come on asp they are saying na its a big sad accident.
Asp looks at her angrily
Tej:-fine wat ever he did to that 13 years girl i fight against him alot but no use so i prayed to god .he lisened to me and punshed him .
Thats it.
Gaurva:-killing someone that easily.
Tej:-geys angry and says do u even have idea wat that b…..d did to that girl .
That buffalo killed that girl by r…

Tej:-he should die by hook or by crook
And he died i am mean he died in accident .
Now case is closed so sad i didnot bring justice to people dont know when it comes to self respect loosing how it will feel.
Asp:-just calm down
Any way welcome your four to mumbai.
And introduces four to each other.
Four shake hands to each other .
They all goes to see their office and their respective rooms.
Surbhi and tejaswi gave one room
Gaurav and raquesh gave another room.
Asp one room.
They all reachez

Surbhi and tej starts adjusting things in rooms.
Surbhi:-are u always this much silent she sits on bed and says i love to talk a lot.
Tej turns towards her and smiles.
Surbhi:-i dont know why but your smile is not coming from your heart.
Tej:-when u have a weight in your heart automatically smiles fades away from your face.
Few scenes flashes in front of tejaswi.
Surbhi:-holds her shoulders and says dont i am their naa to hold lessen your weight.
Tej:-smiles and in her mind dont know why first time i felt someone is taking from heart.
Raquesh adjusting everything in room.

Gaurav leans on his bed and says
People says that mumbai gives everything to everyone lets see what it will give to us.
Raquesh:-but same mumbai takes everything from some people may be we never lisen to them.
Gaurav:-what u said.
Raquesh:-nothing just like that.
Gaurav:-i dont know but by your wirds i can see something deep in your heart.
Raquesh:-just gives a smile.
Gaurav in mind even your smile is also fake.

Screen slipts in to four
Gaurav tejaswi raquesh surbhi.

Precap:-their first case and some fun moments

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  2. Mouni Godavari

    Awesome thanks for the update

  3. superb yaar ..I love this type of show and story ……I love it yaar …..what a wonderful story …and my teju attitude is just awesome yaar…plsssss plsssss plsssss post next part soon…..ur trio ff is different and amazing

  4. I am waiting for the next episode.Plz update soon

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  6. Superb

  7. Hey ! I just started reading your story about 30 min before and it’s awesome. I am totally obsessed with such stories, that is the reason I was addicted to CID when I was about 7. Now, I prefer novels or such written stories (like yours). Well, please do continue because I really do want to read more stories like these! Loved it! ??

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