Four different worlds ( episode 10)

The episode starts with four of them reaching a pub
Gaurav:- becare full guys here drugs will be mixed in all drinks .
Tej:- hmm ok.
Surbhi:- lets spilt.
Rauqesh:- lets go this side.
They all starts to dance slowly by observing on all people.
A person comes and offers surbhi a drink and she sees raquesh who nodes his head in no.
Surbhi:- no need thans for offering.
Man:- hi come on I am just offering u to your beauty.
Surbhi:- but I wont drink
Man:- ok will u have water aleast I want to offer u something.
Surbhi:- ok.
Tej gets doudt and follows him to counter .

Gaurav comes to raquesh and says got information and we arrested him also lets go.
Man: mix that drug in water it should not change taste or colour today at any cost I want her.
Tej:- oh ok then and leaves hurriedly to gaurav and raquesh and informs them
They all go to her meanwhile he about to offer her drink and wontedly raquesh fall on him and make drink to spell but it falls on tej face and unwontedly some wat goes threw her nose and mouth.
They all goes outside.
Raquesh :- I am tej are u ok.
Tej:- somewat feels dizzy and say ya iam fine I think drug is powerfull that’s why its effecting me for that little amount also.
Raqeush :- I will brink car and leaves.
Surbhi follow him to thank him.
Mean while tej sits down by holding her legs inbetween road.
Gaurav sees her and asks her to getup.
Tej nodes her head and says no I wont what will u do infact u should also sit and pulls him towards her but he loose balance and falls on her.
They both have eyelock.
Gaurav smiles and tej says
Tej:- aww you knew what gaurva I just love your smile which makes me feel like everything will be fine.
Gaurav feels strange by converstion of tej and gets up and makes her to sit properely
Gaurav:- your were drunk tej plz be calm we will reach home and everything will be ok.
Tej:- whose home I lost my home naa and rests her face on his shoulder .
Gaurav:- I am there for u tej.
Tej:- that’s wat I fear for wat if I loose u too I hate to loose you because i..
Raquesh and surbhi comes and sees her state and gets shocked.
Tej:- before I say something see these people came.
Gaurav:- you can say still.

Tej:- no I wont say and see towards sky and say bhai can u see me piyush said that u were missing my singing so today I am gonee sing and starts to beat bucket near to her .
All looks at each other.
Raquesh and surbhi tries to stop her but invane .
Gaurav finally goes towards her but she falls on him by catching his collar with her hands
Mood aashiqana hai
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya
Lamha ye suhaana hai
Time nahi gawana hai
Jeene ka maza le saathiya

Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piya
And starts dancing on streets
All gets shocked to see her state as soon all are gathering around her .
Gaurav goes and lifts her and signs raquesh to start their cars.
Tej is in arms of gaurav and moving her legs.
When he makes her sit on back seat
She leans forward and kisses on gaurav cheeks and says I am afraid that I love you.
Gaurav gets shocke and opens his eyes and mouth watch at her
Surbhi and raquesh also gets shocked and starts laughing seeing gaurav shocked expressions.
Immediatelty gaurav makes her sit properly and sits with raquesh.
They were on their way
Raquesh:- finally today something made u to be silent .
Gaurav still smiles and thinking about tej behavior.
Raqush and surbhi smiles by looking at his confused look.
They brought him asp looks at her and says I said u guys to be carefull because of drugs will be available their.

Raquesh:- she didn’t took unwontedly it just happeb by accident and narrates whole incident.
Tej:- arey yar asp how much will u speak buk buk buk don’t you get tired.
All stops their laughs
Gaurav:- I will take her inside she is in dizzy state.
And places her on bed when gaurav about to go tej stops him and says.
Tej:- will u also leave me alone and starts crying and turns towards surbhi and raquesh and says don’t go plzz I need u guys .
Tomorrow in my life I am going to take my revengue on that bastard to took everything from my life plzz don’t go gaurav I am getting fear plz stay here and she gets up and hugs him.
Gaurav too hugs her back and surbhi and raquesh are now sitting on bed around her.
Gaurav:- I wont leave u tej and I wont go from here ok and look at me what happen tej if u wont say who can I understand your pain and see towards her
tej getsup and goes towards her wardoor and removes a cd and goes towards hall and starts playing.
Tej is standing near cake and her whole family is standing near her and her brother also all were shouting happybirthday aswiii.
She feed her brother and mother when he about to feed her dad some gunshot is lisened when she turn and get shocked by seeing her dad died beside her because he got shot on head. Immediately another shot her mother too dies.

Brother immediately takes tej and runs towards upstairs few goon and their boss comes and stands on top
Teja nd his brother gets shocked he about to shoot him but someone hits him from back and boss comes and pulls tej toward him .
Boss tries to molest her by taking her chuni
Tej starts to shout bhai .
Her brother comes to conscious nad says and pleads him ti leave her sister and will do what he wants.
Boss:- will you give me what I want.
Brother:- yes I will but not that case details.
Boss:- who want that case details wheni want your life,
Tej shouts no bhai wat ever he wants to do with me let him but don’t do anything with bhai plzz I can live without anything but not u.

Boss gets angry and threws her on floor and step her on leg and says u don’t knew what u will loose and catches her hair andtries to kiss her .
Her brother shouts no and says ok fine I will kill myself but u have to levave my sister alive.
He takes his gun and points at his head
Tej shouts no bhai plz don’t leave me alone plzz bhai and cries and pleads him
His brother cries and closes his eyes and shouts himself.
Tej gets shout and boss laughs and he immediately takes a iron rod and hits her on head and vedio ends.
All shatter down
Asp:- I knew something went wrong but I don’t knew this much happen to your family that’s why u became like this and cries.
Gaurav sits next to tej and wipes her tears.
Tej:- bhai didn’t understand me gaurav on that day if I loose everything then also I will live by seeing my brother because he is everything to me but he killed himself by saving my selfrespect.
That’s why I hate myself I killed my brother and hugs gaurava and slowly sleeps resting her head on him.
Night passes by all sleeping around tej.
Next day tej getup and sees all aroung her and goes to kitchen.
Asp:- u did this all in normal state right I knew that because of some drug effect u wont open up like this we trained u with difficulty that at any situation u people wont open up but u did because of some durg.
Tej:- no sir I want to share withthem but I don’t have guts to do that and thas why I did this in this way so that they think I did in dizzy state.

Asp:- that song and dance.
Tej:- I just want to sing and dance because in this mission I don’t knew that I will be alive or not that’s why.
After some time all gets prepared and leaves to that alone place and start killing one by one.
Some one hits on surbhi and gaurav head and shouts to surreneder themselves
Tej and raquesh comes and see him and gets angry.
Boss:- oh see my two mistakes of my life are standing infront of my eyes
Tej and raquesh fumes in anger .
Some one comes from back by taking rod back of tej.
Gaurav and surbhi signals her
And she about to turn but he hits on her legs and tej falls down before raquesh react they take him in control he tries to remove himself from his grip
They all are beating her.
All are crying she still get up and shoots people around raquesh and raquesh hits remaing person and shoots thread of gaurav and surbhi they both make them self free.
After a big fight they all surrounds boss.
Tej and raquesh kills him.
Boss;- u cant kill me.
Gaurav:- when u don’t exist in world at all then how your death will exist .
All shoots him
They all leaves tej and raquesh unable is unable to walk gaurav and surbhi takes their hands and make them to take their support and walks.
Raquesh:- surbhi I want to say something to u.

Surbhi:- I want to marry u raquesh.
Raquesh:- hugs her and says I love you surbhi.
Teja and gaurav see them and smiles
Tej:- until now u didn’t answer me about my confession.
Gaurav:- u remember .
Tej:- what do u mean that I remember you thought I spoke in nasha ok fine if its not u then I will adjust with piyush and tries to go.
Raquesh and surbhi smiles by seeing them
Gaurva:- no why piyush u proposed me right then then aleast u have to wait for my answer without knowing u decide yourself that I wont like.
Tej:- u like me.
Gaurav:- I love tej .
They both hugs each other.
Raquesh and surbhi also hugs each other.

Happy ending guys .

I will be back with another ff

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    1. I lost ideas yar but sure i will write another ff regarding gaurav and tejaswi
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  4. Oh God why you ended it so soon.
    But I must say it was a marvellous ff. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. But I wanted more. If possible please add an epilogue of their marriage or after marriage life
    And yes please quickly start a new ff on gaurav and tejaswi. I want to read their romantic scenes.

    1. Sure aayushi i will and thank u

  5. Ur ffs are not dragging…thats a gud point

  6. Omg u ended it sooo early yaar…:’-( anyways it’s an amazing part gaurav tej scenes r very sweet…. luved ur ff…

  7. Gaurav and tej scenes superb. Waiting for your another ff dear

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