Before starting the FF i want to just share something that is in my heart,esterday my mom came to my room and said that from tomorrow on wards u will go \to the park to play everyday at 6:30 u should exercise too or u will remain short(as im jst 13 i need to take care of hight but i dont like making friends or maybe i dont have frnds so i dont go to the park).I was about utter something when i felt no not 6:30 i can’t miss sadda haq and i realised that i wont be able to see it anymore from now on. SHQ was like everything to me at my free time i used to watch its epis parsh’s pics write something about it say rndhir’s linesthat were very impactfull but no more such things r going to hapen,i wish they start a season 3 of sadda haq with all the cast members of season 1.

nowcoming back to the FF im giving an introduction if u like it ill continue or else i wont, plz do comment

YOYO-Parth paji thank god u woke up u dont know what happened in past1month
Paarth-what happened??plz yoyo tell me
YOYO says something in a low voice
Prth-what when did this happen,ill go n meet randhir right now
FITE (in my story they had dream team compitition in the third year of collage n rest everything abhay sir’s entry n all is the same just year diff i have made)
Randhir was sitting in the cantene when parth comes in
parth-SHOUTS randhir
randhir(happily)OMG parth u r ok i m so happy u r back
Parth- Randhir sanyu kaha hai
Randhir-how do i know i left her after the competition an ur accident,i wont keep any relations with such a selfish girl
parth-you really dont care about her ,listen to me you r misunderstanding her
randhir(cutting parth)-plzz i dont want to hear it.i dont care even if she dies
parth-she is dead randhir she is already dead
So plz tel shall i continue it or no??

Credit to: Ragini


  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    I hope Sanyu is not dead Parth meant it to be lifeless right even I am feeling weird of thinking about nothing to do when the clock strikes 6:30 pm its really weird doing something for 2.5 years and leaving it in a day is so weird

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