“I found my love” and “I found my sister” (swaragini- A few shots) (Shot-4)

Hey I’m back after a long time. I want to thank Zai for her valuable opinion and would like to dedicate this chapter for her. Please read it and tell me your opinion of the same. Also respond to my request at the end of this chapter. Hope you all will enjoy……
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Recap: SwaRagini came to know that they are step sisters after they finished their college. Though they both studied in different colleges, they had met during competitions and were thick friends. SanLak are cousins and they studied in the same college as Swara. They also know Ragini. Sanskar considered Ragini his friend while Laksh was always mean to her. SwaLak were in a relationship. Though Sanskar loved Swara, he always supported them as he could not see her sad. After the college everyone went to different places for higher studies. SwaLak’s distant relationship was showing its bad effects. Laksh now had a gf Kavya. Ap and Dp asks Shekhar for Ragini’s hand in marriage for Laksh. Ragini was in cloud 9. She always loved him but never expressed it. Swara felt heartbroken thinking that it might be Sanskar. Later she realizes her love for Sanskar. Meanwhile Ragini had talked to Laksh and informed the family about SwaLak’s relationship. Their marriage is fixed. Swara talks to Laksh and devices a plan. According to that Raglak and Swasan wedding would happen on the same day. On the day of engagement Laksh accuses Ragini to have separated SwaLak. He acts like a mahan and pleads everyone to accept SwaSan. Seeing him disappointed Ap and Dp engages him to Kavya who was their 1st choice. An angry Shekhar slaps Ragini. Feeling heartbroken, she walks away. On reaching home she breaks down and later leaves the place. After a few months of marriage, Kavya’s truth is brought out. Eventually everyone except Swara forgives him. The story takes a leap of 1 year. SwaSanLak goes to a concert. Hearing the voice of the singer Swara wonders if it is Ragini. She stands on her toes and looks at her. At the same time the lights focus on her and Swara is shocked.

Swara gets shocked seeing the singer. It is Ragini. Happy tears fill up her eyes. But the cheering of the crowd confuses her. All are calling out “Teju” and are enjoying the song. After a while she finishes her song and goes to the backstage after waving everyone byes and fly kisses. Some of those who were lucky got her autograph and some were able to shake hands with her. Slowly everyone starts vacating the hall excited and murmuring praises for Teju. All the while Swara, Sanskar and Laksh stands rooted on the ground.
Regaining her senses fast, Swara turned and hugged Sanskar saying:” It’s her. It’s Ragini. I’m sure it is her. (Breaking the hug and looking at him) Is there no way I can meet her? Didn’t you say that this event was organized by your friend? Can’t you ask him?”
Giving her assurance that he will bring her good news, he left Swara with Laksh and walked away. Silence prevailed among them. Neither of the two made any attempt to break it as both were excited and were in their own world. After a few minutes which felt like hours for both, Sanskar came with a happy smile on her face. Seeing his face they understood that he was successful and then walked their way to see Ragini.

Meanwhile Ragini had changed into casuals and was talking to her friends. It seemed they were discussing something. Mansi (Ragini’s friend) asked her:”Do you really want to go there?” Ragini nodded her head and replied: “Yes. (Looking at everyone) I know you all are worried thinking that I may break down once again if Dad insults me. Trust me his words will have no effect on me now. I don’t give a damn to what he might say or he might feel. I’m only going to meet her and he cannot stop me. Besides even if something happens you all are there with me right? So I don’t have any worries.” Saying this she hugged Arjun who was standing next to her. He too hugged her back. Mansi pulled her cheeks and Abhi (short for Abhimanyu. In this he does not look like Laksh. He and Mansi are in a relationship.) patted her head.

Just then the door opened and Swara, Sanskar and Laksh entered the room. Seeing her in Arjun’s embrace, Laksh felt jealous. Immediately Swara shouted Ragini’s name causing her to turn. She stood shocked for a moment wondering how they found her. Recovering soon, she walked towards Swara who was also walking towards her and hugged her tight. They both closed their eyes and enjoyed the hug which filled them with joy. Breaking their hug, they found themselves alone in the room. Both the sisters were grateful to others as they had a lot to speak to each other. Swara started the talk by answering Ragini’s questioning look as to how they found her.
Swara:”Where were you the past one year? Do you have any idea how much I missed you? How did you become a singer?”
Ragini:”It’s a long story. After leaving baadi I went over to Abhi’s house. Seeing my state they took me in without even bothering to ask me any questions. I was glad that they gave me the space I required. After a few days, I talked to Aunty. It was she who instilled in me the courage to move on. In the following days my friends did all the stupid things to make me laugh. They gifted me another guitar. I had already decided to pursue my career in music. I applied to the post of music teacher in a few schools. One day on my way back to Abhi’s house, I saw Mr. X. He had once come to my college as a member of the jury of music competition. He had said that he would help me to build a career in music. It was he who sponsored my first concert. That’s how I emerged as a singer. For all those out there I’m Teju.”
Swara:” Wow. (with her eyes filling up with tears) I’m sorry that I…”
Ragini:”(playfully) stop crying my baby.”
Swara:”(playing along) Baby??? I’m your elder sister Ragu. Show some respect.”
Ragini:”Ok Didi…….”
Swara smacked her hands playfully and pulled her into a hug once more. “Now no one can separate SWARAGINI. We vow to each other that we will always be together.” Laughing they both exited the room hand in hand.

Precap: Ragini to go to Baadi.

Hello all!!! I’m sorry for being late. Actually I was out of idea. It was today that I finally got something. Can you all help me??? Please tell your ideas as to how I should move further. In the next chapter SanLak will apologize. Do you want them to be forgiven easily? What about Shekhar and Dadi? Should they be repenting? Plz plz plzzzzz help me. If I had ideas, I would not be troubling you all. So plzz……

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  1. Sindhura

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  3. It’s outstanding update
    No sanlak shouldn’t be forgiven soon
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    awesome, no she should not forgive anyone this easily especially laksh, he is the root cause of her every pain, struggle and problem.

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