Forgiveness (OS)

Doctor comes out sanskar asks what happened he takes him to ICU where Swara is lying helplessly.
Flash back 1
Swara and Sanskar are school mates not so good friends, only hi bye relation.
After 5 years in the hospital.
Swara : Tensely Uttara is everything fine how is ur dad
Uttara : ya yar , he is fine. Thanks Swara I am lucky to have a friend like u
Doc: Hi Utara you can discharge your father today, by afternoon I will make sure all his formalities are completed.
Uttara; thanks doc with a sigh of relief.
Swara: Sanskar with a big smile on her face, how are you
Sanskar: Hey hi
Uttara stands confused, u both know each other; Swara explains that they r school friends and Sanskar asks swara for coffee tomorrow and she agrees.
In the coffee shop, sanskar waits for swara . Swara enters in red salwar with black border; sanskar was mesmerized with her looks and felt she was so different from school.
Swara : Sorry sorry for being late making sorry face starts the conversation; you are doctor that’s great.
Waiter comes and takes their orders. Both go with Cappuccino.
San: What abt u, what do u do.
Swa; I works in Australia and here for 2 months’ vacation.
Sanky: What about your parents and the big house you used to live near the school.
Swa: In a sad tone explains how their relatives cheated them. They became bankrupt, so she had to work to clear the debts as half of them is done. She composes herself and does not want to spoil the mood. Then they exchange their number and started to talk.
Slowly they started to enjoy each other’s company; whenever both are free they just keep on talking for hours, got to know well with each other families. After few weeks, Swara calls sanskar.
Swa: Hi sanskar I will be leaving to Aust in couple of days.
San: wow that’s great yar and dnt worry I will be there for your send off.

Swara leaves for airport hugs her mom, dad and bids adieu. Sanskar gives courage to take care of her and not to worry about anything. Flight leaves after 3 hrs. Until then he did not feel anything for her after her flight left, he goes to hospital.
The whole night was very difficult for him, he does not know why he is having these strange feelings, why he is missing Swara this much and he realizes his love for her. The next day he got call from her informing that she reached safely and he was so damm happy and curious to know whether she also had same feeling.
Few months passed and both of them became so close calling every day, exchanging gifts and their life seemed to be happy. After few months swara also fell for sanskar but she did not express it to him.
One evening Swara gets call from sanskar.
Sanky: Hey is it possible to meet.
Swa: smiles sansky you have to wait for 3 more months for that.
Sanky: desperately says ok and asks her to meet his friends’ family who resides in the same area
Swa: But I dnt knw them, how can I she is not comfortable but agrees to meet them tomorrow as sanky pressurized her.
Next day she enters the house and was taken aback when she saw sanskar. She blushed in happiness as he came and hugged her tightly. She too responded the hug.She did not want to him let her go. He then kneels down and gifts the ring, I know this is dramatic, she laughs with tears, Will you marry me, I want to roam around with you , I want to be in my success, failure and support me hug me fight with me ,will you be mine.
Swara had mixed emotions as she did not know how to react and was cloud nine at the moment, she did not say anything and she runs away to the corner. He goes near to her and turns her and sees her crying Sanky: What happened Swara, I am waiting for your reply, tell me something and please don’t be silent. She then hugs him and says I love you Sanskar, I can’t live without you. Both had a bone crushing hug. This was the most awaited day in both of their lives.
Then both exchange a passionate kiss. It was the most beautiful night that passed so quickly. Next morning sanskar asks Swara to resign her job as he his taking her with him. She agrees and both leave happily to India.
Sanskar informs his family about his love, whole family agrees for the marriage as his decision is what matters and they bless him to be happy as always. On the other hand in swara’s home everything was a mess as her parents did not agree for her marriage telling her that already they had lost their property and now they don’t want to lose the self -respect in the society this shatters swara to the core.
She begged her parents no to do this to her but in vain no one heard to her. She informed the same to sanskar, he calms her down by saying not to worry about anything for now tomorrow he will come and convince her parents.
Snaskar tries to convince Swara’s parents but in vain. Swara talks with her dad that Sanskar will take good care of her and she will be happy with him. But both of them do not agree and are more concerned about their society and reputation. Her parent then warns her to leave with him immediately if she wants him or to stay with them as their daughter and marry the person whom they choose. Swara was shocked and does not know what to do.
She was crying continuously and Sanskar could not see her crying asks her to stay with her parents as he cannot see her in pain. Swara then informs her parents that she is going with sanskar as he is ready to sacrifice his love but cannot see her in pain. She then leaves with sanskar as the whole family curses her for being irresponsible and not having respect for her family.

Swara and sanskar get married in a simple manner and start a new life happily. Sanskar promises Swara to unite her with the family. Swara hugs him tightly and thanks him for coming to her life, sanskar stops her and thanks her for choosing him and kisses her on her forehead. Both share an eye lock.They consummate their marriage.
But swara is always thinking about her parents the pain haunts her. Whenever she tries to talk to them they just ignore her by saying their daughter is dead. This makes her more upset. Years pass by, one day when swara brings breakfast to sanskar, she is about to faint he holds her in her arms and takes her to room. He sits next to her when she opens her eyes he kisses her and thanks her; she did not understand what he is up to. Soon there will be a person to share our love, she thinks for a moment and he kisses her tummy she becomes so excited and hugs him happily.
When she calls her parents to inform about their grandchild they are not even ready to listen to her. Months pass by, Swara is in her ninth month she informs sanskar that she is missing her mother and wants her to be with her and cries likes a child. I know you are taking good care of me. You always make me feel special but now I want my parent’s plzzzzzzz.
Sanskar could not see her crying. Sanskar promises that he will full fill her wish at any cost and assures her parents will be there during her pregnancy. He makes her sleep on him. Sanskar tries to contact her parents but in vain, so he leaves to her native to convince her parents. In the beginning they did not listen to him but once they heard there are going to become grandparents, they became so happy and did not want to show it.
He then explains how swara misses her family and the pain is haunting her. He then adds about her wish, tears flow from their eyes. She is not happy without you; she is worried plz for this time talk to her. Swara’s mother can’t stop her tears and wanted to meet her immediately. Sanskar bring everyone home and calls swara I have a surprise for you. She is shell shocked to see her parents,She feels that she is the most luckiest and happiest person in the World for now. She sees them from stairs and tears rolls down while coming down she slips and falls from the stairs crying vigorously due to the pain in her baby bump.
Sanskar rushes her to the hospital and tells that he does not want to be with her as he cannot see her in pain and will not be able do the operation. Doctor informs that her situation is critical and should immediately undergo a surgery. Sanskar knows her situation well; he knows baby can’t be saves as she fell with her stomach. Sanskar is hell shocked, her parents are feeling let down by their daughter. They pray to god telling they want their child back, they r not angry with her. After 2 hrs of surgery, sanskar asks what happened, doctor takes him inside
Present Day;
Sanskar goes near Swara and kisses on her forehead. I made a mistake; I should have never come into your life. It’s because of me you are struggling for life today. Please don’t leave me alone. I miss you, I love u swara kisses on her forehead.
A drop of tear is slowing rolling down her and her last words I love youuuuu soryyy and she closes her eyes forever.
When she wanted forgiveness, her parents was not ready for it but when they are ready to forgive her, she is no more. Forgiveness is the best gift u can give to the person, if it is not given at right time, it loses its value.
I know this is not that good if you did not like it I am really sorry. This is my first attempt on O.S so do forgive meee.

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