Four different worlds ( episode 2)


a bus is rushing towards streets by hitting road side shops
a car is chasing it and a man is inside it wearing a goggles and another person is driving
the goggles man says make sure our car should be equal speed to that bus then only i can go into it.
the driver takes car to steps side of bus. after som time the man jumps in to bus and goes towards bus driver seat wear
a small kid is turning strearing in fear.
he takes that boy in to his lap by controlling accelatora= and stearing finaly controls bus and applies break

all people surrounds and starts scoulding school management
that man is taking to the child and make sure that every one is ok and comes near to the crowd and starts scolding
pointing finger at other is so easy right
instead of doing that u a can also save this kid but no u wont want to take risj of saving them but u will definetly
point at fingers at other .
when u cant save others then u cant even raise your voice at them
and know enough of this drama nad clear this road right now.
all leaves a small hand touches his hand and he turns and sees a cute girl smiling at him and drags him towards her

that man sits with her on knees
that girl goes and kisses him on his cheeks and says thank you uncle.
that man smiles and says thank you too for this gift sweetheart and say what your name
girl:- sameera bhaiyaa and u saved my brother today thank u
that man :- so sweet of u raa and kisses her on her forehead and about to leave.
sameera:- what your name bhaiyaa.
that man turns and takes out his spects and says
gaurav khanna. special officer CBCID.
he gets a call after lisening he says ok i am coming.

scene shifts.

in shopping mall a girl is walking by taking in phone and suddenly few goons surrounds her and starts teasing her.
she disconnects the call and tries to move from there but they stops her way a man passes from their and sees
goons teasing her and comes forwars to save her
they tries to catch her hand before that
the girl catches his hand and twist and makes him fall on floor. by seeing this another goon comes towards her but
she kicks him in stomach and immediately she take a turn and hits another goon with her hand and stands staright
that sees this and gets shocked.
that girls makes one of the goon to stand up and says.

time had changed boss be carefull with girls and by the way let me introduce my self.
she takes goggles and says
my self surbhi jyothi special officer in crime branch
did not understand right then let me say in that language u understand better and kick him again by saying i am police officer
and collects that bags and leaves from their.

that man also turns from their and smiles and goes from their an meets a person and says do u get information
about that person who is taking my photos.
that man yes sir he is apponited by a police department a special department.
another man special department why they want about me that to secretly and he gets a call and says i am coming.
and turns and says its look like i will get my answers and any way thank u for u r help
man:- its my pleasure sir helping u
and face relived as raquesh vashishth
while he going he sees surbhi taking in phone and says to himself brave officer and leaves in his car.
surbhi:- ok i am coming.

scene shifts
a girl who is wearing blank jeans and blue shirt with gun case on her shoulders is running on streets
behind a persons and she finaly jumps on a box and take a long jump and fall on that persons and catches him.
and stands up and takes him by catching by collar and mean while remaing officers also reached their and she hand
over him to them by saying ARREST HIM
she gets a call she turns to another side by taking call and says hello.
she is tejsawi wayanger

she too says what ok fine i will come.
they all leave from their places to head office in mumbai in flights.
ASP:- sir they all are coming in flights to mumbai.
they will be here by afternoon
and we will talk to them by evening and our work will start by tommorrow.
Head:- who is going to be their boss.
ASP:-boss no way sir these four are not that type of people who takes orders from boss.
Head:- but i am appoint u to them because u have handle them all so they will lisen to u .
ASP:-ok sir i hope even now i handle them
its after noon
gaurnav khanna is coming to office all stairs at him.
he stops and says an i ghost why r u seeing at me like that and laughs they all wishes him and he too.

surbhi comes wearing brown shirt and blue jeans all are opned their mouth and stairs at her.
gaurav sees their state and smiles
a man comes and say how can i help u mam.
surbhi:- i want met your head officer.
man:- we will slove your case mam u acn say to us.
surbhi smiles to her self and says really will u help me right now.
man in excitement yes mam u just say i will do it and show u.
gaurav is standing near table by taking hand support on it says to him self that your gone.
subhi takes a card and says i found this id card of a officer on road so i want to return and gives to him

that man with out looking into card says ok mam.
surbhi :- just look at that card naa u may no her.
that man sees card and her face twice and salutes to her and says sorry by returning card to her.
she takes and ask way to head officer cabin,
that man says he is on meeting plzz mam wait here evn that sir is waiting and points towards gaurav.
gavrav and surbhi meets each other.
mean while all gets silent by seeing a man entering.
gaurav and surbhi watches all and sees that person
they both lisen to a staff member saying
oh my god raquesh vashisht what he is doing here he is the most toughest and angry officer i dont the reason for his visit but someone
will over today in his hands.
raquesh also enquires about head offiecr and come towards gaurav and surbhi cabin.
raquesh sees surbhi and thinks wat she is doing in mumbai
may be she is also called for meeting.
they all introduces each otherv

while raquesh sheke hand with surbhi both feel something special.
surbhi to gaurav slowly
surbhi:-his face is like this only or he doesnt want to smile.
they both laugh.
a peon comes and keeps 6 glasses of water.
gaurav :- three glasses are for us one is for head officer and another is for asp then what this fourth glass is doing here.
surbhi:- may be its a extra glass what if any one wants more water
they both smile
raquesh gives them a seriously its a joke look
gaurav:- observes this and says come on yar just joking.
raquesh:- fourth one is for another officer .
surbhi:- who is that officer.
raquesh:- dont i just came to u four officer are there and we are three and fourth one and turns
by lisening a shoes steps sounds all starts to gossiping back of her like whats happening in this office one after one shock is giving to us.
i hope these four wont work here.
tejaswi stops and turns to them and says dont worry i am not working here so just chill and asks head officer
they show her a cabina nd ask her to wait
she goes inside and sees them
she about to speak but just them asp and head officer comes and meeting starts.

precap:- asp and head officer assissing them a new job and a new branch
a new case starts and four starts their work.

frds i hope you r liking it by next episode u will see these officers starting their investigation
i hope all likes this like of police serials and plz comment we guys to know that you r liking it or not

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  1. oh my god …..these word suit in ur ff right dr …what a amazing ff ..hats off yaar ….what a damakedar entry of tejaswi …I love it yaar its superb ….

    1. Thank manvi for reading all my ff and commenting them

  2. Mouni Godavari

    Hats off yar awesome thanks & one request can you update next episode today Only please because today is my Friend bday she loves this ff so please update next episode please please update

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  4. i totally agree with manvi ur just amazing dear

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