Four different worlds ( episode 1)


CBCID office:-
aps officer talking to head of department in conference room.
by showing few pic of a person and his team
ACP:- he is most wanted criminal and underworld don. if onces he caught by going threw his links we can catch so many criminal who are not
even in our record.

Head person:- thats why this case is very important to us and confidential. so we have choose
a very tough officers in short we have to select those persons who’s profile is different from other.

ACP:- we already short listed four officers .they are toughest and in short people around will say
they are rude when it comes to complete their duty they dont lisen to anyone .
these four are perfect for us.

Head officer: what about there families.

ACP:- they all are alone sir no one their for them to be get happy for their success or to cry if they die.

Head:- are talking about those people .

ACP:- yes sir.
starts showing pic.

Gaaurav khanna :- is a by born oraphan sir no one know about his past. he is fun loving and calm person when it comes to duty
he is toughest

next slide.

raquesh vashisth:- his dad also served to country as police officer and died in a fight.sincere and angry young man sir
but untill now he never crossed his angry level .he is finding the killer who killed his dad and whole family.

tejswai wayangar:- she is some wat different sir.difficult to understand and when it come to duty she wont spare any one.
she lost her whole family sir but untill now we could not found their bodies and yaa sir her whole family also belongs to army
or police department.she is also always angry like raquesh.

Head:- you mean angry young women.

surbhi jyothi:- she is calm going and calm minded officer sir . she is insearch of her missing dad . her dad is a undercover cop

in our team two people are calm minded and another two people are hot minded.

Head: their past made them like that Acp. but these four are very talented but making them accept to this
misision depends on you.
Acp:- ofcourse sir after all they are my students for few i thought them and for few i gave training i know very
well how to make them accept to this mission.

each one have different talents sir.
gaurav khana can take any information by changing his face.
surbhi jyothi : talented in running and finding information like gaurav khanna
raquesh: good in fingthing in fact
raquesh and tejasawi know marshalades good in defending .

these all are sharp shooters sir.

Head: strat taking to them and bring them from their places to mumbai.
talk withyour team and bring them to munbai within this week.

precap:- introduction of all characters

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  1. too good but are you going to use real names or imaginary names….

    1. Their are their original names

  2. Wowww awesome capabilities

  3. Nice introduction. Update next part soon

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  7. Mouni Godavari

    Woooooooooooooow thanks a lot thanks yar I just love your ff because my goal is also same like you wrote in ff once again thanks a lot ☺?

  8. Wowwww action thriller ff…loved the epi…nice intro of all 4 ….keep it up. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, plzzzz continue dear

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